Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens with Greg Beals who has remained a murder convict for about ten years although he is innocent. Now 30, Greg wants his girlfriend to move on, and find a father for their daughter. However, she wants to marry him. Greg’s lawyer, Al Druzinksy, hopes to save his life and get him out of jail through the Supreme Court. His appeal has been turned down previously, but he thinks he has the support of truth on his side.Cyrus Garza, a Supreme Court Justice, is at a bar playing casino. While the game is on in full flow, and glamorous women surround him, Mereta has something to give him. They move to one side, and at first, Mereta is quick to point out at Garza’s mistakes on the deck. Then she hands him the file that concerns Greg’s execution.

While one expects him to stay the execution order, the Supreme Court is in splits. After Garza leaves, a savvy woman, who assumes Garza will pass the execution order, approaches him with rage. Greg Beals is innocent, she insists. She also has a DVD for Garza. When Garza watches the DVD later, it talks about his father’s death. It was a car accident, in which only he survived. His father, Francisco, and he shared a patriotic spirit, but in heart of hearts, Cyrus knows he is wrong in matters of Justice. The next day at work, Garza meets Lucinda Pearl, a new addition in the legal team. She strikes up with Eddie quickly, but tizzies him with a twisty comment about sleeping with him. Lucinda has already checked out from county jail records – Greg had been drugged with Haldol during trial – which obviously means he had an unfair trial. Eddie cannot understand why Garza should fight for someone indicted for misconduct 11 years ago. What was the defense doing all this while? Then Garza proceeds to a deck of cards. He tells him even though he may not end up winning, he prefers playing by the rules – and that is, everyone deserves a fair trial.

While Garza wants Mereta to redraft his take on the issue, Senator Vidalin is enraged about Garza. He is not looking after the cases involving big corporations, but has the time for Greg Beals. That is bad enough to disrupt the balance of the Supreme Court, and if Vidalin and company could put Garza in, they can take him out as well. Later, Garza puts forth his opinion on the Beals trial. Although many think that revoking his trial could cause a great deal of chaos, Garza insists saving a human being from death or execution is an overwhelming task. He announces to Vidalin that unlike before, now he wants to change things. Moreover, he has decided to resign. A while later, when the press arrives at Garza’s house to find out more, Vidalin calls him up, and announces that he better enjoy as much as he can – tomorrow he will have become the most hated man in the United States. Moreover, he might even consider hiring a bodyguard now.
Claire Sax, who is associated with a law firm called K Street, and Garza share a frank relationship – good enough to become partners and perhaps more than just partners. Garza organizes for his position, in which he will get the same salary as Claire. Later, he finds Al and wants him to join the team. Al likes the idea, but finds Garza quitting Supreme Court a sham. He thinks Garza is crazy.

Garza then explains that ever since the accident, his ways have become difficult to justify. He has been doing wrong to the people he is supposed to be protecting. Beals is just one of them, and Garza says he needs Al’s help to win. Lucinda bitches about Mereta as she cooks after setting up Garza’s office in the townhouse. Lucinda comments Mereta is trying to be more than the clerk she is, but she does not care. Moreover, she is all praise for Garza as he quit the Supreme Court based on principle, but Eddie has a different viewpoint. He has already submitted his resume to Justice Esposito. When the discussions are underway after Garza and Al get there, Eddie insists that Beals, a crackhead, murdered cop Pam Hogan for interrupting his purchase of crack. However, Mereta is quick to point out that the only eyewitness died six months ago. Felicia Milton, his court-appointed therapist had called in the morning, and Garza wants to know if she can help.

Al points out that they might be overlooking a timeline issue. While cop Pam Hogan’s body was found on April 10, she was probably dead earlier. While Beals was found to have stolen a truck on April 4, Hogan may have died on April 3. Lucinda wants to check up with the body farm, and gets Eddie to keep her company. Later when DA Freed calls Garza at the request of Pam’s husband Walt Hogan. He has been a former cop, and Pam meant everything to him ever since she had taken care of him after a bullet hit him in the face. Walt wants to repeal the verdict to life sentence – and Garza has 24 hours to decide. When Garza brings up the issue regarding the death of the eyewitness, Walt blames him for covering up the truth like all lawyers do. When Beals gets to hear about Walt’s offer, he wants to know what Garza intends to do. Garza admits that he cannot say Beals has killed someone, especially when he has not. Moreover, they do not have DNA evidence, and an execution order is likely to come his way.

Beals wants to make it clear that he did not kill, but unlike a usual trial, he is first considered guilty. The pressure is on Garza. At the trial, Al pulls aside Garza and wants him to understand that getting life for Beals is good enough. Garza glares back at him. When Eddie and Lucinda get to the body farm, they learn that the actual date of death could be anything between April 1 and 8 – it depends on the temperature. Later, when Garza and Mereta are worried about having missed Felicia Milton on her recent trip, he invites her for some beer to unwind. Doc Levin, Garza’s nutritionist arrives after a while, and announces that Garza has just three months with his illness. Mereta overhears through the intercom, and is shocked to hear. As Garza talks it out with Al, saying that he should not have tipped DA Freed about the eyewitness. Soon, Eddie and Lucinda arrive with good news that the Pam Hogan was murdered not before April 8. That is great, because Beals was jailed about 5 days before that. Denning however refuses the introduction of new evidence due to legal technicalities. Although Garza insists that it should be allowed, especially to prove the innocence of a convict, Denning gets livid to the point of pounding his gavel refusing the request.
Later, Garza tells Eddie to look for a case where Denning himself has allowed introduction of new evidence on appeal.

Soon after that, Jewel, who is disappointed to know about this rule, wants an explanation from Garza. Not before long, Mereta reveals to Garza that she has overheard his nutritionist tell him about the three months. While she sees how he is spending his remaining life to save Beals’, she admits she is in love with Garza in front of a stunned crowd. Later, when Garza takes Mereta for coffee, he tells her the truth. He is not dying, and he owes much lesser in debts than what she knows. Moreover, he cannot promise love – can’t even remember the names of the three women he slept with recently. Later, Al and Mereta excavate information that the medical examiner for Pam Hogan’s dead body has not testified. It seems the medical examiner – Simon Barnett – is trying to protect somebody, but hard to tell who. When the evidence about her death had come in to the lab, it seems that someone else was also present. Her name is Rita Schmidt.

Using advanced data communication technology, Lucinda tries to figure out the puzzle outside Barnett’s home. She first calls him, and announces that they are going to use Rita as a witness. Hanging up immediately, he makes the call to Rita, and Lucinda is able to locate her at a Massachusetts church. Later, at the trial, Garza manages permission to introduce new evidence on Denning’s own precedent. Later, when Rita testifies that Walt was the one to have murdered his wife Pam Hogan. He did it because she had followed him down to the crackhouse, and discovered his addiction to drugs. Rita did not testify earlier because Walt threatened to kill her. Moreover, she found it out first hand, because Walt was about to steal his blood-stained glasses from Rita’s office. When the DA argues that the glasses could have belonged to anyone, Garza reveals that Walt Hogan’s pair was adjusted to accommodate his hearing aid – as he had lost his ability to hear clearly while serving as a cop. Moreover, he insists that moral rightness on the court’s part would make room for an immediate release of Beals, and arrest of Walt Hogan. Later, when Garza throws a rooftop barbecue party, he notices a buzzcut man casing his house.