Romance Languages - Recap

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Laura and Colette are at a photography exhibition, where Colette checks on Laura. Doesn’t she find these beautiful? Almost like being shaken out of a reverie, Laura agrees with Colette’s appreciation. Before long, the artist of the exhibition, Graham closes up on Laura. He gets a little flirty with her, and they continue talking. Laura takes interest in photography, but she is only a beginner. And she is already fumbling, as she tries to speak to him. Maggie arrives and starts teasing Graham – she thought only girls who serve food on flights was his thing. And perhaps he would be more interested if Laura wore less clothes. However, she is impressed with the photographs as well.

Meanwhile, Kate and Niko are romancing. While she fancies Italy, Niko is not liking anything but Croatia – it is better than all of the European countries combined. Later, Dean is breaking up with Jeanie. She is angry and walks out of the door. Dean comes following. He doesn’t understand her reaction. They have to be a couple to break up he says. So was she just a good time? Yes, says Dean as if it were obvious. Jeanie cannot believe it. Is he missing something? Was she unclear when she said ‘I love you’? Dean is sorry, but Jeanie gets more livid at his apology. She tries seducing him as she recounts how when she brought the champagne leaving his man, she said she is all Dean’s. However, he is not game, and before he knows it, Jeanie is throwing milk bottles at him.

The next morning, Colette is getting ready to board her NY-Rome flight, when she meets Dean. A well-dressed young boy, Charlie, shows up and gets flirty with Colette. He even speaks with her in French, and shakes Dean’s hand with an extra hard grip. Before he knows it, his wrist watch has gone into Charlie’s custody. However, he picks it out of his pocket and admits to his guilt. Later on the plane, one of the nuns is getting angry about a couple making out on their seat. When Colette asks if she can help the nun with anything, the nun just points at the couple. Colette drops by at the crew cabin, and turns up the hype on the love making scene. When she gets to Charlie’s seat, he lets on how much he loves European languages. Colette does too. Before long, he is snipping off the bottle of drinks meant for the passenger next to him. As Laura, Maggie and Ted look on at the animated love making, the couple runs off into the toilet.

Before long, one of the nuns wants to use the lavatory. Laura keeps knocking on the door, but there is no sign of opening up. Will she do something, or will the nun have to speak to the captain? Exasperated, Laura goes to the cockpit and tells Ted and Dean she some turbulence. Ted doesn’t understand why. Before long, the plane is put into an artificial turbulence mode, which is when Kate and Laura take to the seat. She lets on her story – whatever happened at Graham’s loft. However, Kate thinks Laura has missed an opportunity. At Graham’s loft the previous night, he showed her into the dark room, and told her she can get her films. They will develop them together. As Laura went from feeling cozy to romantic, they shared a kiss. When the flight lands in Rome, it turns out Charlie’s mother has not arrived to pick him up. It is the domestic help, but Charlie would rather wait. He complains about his parents’ divorce – and how his mom and dad seldom talk to each other.

His dad put him on an earlier flight and probably forgot to tell his mom. However, he has to leave with the domestic help. When they are leaving, Dean and Colette decide to give them a ride home. Later, when they get to the hotel, Dean finds Jeanie waiting for him in the lobby – perhaps he would like to fill her on the joke? Meanwhile, Kate, Laura and Maggie are out on a tour. They go to a café, and when Kate is about to place the orders at a counter, she gets pushed by a man of large built. She falls to the ground, when the man gets close to her face, and tells her to stop seeing Niko. Scared, she calls up Richard. He tells her they are trying to scare her, not hurt her. Besides, her identity as a stewardess is not destroyed. She can stick to her mission, but Richard wants to see her when she gets back to New York. However, Kate is scared she might end up like Bridget. Meanwhile, Dean is trying to calm Jeanie down. She hopes he will say yes and revert his decision on stopping their relationship. However, he is still saying no.

Frustrated, Jeanie bangs her head into the window glass. Next scene – she is at the hospital. With bandages on her head and her cheekbone, she wakes up and thanks Dean for being there. She did not want to prove anything, but it just happened. Dean hopes she means to understand he doesn’t want the relationship, and when he hints that, she is back to being livid. She yells for a nurse. She wants to send a wired message. Later that evening, Laura arrives at a bar. She is gorgeously dressed up, and when she hopes to attract attention from men, she gets it more than she had imagined. Before long, she is surrounded by Italian men wanting to kiss her hand. However, when she tries to sit up with a little more oomph, she falls off the bar stool. Embarrassed, she leaves quickly. So what happened the night she went to Graham’s loft? Just after they started kissing, Graham helped himself to Laura’s dress zipper.

That is when she decided to stop, and fumbled she likes him, but she is not ready yet. Graham responded considerately, saying he should have known – she is so young. Then Laura ran out, and went to Maggie’s apartment. She guesses Laura has been up to something – she is looking appropriately disheveled. And Maggie cannot hold her curiosity. Laura has made a good choice for a change – he is handsome, matured, and she wants to know more… was he considerate? Back in Rome, Charlie and Colette are at dinner. Dean has not been able to arrive because he is help up at the hospital. Charlie is charming as usual, while Colette is being careful about what he drinks and stuff. When Charlie tries to kiss her, she has to stop him immediately. Later, Colette goes to the hospital, and finds out Dean has been there, but he is not sick like he said he was before cancelling the dinner.

She already knows Jeanie is there, because she is the one who called her. When she meets her, she is misbehaving in an attempt to express her anger. When Colette wants to part in it, Jeanie lets on she is doesn’t want to be alone. Colette stops, and gets back to Jeanie’s bed, saying she has been in her shoes so many times that she has lost count. Jeanie lets on she left her previous man – who would not divorce his wife. Meanwhile, Jeanie’s previous man arrives – the chief of Pan Am, and he is laying into Dean for his involvement with Jeanie, and breaking up with her as well. Another airline company could do with his services. Dean stands listening, but when the chief is walking away, he tells him it must be a pretty complicated to have a wife and a mistress. He tries explaining to Dean, and they end on a less hostile note.

Charlie arrives at the hotel with flowers, hoping Colette will accept his apology. After he finds her with another man at the bar, he leaves disappointed, and later turns up at her bedside. He is upset about Colette, but she tells him about his wanting to grow up too fast. She likes talking to him, and tells him the bad thing about tricks and magic is that there is no surprise for the magician. Later, she tells him she will always remember him. Later, Laura admits to Kate how she has been feeling awful about not being able to lose her virginity. She has the opportunities but ends up behaving like a baby.

Kate tells her to trust her instincts. She will know when the time is right. Back in New York, Colette lets on she knows what Maggie might have done to save her job, leaving her nervous. Kate talks to Richard, and learns she will have to do exactly what a scared girl would. That is the way she has to present herself to Niko. So she looks scared when she sees Niko the next time. Meanwhile, Laura arrives at Graham’s place, and before he knows it, she takes off her clothes – self-expression is what she wants. Meanwhile, Colette relaxes with a drink and a book in her bathtub. The episode ends.