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Orange Alert - Recap

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Adam likes the idea of going to his folks' for Halloween, instead of
staying home like they always do. Max says he doesn't want to go over
there, he wants to go trick or treating. Adam and Kristina point out
that he's only been once, and that was when he was eighteen months old.

Julia is taking Sydney to school. Sydney wants to be a beauty queen for
Halloween. Miss California, to be specific. She doesn't want to be a
ladybug again, because that's what she was when she was little. Julia
wants to discuss it further, but Sydney is adamant.

Zeek is all excited about Halloween. Sarah comes in, ready for work and
her mom asks her why she's all dolled up. Must be for that forklift
driver. No, Sarah says that's over. Zeek wants all hands on deck, nobody
make any other plans. They have to decorate for Halloween and they only
have three days left. Amber has a previous commitment. Sarah has to work
at the bar. She and Amber both promise Zeek that they'll wear costumes
and send pictures.

Jasmine and Crosby drop Jabbar off at school. He's having first day of
school jitters, but once he meets a new classmate, he settles down and
goes inside.

Sarah meets Gordon in the hall, for the first time since their
passionate kiss in the parking lot at the spring shoe show. He reminds
her that one of her projects is late, and reiterates when he expects to
see it on his desk.

Adam and Kristina are having a consult with Max's doctor. Adam wants to
give Max what he wants, but Kristina is more aware of the pitfalls
inherent to trick or treating, where Max is concerned. The doctor gives
them the green light. He says Kristina's concerns are valid but if Max
really wants to do this, that's not an opportunity they should pass by.
The key is preparation, so Max will know what to expect and not face
anything he doesn't know how to handle. Role-play so he's aware.

Crosby and Jasmine are apartment hunting. She wants to plant a vegetable
garden in the first place she sees. Crosby wants a dog, but she's a cat
person. He says cats are disgusting; they're always licking themselves,
they're narcissistic and a bit OCD. Crosby says "We gotta get a dog".
When Jasmine confronts him, he says that he said YOU, not we. They
squabble a bit.

Max and his mom are pretending to trick or treat so he can get an idea
of what to expect. He's apprehensive somebody will give him a candy he
doesn't like, and then what? She tells him he politely accepts it, takes
it home and his dad will eat it. They get to their own front door, and
Max uses both the knocker and his fist to knock on the door. He knocks
so long that Kristina picks him up bodily and moves him back a foot.

Haddie answers the door, pretending to be an old woman. She asks him
what he's dressed as. Kristina prompts him, and he says Thank you. When
she says no, Max doesn't know what to say so Kristina says "trick or
treat!" Haddie offers them candy, and Kristina talks Max through how to
proceed. He starts to pick apart why they can't pretend (it's not
Halloween, there's nothing in the bowl, etc.) Max can't figure out why
he has to practice when nobody else does.

Sarah arrives at Julia's office bearing coffee, and blurts out the news
that she kissed her boss. Julia invites her in and Sarah starts talking
a mile a minute. She's afraid she ruined her future. She said he made
her feel smart and powerful, and like maybe once she could be with the
successful guy. Julia tells her she can, but Sarah says no. Guys like
that like women like Julia. Women like Sarah get kissed in the parking
lot, and ignored at work. Julia reminds Sarah that boys are dumb. It's
not Sarah - boys are just dumb. She tells Sarah to go back to work with
her head held high, and don't let that jerk ruin her career. Sarah says
she's an intern, she doesn't have a career. Julia answers that this is
her shot then, and she should take it.

Julia tells Sydney a story about how women have gained so many rights.
It's very exciting news to everyone but Sydney. She really wants to be a
beauty queen for Halloween. Julia tells her she'll discuss it with Joel.
When Sydney leaves, Julia tells Joel that she failed Sydney.

Crosby, Jasmine and Jabbar are discussing where they may wind up living.
The place that Jasmine liked, Crosby thinks smelled like soup. Jasmine
tells Jabbar to go check out the sailboat that's decorated like a pirate
ship for Halloween, and then confronts Crosby about his attitude. He
prefers the place with the garden, but it's $500 more than she can
afford. She reminds him that it'll be her place, therefore it's her
decision to make. He doesn't say anything further, so she goes to check
on Jabbar.

Sarah swings through Gordon's office to drop off the specs. She asks him
if one of the people from the show placed an order yet, and he tells her
it's not that simple. It's a process, there are negotiations, etc. He
tells her that as soon as he sends out the company-wide memo, she'll be
the first to know. She finally confronts him about the kiss. He says it
was fantastic, but now he's running his company. He finally gets around
to being honest, and tells her that they have very different lifestyles.
She has kids, he has a boat. She says fine, you know what, forget it.
She'll wait for the memo. We'll pretend this never happened.

