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Diplomatic Relations - Recap

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The episode begins with Dean in deep contemplation, and Bridget questioning him about it. Dean recounts to Bridget, how he saw her come out of a hotel room with another man, on their layover to Rome. Dean questions her, if everything she hid from him was because she was a spy. Bridget denies that by saying that women are conundrums. Dean is hurt about the fact that she cancelled their engagement; Bridget assuages Dean by telling him that she didn’t want to live a lie with him, and now that he knows everything they can be together. Dean is troubled by the fact that he doesn’t know who the real Bridget is. Dean is confused and thinks him and Bridget getting back together, was a mistake. Bridget tells him that she still loves him, and wants to be his wife. In the meanwhile Dean gets a call telling him that Wantrip has requested a meeting with him in New York. Dean is tapped to fly the first-ever commercial flight to Moscow by Wantrip. Ted tells Dean that he is thinking of proposing to Amanda, the girl who his parents set him up with.

In the meanwhile, Congressman Rawlings is agitated at by an article criticizing his private life, he reads out the piece to Maggie; who tells him to relax. Rawlings decides to show Maggie off by taking her to a cocktail party; leaving Maggie visibly worried. Richard lets himself into Kate’s apartment unannounced, startling her; her new mission is to find out about a double agent in Russia codename ‘Anastasia’, who has gone silent, Richard hands over Kate her photograph. Meanwhile at the airport, Colette tells Dean that she has made up her mind and wants to be with him, Dean too confesses that he is excited about being with her. While Dean is briefing his crew for the flight to Russia, Broyles interrupts the briefing and takes over. Broyles also informs Dean that he will be the pilot, with Dean relegated to the position of a co-pilot. On the flight to Moscow, it’s shown that there is a Russian crew member in the cockpit, which is made mandatory by the Russian government for any flight to Moscow.

Broyles indulges in some friendly banter with him in Russian, irritating Dean to no end. Meanwhile, Bridget tells Kate what a huge opportunity it is for them to know what Khrushchev is up to. Broyles and Dean get talking, and Dean tells him that he wasn’t aware of Broyles coming along on this flight. Broyles tells Dean that Wan paid them a huge compliment by choosing them to fly Russia; Dean in turn curtly tells Broyles to do him a favor and not shoot him in the back. Margot gets talking with Collette and interjects, that how hard it must be for her to be on a ten hour flight with Dean’s ex fiancé.

Laura also questions Collette about hers and Dean’s relationship status, although not forthcoming, Collette doesn’t deny it. Laura encourages Collette by reassuring her that she didn’t do anything wrong, despite Collette and Bridget having been friends at one time. Collette walks up to Bridget and strikes up a conversation, Collette tells her how if she had known the truth, she would never have had a relationship with Dean. Bridget tells her that Dean told her everything, and she shall respect anything that Dean decides to do. In the meanwhile, Maggie is shown getting ready for the party, when someone knocks urgently at her door; Maggie answers. The reporter who wrote the inflammatory article about the Congressman enters; he tells Maggie that he wrote the article based on all that she had told him and there is no reason for her to be mad. During the conversation hearing Maggie defend the Congressman, the reporter rightly guesses that she is sleeping with the Congressman and has feelings for him. The reporter tells Maggie that the Congressman and his people are obsessed with finding who ‘ratted’ him out, which scares Maggie, who in turn feels the reporter is indirectly threatening her.

The flight crew is welcomed grandly in Moscow, with a banquet to be held in their honor. Meanwhile Broyles points out the KGB minders in the room to Kate. Dean asks Collette about her conversation with Bridget, she puts him at ease by saying that they talked and that everything is fine. Back in the room the girls are informed by the Russian liaison officer, that they cannot leave their room without a Russian hospitality ambassador. The officer is disturbed to see Kate missing from the room. Kate is seen trying to sneak out of the hotel, when she is intercepted by a Russian, she feigns ignorance stating that she is lost; just then Broyles walks in pretending to wait for her. Broyles bribes the Russian with a pack of cigarettes says a few things to him in Russian and send him packing. Kate sees that Broyles has smuggled in cartons full of cigarettes into Russia, and questions Broyles about them, he in turn evades Kate’s question and tells her go back to her room. Meanwhile at the party Maggie plays the perfect trophy girlfriend.

Maggie sees Ted at the party, walks up to greet him and gets introduced to his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the Russian liaison takes the girls out for a tour of the city, Kate asks the liaison the address of the street where she has to be, for her mission; she pretends it’s the street her grandfather grew up in, and hence wants to see it. Although reluctant the liaison agrees. At the particular address Kate sees the house in building where she has to be for her mission; just then KGB agents come to location and question their presence there. The agents snatch away their camera, saying that taking photos is an act of espionage. Bridget and Margot are taken away by the agents. The liaison officer informs Dean that the girls are being detained, as it’s not unusual for the CIA to use the girls for taking sensitive photos of building housing important Russian party members. When Dean insists on taking this up with the US embassy, he is informed by the officer that he cannot leave the hotel.

Broyles puts their minds at ease by telling them that the girls will be fine, and this is just a pressure tactic; he says he know all of this from experience. Dean isn’t heartened by Broyle’s reasoning and tells the girls to pack their bags. Meanwhile at the party, Maggie gets in a huge argument with one of the Republican Party members over the reporting in The Voice, shocking everyone around. The Congressman hurriedly pulls away Maggie from the scene. Back at the hotel Collette is wondering as to why the Russians would think one of them was a spy. Meanwhile, Laura is frantic in captivity and Bridget tries her best to calm her down. Bridget shares with Laura, how she and Dean had a moment of weakness, but requests Laura to keep it a secret. Just then the KGB officers enter the room to take the girls away.

Back at the party the Congressman reprimands Maggie for insulting his biggest donor, but she doesn’t seem remorseful; the realization dawns upon the Congressman that it was she who had leaked the article to ‘The Voice’. Maggie accepts the accusation and tries to justify her position. The Congressman tells Maggie that there is a difference between what’s said in private and in public, this outrages Maggie, but I scorned by the Congressman for her convictions. Ted proposes to his girlfriend in front of everyone, and she says a “yes”. Dean gets restless and decides to go out, but is mocked by Broyle for trying to be ‘John Wayne’. The liaison comes and informs them that the trip has been cancelled, and that they would be escorted back to the airport. They are also informed that Bridget and Laura would be detained, and would thus have to stay behind.

Kate is shown walking into the building she was at earlier. Meanwhile at the party Maggie is in tears; Ted’s now fiancé consoles Maggie and tells her how much she admire her, for standing up for her beliefs and opinions. Suddenly she kisses Maggie on the lips, surprising her. Kate reaches the designated apartment looking for Anastasia. She is told to leave by Anastasia, in hushed tones, but Kate persists and Anastasia gives in, and lets her into the apartment. Back at the hotel the American guests are being led out, with the Russian liaison tallying the names on a list with the person, Kate enters just in time to shout out her presence. Kate takes Broyle to the side and tells him about finding someone high up in the Kremlin called Vitali Merzen who is high up in the central committee and could help.

The two come to an understanding that Broyle would help Kate, with her knowing his secret. In the cockpit Dean tells the KGB agent that he won’t fly the plane, despite having a gun pointed at him Dean remains adamant. Laura and Bridget are released, and allowed to leave while being informed that they have friends in high places. The girls joyously meet each other back in the Pan Am flight; Broyle offers Dean the seat of the pilot, on the way back. Collette hands Dean the ring she found; Bridget looks from a distance at Dean and Collette talking. The episode ends with Collette walking away from Dean in a huff.