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Message Posted On Saturday, September 25th 2010 at 7:29 am
Is the Obama administration funding this program? It sure looks like a ra-ra show for the Democratic political platform. This thing is just dripping with a "liberal=good; conservative=bad" mentality. We always new that Hollywood was far to the left, but come on. This is just dripping with liberal political catch phrases. If you want to watch an hour long political advertisement then this is the show for you. The big bad Republican senator characterization is laughable. It's amazing what depths the left coast will go to to promote this agenda.

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Message Posted On Saturday, September 25th 2010 at 4:43 pm
What a shame the producers/writers can't even get the Arizona law on immigration right. The law NEVER states that a police officer is required to stop ANYONE that they suspect is illegal. Quite the contrary, the individual's citizen rights are never considered unless the individual has first been stopped for some infraction of a law. If, and only if, at that time should the enforement officer suspect that the person stopped is illegal, can he ask for proof of citizenship....ANY ID, example in case the producers/writers are too ignorant to know: driver's license, any goverment ID, Green card, or passport is considered proof. The propoganda spread by this show very cleary indicates the intelegence of the staff that is responsible for airing this fiction. What a shame...I like Jimmy Smitts and enjoy his perfoming, but I can't watch a show with such a severe bias and lack of knowledge of current political issues. GET IT RIGHT OR DON't PRODUCE AND AIR IT!!!