Series 5

31 :05x01 - The Hamster

Karen is finding it hard adapt to life in big school. Ben auditions for a part in the school musical despite having no talent. Jake makes a foolish fashion choice.

32 :05x02 - The Swimming Competition

Karen uses her competitive instincts. Ben takes a look at the mysteries of human psychology. Jake appoints himself as a parenting expert. Dad finds himself being hounded by a Daily Mail reader.

33 :05x03 - The Goddaughter

Dad's god-daughter from Australia shows up and manages to have an unfortunate effect on the Brockman household.
Guest Stars: Emily Berrington as Stacey

34 :05x04 - The Gap Year

Dad and Ben embark on a winter camping trip, where Ben gets the chance to show off his survival skills. Jake has to decide whether to take a gap year. Mum is fed up with Australian god-daughter Stacey staying at the house.

35 :05x05 - The Chinese Horde

Some crossed lines and lack of communication cause problems for Sue and Pete as they attempt to locate where their children are.

36 :05x06 - The Musical

Stacey is back, Ben has a crisis of confidence over his starring role in Spartacus The Musical and Karen still hopes her escaped hamster will be found. Auntie Angela returns.