In Re: Curtis Farwell - Recap

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The scene opens with Cyrus Garza on Larry King. Joining him is an internet journalist named Patty Friedman and it is clear that she doesn’t have a high opinion of Garza. Larry asks if Garza is thinking of running for president, Patty chimes in that the only thing that Garza runs after are woman in skirts. After taping, Patty takes off her skirt for Gaza at his place and Garza gets a phone call. It is Claire who makes the comment of knowing that he is with another woman. Claire tells that Senator Vidalin has been voting not in favor of one of the biggest clients and tells that she wants to take chair a benefit for a charity event. She tells that Garza has to come and that he has no say in it at all. When Garza gets off the phone, Patty has fallen asleep and he watches the news. A chopper is broadcasting a pile-up on the freeway that was caused by a Jupiter Coupe. This is the ninth accident in recent months and it is all linked to an alleged steering problem. The scene flashbacks to the time when Garza’s father was in the car accident that killed him.

The next morning, Garza shows up late for work and this makes Mereta think that a woman is upstairs. Al is about to announce the evidence he got from the next case they have, Garza walks in his robe and tells that they are going to be taking on the case of Curtis Farwell. He was burned badly in the Jupiter Coupe car crash. Garza and Al go to the visit to see him in the hospital and he is in intensive care. He can’t speak and he can’t lift a pen either. Garza tells Al to get a meeting with Jupiter CEO, Warner Quinn. All gets upset and tells that he is not Garza’s wife and that they are supposed to be partners on things. Al realizes that Garza took the Jupiter case on because he feels guilty for it of his own father’s death. Garza tells that he is sorry and tells that people are dying because of the fact that something is going on in Jupier and he wants to find out. Al talks to Ralf Nader’s attorney and says that the most important bill on auto safety didn’t make its way through because the auto industry spent $50 Million to pay them off. Jupiter is doing the same thing with the victims of the car accident. Garza walks off and tells that he needs to give Claire a call, but instead he goes for a poker game in the boiler room.

Mereta keeps getting teased by Lucinda over her love with Garza and they look at Jupiter’s website. They look to find that there’re a lot of job openings in Jupiter and Lucinda tells that when Mereta’s “love affair” cuts out, she could always work at Jupiter. Mereta yells back that she will fire Lucinda when she becomes Garza’s wife. Lucinda calls Mereta a genius and runs off. Eddie finds out that there was a recall on the Jupiter Coupe due to steering rod malfunctioning. The problem is that Farwell was driving a model that was only recalled in Japan. Returning from his illegal poker game, Garza is surprised that Warner Quinn is waiting for him in his office. He tells that he likes Garza’s new life and admires the fact that he has a stuffed fish on his wall. The same fish that he got when he went on the fishing trip with his dad. Garza is handed an envelope and Warner tells that Farwell had a total of three DUIs and two visits to rehab. He tells that it is going to put a new “spin” on things. Eddie and Mereta are looking at Farwell’s car and Officer Zimmerman shows that the reason for Farwell to lose control of the steering in the first place was because a broken tie rod. Eddie asks how it is possible prove that it was that which caused the accident. Zimmerman tells that they should look at the skid marks and they will see that the tires went in different directions.

They find out that the photos that were taken on the accident, but they are removed for some reason and were lost. Mereta tells that she would rather investigate the freeway during rush hour then have to go to court with the information they have. Mereta is about to leave when Gaza calls. They look at news footage of the accident and they decide that they need to get the tape so that they can look at the skid marks closely. Meanwhile, Garza and Al are out in the streets looking for other victims of the Jupiter Coupe accident and it is all too clear that Jupiter has given them money for their silence. Garza goes home later that night and sees that his place has been tossed and he sees that his stuffed fish has been taken. The police arrive and Al remembers seeing a big man with a buzz cut watching Garza’s place but he just thought it was a despiteful husband. Garza knows who it was and realizes that it was a goon of Senator Vidalin. Until there is more known, Garza and Al agree to keep it to themselves and talk about anything suspicious activity. Meanwhile, Lucinda got herself a job with Jupiter Coupe and she calls with some good news. She tells that there is a video of a division of Jupiter retreat and on the video; an unknown woman tells that there is a defective tie rod. They have to find her first.

