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Prisoner #95H522 Augustus Hill, played by Harold Perrineau, Jr.

Prisoner: #95H522
Convicted: November 6, 1995
Sentence: Life imprisonment; chance of parole in twenty years
Crime: Possession of illegal substances; murder in the second degree
Other Information: Hill serves as the narrator for the series. Hill is also bound to a wheelchair after being thrown from the roof of a building during his arrest for possession. During his arrest, Hill murdered a SWAT team member.
Death: Hill was killed during an attempt on his stepfather's, Redding, life by the Italians and Latinos. As Frank Urbano lunged at Redding with a knife, Hill puts himself between the knife and Redding. After his death, Hill continued to narrate the series from beyond and shared narration duties with other deceased inmates, including Dino Ortolani and Jefferson Keane.
Prisoner #97S444 Kareem Said [Episodes 1-51], played by Eamonn Walker

Prisoner: #97S444
Convicted: June 6, 1997
Sentence: 18 years; possibility of parole in 5 years
Crime: Arson in the second degree
Other Information: Said is the leader of the Muslims, which gives him large control over Em City. Throughout the season, Said lends his legal advice to several prisoners and consistently preaches and practices non-violence within the prison.
Death: Said is murdered by reporter Lemuel Idzik who shoots him in a meeting room. As he died, Said begged Arif to not kill Idzik in retaliation.