"Outlaw" is a new drama from executive producer John Eisendrath ("Alias," "Felicity," "Playmakers"). Cyrus Garza (Smits) is a Supreme Court justice who abruptly quits the high-level position. A playboy and a gambler, Garza had always adhered to a strict interpretation of the law until he realized the system he believed in was flawed. Now that he's quit the bench and returned to private practice, he's determined to represent "the little guy" and use his inside knowledge of the justice system to take on today's biggest legal cases. And he's making plenty of powerful people unhappy along the way. (Source: NBC)

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Final: 1x08 -- In Re: Tony Mejia (Nov/13/2010)

After a Mexican judge decides to try a murderer himself, the victim's father kills the murderer in a blind rage. Now, Garza, Eddie and Lucinda must help facilitate the father's extradition back to the United States. Meanwhile, Mereta has a surprising legal problem that requires her to go to Al for help.
Jimmy SmitsJimmy Smits
As Cyrus Garza
Jesse BradfordJesse Bradford
As Eddie Franks
Carly PopeCarly Pope
As Lucinda Pearl
David RamseyDavid Ramsey
As Al Druzinsky
Ellen WoglomEllen Woglom
As Mereta Stockman

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1x8: In Re: Tony Mejia recap: The scene opens with Garza working out. Garza learns from Sherri Lenko that Tony Meija’s daughter has been murdered, and the murderer has escaped to Mexico. The Mexican government will not extradite the alleged murderer of Lenko’s daughter, but Garza gets the news that the President wants him to convince the Mexican government on this one. Garza agrees, but reluctantly. He starts to get cracking on the case with his team, but Eddie points out that hundreds of extraditions are pending. Moreover, the US and Mexico have a treaty regarding such issues. Lucinda and Mereta have an argument about a call she refuses to pick up, but Mereta says it was only her brother. Lucinda refuses to believe. Later Meija comes in with a photo of his daughter’s corpse. He tells Garza about the murderer, who is in Mexican custody – thanks to pressure from the US government. Trujillo had escaped from the US when the LAPD got hold of DNA based evidence against him... read more.

1x7: In Re: Kelvin Jones recap: The scene opens in Alabama. According to new evidence, teenagers with automatic weapons are terrifying students at the Hastings based Cyrus Garza School. Recently one armed teenager has killed an innocent bystander named Kelvin Jones, while being in the attempt of open firing at a couple. Back in D.C., referring to Ben Kershaw’s so called suicide, Eddie asks Lucinda if she killed him. She replies in a way suggesting she thinks it’s a ridiculous question. Meanwhile, Garza decides to visit the school. As soon as he announces that, a Detective Farrow is at the doorstep and asks with Kershaw’s photo if this guy had ransacked Garza’s office.
Farrow leaves, and Garza tells Lucinda that Kershaw started showing up almost the same time when Lucinda began working for him. Kershaw not only ransacked his office, but also attacked Mereta and followed Garza for his whereabouts. Later, Eddie tries to get information out from Lucinda, especially about the dead girl, whose identity Lucinda might have stolen. At Hastings, Garza takes a tour around the school with the principal, and finds out that Kelvin was one of the best students. Not just that, but he also started a school government, newspaper and a tutoring program that he supervised. Principal Menzies reveals to Garza that her requests for protective systems such as metal and heat detectors got no response from the district. Moreover, when Garza meets Kelvin’s parents at their house, they express their frustration as well. They had requested the district to allow Kelvin and Kara, his sister, to go to a different school – the Centennial Academy – on two occasions. However, they got no response either. Randall, their father, claims that all the white kids’ requests have been processed, but not theirs... read more.

1x6: In Re: Tyler Banks recap: The scene opens with Garza and Claire arriving at a black tie meeting at Watergate. They end up meeting Theresa Kang amidst a bustle of demonstrations. Kang is a part of a children’s rights group, Miami’s Children’s Light, and they are looking for some kind of help. Hospitals in Florida are denying foster children organ transplants, apparently because they are simply foster, and would get little post-surgery care. Kang wants Garza to take up her case for children’s rights. She shows him a video of a 14-year old boy named Tyler Banks, who fatally needs a liver transplant within two weeks. Garza promises to put up a fight, but Claire strongly disagrees with his move... read more.

1x5: In Re: Tracy Vidalin recap: The scene opens with a pickup truck slowly rolling in front of apartment complex one late night, and the alarm goes off. Lonnie Daws sprints towards the truck and tells his girlfriend to drive. The alarm sets the cops on the move. Senator Vidalin lives in Dover, Delaware, and Garza and Al are on the way towards the city. Garza and Vidalin were good friends for the many years, but the last one year was not the best time between them. Al does not like what Garza’s about to do, but he insists that the senator’s daughter, Tracy needs him in such a time of distress. They arrive and the country jail and find Tracy Vidalin in a perplexed condition. Besides, she is injured. They urge her to tell her story. She says that Lonnie asked her to wait inside the truck for a surprise. When he signaled her to drive, an alarm had already sounded, and she nervously made the mistake of crashing into a few cars, but did not kill anyone... read more.

1x4: In Re: Curtis Farwell recap: The scene opens with Cyrus Garza on Larry King. Joining him is an internet journalist named Patty Friedman and it is clear that she doesn’t have a high opinion of Garza. Larry asks if Garza is thinking of running for president, Patty chimes in that the only thing that Garza runs after are woman in skirts. After taping, Patty takes off her skirt for Gaza at his place and Garza gets a phone call. It is Claire who makes the comment of knowing that he is with another woman. Claire tells that Senator Vidalin has been voting not in favor of one of the biggest clients and tells that she wants to take chair a benefit for a charity event. She tells that Garza has to come and that he has no say in it at all. When Garza gets off the phone, Patty has fallen asleep and he watches the news. A chopper is broadcasting a pile-up on the freeway that was caused by a Jupiter Coupe. This is the ninth accident in recent months and it is all linked to an alleged steering problem. The scene flashbacks to the time when Garza’s father was in the car accident that killed him... read more.
Recurring Guests

Melora Hardin as Claire Sax (4 eps)
Richard Portnow as Senator Sidney Vidalin (3 eps)
Ed Begley, Jr. as Judge Donald Crane (2 eps)
Josh Pais as Doc Levin (2 eps)

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