Al and Garza meet up with Warner and his lawyer, Alison Mills, to be able to go over the tape. Warner is upset and tells that they video has nothing on the tape that supports their claims. He tells that the woman’s voice on the tape could have been dubbed in. Garza proposes $3 Million to settle and to recall all defective Jupiter Coupes. Warner doesn’t like the offer, but he lawyer tells that they are going to have to think about it. Garza sees Laurie Farwell going in to see her dad and they find out that he is on a ventilator. Garza tells that Jupiter is willing to pay $10 Million to be able to keep all the details of the accident. Garza tells that they should refuse and take it to trial, but Laurie tells that she just wants her dad to be happy. Curtis grabs a pen and writes that he wants to accept the offer. Back at the office, Mereta doesn’t like the fact that the Farwells took the offer given and wonders how Jupiter can get away with it. Al and Eddie tell that they have to listen to their clients and that legally, they have to do such cases as “secret settlements”. Mereta is still not happy with the fact and leaves. Later that night, Garza has Patty come over. He places the Farwell file on the coffee table in front of her and as he suspected, she looks at it and the next morning, Al storms in and tells that Jupiter saw what happened on the news and pulled the offer of $10 Million because Patty called to confirm the story.

Al and Garza go to the hospital to tell Laurie and Curtis and they find out that he died. Laurie tells Garza that she is happy because her father will be able to rest knowing that his family is taken care of. Garza gives her the bad news, but tells her that they’re going to win the case. However, the evidence that they have is not that good enough to win. With the skid marks not present and Curtis’s testimony unavailable, things all point to putting Laurie on the stand. However, the judge might not allow it. When they get to the hearing, they argue the fact that her testimony is just as good as her father’s. At the end of it all, the judge allows it for Excited Utterance Exception. Later that night, Garza attends a fundraising event at Claire’s home. Patty is there with her husband, Charlie. Garza and Senator Vidalin talk and they are not happy to be doing that. Garza finds out that everyone has business going before the senator's committee. This includes Claire as well. Garza tells that he is going to raise $100,000 if Vidalin agrees to leave Claire alone, but Vidalin says that $200,000. Meanwhile at the office, Eddie, Mereta and Lucinda are trying to identify the woman whose voice it is that tells Jupiter that the cars are faulty. They find the name, Athena Phillips. Eddie and Mereta go to Athena’s home and Carl, her husband, tells that she killed herself because of Jupiter. He says that she told Warner about the defective tie rods all the time and he still ignored her. She sealed up documentation and then killed herself. Eddie has to go to an interview and tells Mereta that she is going to have to go to the court and get the box unsealed alone. Mereta tells that she's claustrophobic and is terrified of speaking in public. Eddie reassures her that she'll do fine and then runs off.

The trial starts and Garza has Laurie take the stand. She tells that Farwell was driving from his grandson’s birthday party. A truck slowed in front of him and he turned the wheel so that he wouldn’t get into an accident. However, the car didn’t turn and the car collided. She tells that Farwell couldn’t speak, but he could write. She tells that she is certain that the steering wheel was the thing that caused the accident. Mills cross-examines her and tells that Farwell was a diabetic and that at the time of the accident Farewell’s levels were at the “diabetic ketocidosis” level. This causes the individual to be sleepy and confused. He tells that it is clear that the accident was not caused by a faulty steering wheel. Mereta is nervous about appearing in court and she calls up Eddie. He tells that he is about to begin his job interview. Later in the evening, she drives home and doesn’t see the buzz cut guy outside of Garza’s home again. She calls that she got Athena’s box when suddenly, the buzz cut guy grabs her. The next scene shows Mereta in the house and tells everyone what happened. Lucinda asks what happened with Eddie and Mereta lies. Lucinda tells that she is a bad liar and tells that Eddie lied about not getting the other job. The team looks over Athena’s box and finally find the documents they need.

Garza decides to put Warner on the stand and he tells that Athena was the Chief Safety Engineer. Garza flips through all the documents and each one says that the Coupe’s have been defective and Garza also submits 34 emails that Athena wrote to Warner asking him to stop the cars and to get the Coupe off the market. Warner dismissed them and says that Athena was a disgruntled employee because he fired her. Garza pulls out finally, the suicide note that Athena wrote. After reading it, Garza and Al are outside the courtroom and Garza tells the press that even though they won $20 Million in the case, it won’t bring Curtis Farwell or Athena Phillips back. However, it is possible that it will fight against the secret settlements that allow the big corporations to do what they want. At the bar, Lucinda teases Mereta for drooling while they watch Garza. Mereta asks Eddie how the interview went and when he tells that he is going to stay, she is happy that she will be able to have him around for support even longer.