Pan Am

"Pan Am" takes you back to 1960's when the excitement of the "Jet Age" was in full swing and also the scandals and entanglements that comes with it. The series follows four women: Maggie (Christina Ricci), Kate (Kelli Garner), Colette (Karine Vanasse)and Laura (Margot Robbie), as they go to the luxury of Pan Am as Flight Attendants. With the glamor of the plans, the pilots are revered as rock stars and the stewardesses are desired by everyone. As the ladies are trained on everything related to flying, many characters come to show their support. Joining them is pilot Dean (Jonah Lotan) who is confident in his charisma and ambitions.

Created by Jack Orman (ER, JAG), "Pan Am" is an unique look into the past on one of the most famous airlines in history. With Tommy Schlamme (West Wing) on board as Director, the show shows the deep insight into what the world was like back then on board the most expensive luxurious planes.

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Prev: 1x14 -- 1964 (Feb/19/2012)

Life has changed on a dime for the crew of Pan Am. Since President Kennedy's assassination and as New Year's Eve approaches for the start of 1964, everyone's lives are hurtling towards new starts: Colette is caught up in a whirlwind courtship with a foreign prince, and Dean is still kicking himself over losing her; Amanda and Ted's wedding plans are racing forward, thrilling his family, but making him more nervous by the day; Kate's spy supervisor, Richard, is shot and she tries to figure out whether he or someone else is a double agent -- He warns her that the first person to ask her how he is doing will be the double agent, but the first person who does is the one person she never imagined; and Amanda makes Laura a startling offer. Meanwhile, Broyles puts Maggie in a life-threatening position - which sparks a major attraction to him -- Laura forges on, still loving the man she can't have, and Dean is put on trial for the decisions he made during the Haiti landing.

Annabelle WallisAnnabelle Wallis
As Bridget
Annabelle WallisAnnabelle Wallis
As Bridget
Karine VanasseKarine Vanasse
As Colette
Karine VanasseKarine Vanasse
As Colette
Mike VogelMike Vogel
As Dean Lowrey
Mike VogelMike Vogel
As Dean Lowrey
Kelli GarnerKelli Garner
As Kate Cameron
Margot RobbieMargot Robbie
As Laura Cameron
Margot RobbieMargot Robbie
As Laura Cameron
Christina RicciChristina Ricci
As Maggie Ryan

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1x14: 1964 recap: The scene opens with Prince Omar serving Colette some coffee on the plane. Kate and Laura talk about the treatment that Colette is getting and Maggie comes in and tells Laura that she is done with fairy tales. Colette comes in the break area and says that she feels like they are floating on air. Maggie backbites and says that they all are because they are in a plane. Meanwhile in the cockpit, Dean and Ted talk about how Amanda sort of gave Ted permission to fool around with other women. Dean says that he shouldn’t do anything like that because it is a test. Dean says that he would have done better with Colette, but now she is being fitted for a glass slipper. He tells him not to worry about that. Maggie sees that George is in First Class and he tells her to close the curtains. He tells her that he needs her to smuggle jewelry past customs. She tells him that it is really illegal, but he says that she will do it for a bigger commission. He agrees... read more.

1x13: Romance Languages recap: Laura and Colette are at a photography exhibition, where Colette checks on Laura. Doesn’t she find these beautiful? Almost like being shaken out of a reverie, Laura agrees with Colette’s appreciation. Before long, the artist of the exhibition, Graham closes up on Laura. He gets a little flirty with her, and they continue talking. Laura takes interest in photography, but she is only a beginner. And she is already fumbling, as she tries to speak to him. Maggie arrives and starts teasing Graham – she thought only girls who serve food on flights was his thing. And perhaps he would be more interested if Laura wore less clothes. However, she is impressed with the photographs as well... read more.

recap: The scene opens with Kate trying to pick a man’s pocket. She gets caught. It turns out that Kate is being taught how to pickpocket. Richard tells Kate that a woman has many ways to impress upon a man, one of them is seduction. Kate gives him a demonstration, and picks his pocket; but is again caught. Richard briefs Kate about a mission in Rome. It’s to do with gaining more information regarding the international space race, more specifically the race to reach the moon first. Kate is entrusted with the job of pick pocketing an Italian operative, on a mission. Meanwhile Amanda pays Maggie a visit. Amanda justifies her behavior at the party the other evening, by telling Maggie that she was caught up in the emotions. Maggie tries to put her at ease by telling her that it wasn’t a big deal. Amanda also requests Maggie not to say anything to Ted... read more.

1x11: Diplomatic Relations recap: The episode begins with Dean in deep contemplation, and Bridget questioning him about it. Dean recounts to Bridget, how he saw her come out of a hotel room with another man, on their layover to Rome. Dean questions her, if everything she hid from him was because she was a spy. Bridget denies that by saying that women are conundrums. Dean is hurt about the fact that she cancelled their engagement; Bridget assuages Dean by telling him that she didn’t want to live a lie with him, and now that he knows everything they can be together. Dean is troubled by the fact that he doesn’t know who the real Bridget is. Dean is confused and thinks him and Bridget getting back together, was a mistake. Bridget tells him that she still loves him, and wants to be his wife. In the meanwhile Dean gets a call telling him that Wantrip has requested a meeting with him in New York. Dean is tapped to fly the first-ever commercial flight to Moscow by Wantrip. Ted tells Dean that he is thinking of proposing to Amanda, the girl who his parents set him up with... read more.

Executive Producer: Jack Orman, Thomas Schlamme, Nancy Hult Ganis
Co-Executive Producer: Sid Ganis
Producer: Paul Kurta
Associate Producer: Marta Gene Camps, Toby Conroy

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Recurring Guests

Jeremy Davidson as Handsome Stranger/Richard (16 eps)
David Harbour as Sabel/Anderson (12 eps)
Ashley Greene as Amanda Mason (8 eps)
Goran Visnjic as Niko Lonza (7 eps)
Erin Cummings as Ginny (6 eps)
Darren Pettie as George Broyles (5 eps)
Jay O. Sanders as Douglas Vanderway (5 eps)
Veanne Cox as Miss Havemeyer (5 eps)
Scott Cohen as Everett Henson (5 eps)
Chris Beetem as Chris Rawlings (5 eps)

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