Zeek is discussing the importance of Halloween with Max. Kristina
eavesdrops as Zeek tells him that Halloween was the last holiday he got
to spend with Camille before he shipped off to basic. He said it was
like every holiday rolled in one, and that's why it's so important to
him. He gives Max the Halloween candy bag that Camille makes for all the

Adam and Kristina go over their Halloween plans list while they hand out
lights that don't involve flames for the neighbors' jack-o-lanterns.
They run into a basset dog named Morgan wearing a Halloween costume, and
ask the owner if he lives around here. He says yes, so they give him
some of the lights. Adam tells her that Joel, Julia, Crosby and Jasmine
will be joining them with Sydney and Jabbar. Kristina reminds him that
Mac's doctor said to keep the group small, but he tells her that they
are trying to be there for Max.

Kelsey tells Amber that Howard has invited them to a frat party across
the bay. Amber is not interested in the least.

Julia is still trying to change Sydney's mind about the beauty pageant
costume. She wants to stay as is, so Joel takes her picture.

Gordon shows up at Sarah's bar job. When she says she doesn't have time
to talk, he orders a beer. He tells her she hit the nail on the head
with everything she said, and they are a terrible match. She thanks him
for coming there to tell her that. When she starts to walk away, Gordon
orders another beer. She tells him she can't change her age, and while
she'd happily give up her kids, she does love her job so they are at an
impasse. As she walks away, he orders another beer. He just keeps
handing them out to anybody in arm's reach so he can keep talking to
Sarah. He says he'll have however many beers it takes to get her to
understand that even if she is absolutely wrong for him, he can't stop
thinking about her. She tells him that it must be the catsuit; he'll get
over it. He tells her he's going to stick around for awhile.

Everybody is dressed for Halloween. Jasmine is Pocahontas, Crosby is
Evel Knievel, Adam is a ball player and Julia is Amelia Earhart. Joel
looks like a Quaker. Zeek shows up to get the party started, and they
all head out. Kristina is stressing, and Adam tries to calm her down.

Kelsey and Amber do go to the frat party. Amber is dressed as a banana.
Kelsey sees Howard kissing another girl. He sees her seeing him, and waves.

Crosby confides in Adam about the housing situation. He'd like to live
with them, but he is experiencing commitment phobia. Adam asks if he
talked to Jasmine about it, and he hasn't. He thinks Jasmine should be
able to read his mind. Adam doesn't know what this beautiful woman is
doing with Crosby. He asks Adam how he knew when it was time with
Kristina, and after Adam tells him, Crosby tries to joke about it. Adam
just tells him "Don't miss the boat."

Amber calls Sarah to come get her, because Kelsey is too drunk to drive.
Gordon offers to take her, and they leave the bar.

The Bravermans get to the scary house, and Max wants to go. Kristina and
Adam won't let him. Max is starting to spin out of control because the
little kids can go, and he should be able to as well. Finally Adam
agrees Max is right, and the whole family goes up to the haunted house.

Kelsey is in the pool and won't come out, so they can take her home.
Gordon goes in after her when she won't come out, and removes her from
the pool.

Max wants to go in all by himself, so they let him. Kristina is a
nervous wreck because she's so scared Max is going to have a meltdown.
She asks Adam to squeeze her hand, hard. He hangs on. Max starts calling
for them, but it's because he's so happy and excited about the spider
ring he got there.

Kelsey tells Sarah she's so sorry she threw up in her boyfriend's
Beamer. Sarah tells him he's really good with kids, and Gordon says not
really. He's just good with drunk women. His ex. Now that he's seen her
house, where she lives with her folks, her son is withdrawn and he's met
her daughter, that's everything. Oddly enough, Gordon notes that is not
freaking him out. He also didn't hate the sound of Kelsey calling him
Sarah's boyfriend. She didn't hate it either.

Gordon asks if he kisses her again, she wouldn't she get weird on him,
or ignore him at work, or pretend it never happened, would she? She asks
would he? They kiss.

Julia asks Joel to promise her that with the next one, time will
actually slow down. He promises, and they both know that he lied to her.
They hug. Julia says she doesn't want the little kid phase to be over.
They open the bedroom door, and Sydney is bouncing on her bed that is
covered with her Halloween treats.

Kristina and Adam are eating Halloween candy. They had a blast. Adam
gives her a speech to thank her for everything he does for him and Max
and their family.

Crosby catches Jasmine stealing Jabbar's Halloween candy. They have
treats together. He apologizes for getting weird during the
house-hunting. He tells her he wants to live with her. He wants to marry
her. He proposes.