Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

The Supreme Court is one job you just don't quit... unless your name is Cyrus Garza.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Melora Hardin as Claire Sax | RZA as Greg Beals | Richard Portnow as Senator Sidney Vidalin | Pedro Armendariz, Jr. as Francisco Garza (as Pedro Armendariz) | Dennis Boutsikaris as Prosecutor | Josh Pais as Doc Levin | Amina Robinson as Jewell | Tiffany DuPont as One night stand
Director: Terry George

2 :01x02 - In Re: Officer Daniel Hale

When an immigration stop turns into a police shooting, Garza and his team head to Arizona in search of justice.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Ed Begley, Jr. as Judge Donald Crane | Tim Griffin as Officer Daniel Hale | Deirdre Lovejoy as Karen Ruckeyser | Adam Harrington as Dr. Jeffrey Engler | Antonio Jaramillo as James Reyes | Ravil Isyanov as Card Club Owner
Writer: Lukas Reiter

3 :01x03 - In Re: Jessica Davis

Garza defends a grieving mother charged with manslaughter for forgetting her baby in the back seat of her car.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Jay Mohr as Henry Ashford | Melora Hardin as Claire Sax | Josh Pais as Doc Levin | John Billingsley as Judge | Wynn Everett as Jessica Davis | Jazzmun as Desdemona | Joanna Going as Unknown | Mark D. Espinoza as Unknown | Maree Cheatham as Unknown | Laura Mayes as Naomi Bachman
Director: Peter O'Fallon

4 :01x04 - In Re: Curtis Farwell

Garza and his team fight to expose the truth about car accidents that are being caused by tire rod defects, but Al questions Garza's motives in taking the case. Elsewhere, Mereta prepares for her first day in court, Eddie scores an interview with a big law firm, and Lucinda takes on a new "job." Meanwhile, Claire tries to get Garza to mend fences with Senator Vidalin at a fundraiser, but Garza is hesitant to play nice while there is a mysterious man threatening the team.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Melora Hardin as Claire Sax | Richard Portnow as Senator Sidney Vidalin | Kyle Secor as Warner Quinn | Merrin Dungey as Alison Mills | Necar Zadegan as Patty Friedman | Francesca P. Roberts as Unknown | Danielle Savre as Unknown | Tom Schanley as Carl Phillips | Fred Koehler as Otis Kopple | Larry King as Himself
Director: Marcos Siega

5 :01x05 - In Re: Tracy Vidalin

Garza has to put personal differences aside when the daughter of his nemesis, Senator Sidney Vidalin, is unexpectedly charged with a murder that was committed by her boyfriend. The only thing that stands in Garza and Al's way is a confession, which might just be the result of a Miranda rights violation. Meanwhile, Eddie and Mereta dig into Lucinda's past and make a shocking discovery.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Timothy Busfield as District Attorney Mereta | Richard Portnow as Senator Sidney Vidalin | Kate Hodge as Lois Vidalin | Ashley Rickards as Tracy Vidalin | Chris Mulkey as Detective Hank Darby | Albert Hall as Judge Andrew Emmett | Margot Rose as Unknown
Director: Liz Friedlander

6 :01x06 - In Re: Tyler Banks

Offended by the practice of dumping foster kids off organ transplant lists, Garza fights to save the life of a boy in need of a liver.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Melora Hardin as Claire Sax | Michael O'Keefe as Dr. Damon | Elizabeth Peña as Judge Patino | Christopher Gartin as Dean Hughes | Bitsie Tulloch as Bethany Whitmore | Bridger Zadina as Tyler Banks | Laura Miro as Theresa Kang | Kitty Swink as Lawyer | Ned Vaughn as David Stone
Director: Steve Shill

7 :01x07 - In Re: Kelvin Jones

When a gang shooting leaves a student dead at the Cyrus Garza School, Garza decides to file a lawsuit against the school for creating an atmosphere that led to the child's death. However, as Garza realizes the extent of the school system's segregation, it is up to him, Al and Mereta to file a class action to force the school district to finally desegregate the schools. Meanwhile, Eddie has to decide if he can trust Lucinda when she becomes the prime suspect in Buzzcut's murder.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Jason Gray-Stanford as Victor Harmon | Thom Barry as Judge | Holmes Osborne as Unknown | Mark Berry as Unknown | Dorian Harewood as Mr. Jones | Vanessa Bell Calloway as Mrs. Jones | John Cothran, Jr. as Archibald Breech | Ernie Lively as Superintendent Garver | Desiree Hall as Penny Rogovin | J.D. Hall as Unknown
Director: Tim Hunter

8 :01x08 - In Re: Tony Mejia

After a Mexican judge decides to try a murderer himself, the victim's father kills the murderer in a blind rage. Now, Garza, Eddie and Lucinda must help facilitate the father's extradition back to the United States. Meanwhile, Mereta has a surprising legal problem that requires her to go to Al for help.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Enrique Castillo as Antonio Mejia | Jorge Montesi as Judge | Eric Lange as ADA Culver | Michelle Clunie as Sherri | Chris Marquette as Tim Reed | Alex Meneses as Psychiatrist | Ed Begley, Jr. as Judge Donald Crane | Marcelo Tubert as Dr. Fernandez | Carlos Sanz as Prosecutor | Carlos Cervantes as Unknown
Director: Marcos Siega
Writer: Peter Elkoff