Seven Names - Recap

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Crosby and Jasmine tell Jabbar they are getting married. He's completely
underwhelmed. He only has one question; can he go play until it's time
for school.

Amber doesn't understand why she's being grounded, despite the fact that
she went to a frat party across the bay when she told her mom she'd be
at Kelsey's house. Grounded. Amber and Sarah talk at each other. Sarah's
bottom line is that if Kelsey didn't tell her mom that she got drunk,
had to be hauled out of the pool and threw up in Gordon's beamer? Then
she will. Sarah leaves the room without hearing Amber out.

Joel tells Sydney that they are going to smash the bathroom to pieces
with giant hammers, and it will be awesome. She's very excited to see
his drawings and the new faucet. Julia tells Sydney that they are ahead
of schedule! They're only going to be five minutes late today. She ships
Joel off to do his construction project while she takes over on the home
front, telling Sydney that that's how marriage works. Give and take.

Adam arrives at work to find a somber-faced Gordon waiting on him. It's
not good news for the company, Gordon can't get the numbers to work.
Adam has faith in the spring line, but Gordon tells him they're never
going to make it to spring. He needs layoffs, like yesterday. 6-7
people. Adam says that's a significant portion of their work force.
Gordon is going to take a meeting in L.A. with a potential investor, but
if he doesn't come through, Adam has to figure out where they are
cutting. Adam doesn't want to carry that burden alone, deciding who gets
to keep their job and who doesn't. Gordon says he knows them better than
anybody else. In fact, he's better at this than Gordon. Adam looks out
his office window, knowing he has some tough decisions to make.

It's morning, and Kristina wakes up to find Adam staring at the ceiling.
He woke up early.

Sarah finds Gordon in her yard. He asks if she got his text. If she had,
she wouldn't have dressed like this. He thinks it's cute. He had a good
time the other night. If she ever needs to rescue some drunk teenagers
again, he's the man for the job. He invites her to join him for a few
days in L.A. for the meeting. It's the best offer Sarah's ever had, but
she can't do it. Not a good time. She glances at the house and sees her
parents and children watching out the window. As she walks him back to
his car, she notices his driver is bearing a bouquet. He kisses her
good-bye, telling her the offer still stands. The flowers are for her.

Camille and Haddie show up for volunteer work, working in a soup
kitchen. Camille introduces Haddie to the volunteer coordinator for
community services, Alex. She greets him warmly, but he rather brusquely
tells her to bring her papers next time, and he'll sign for her hours.

People chat with Adam as he goes through the building.

Julia is talking to the partners when she gets a very important message.
Emergency call from Joel. She walks out on the partners, only to find
Joel rambling on about the problems they found on this job. Burst pipe,
dry rot, etc. That's an emergency?? She uses her best interpersonal
skills. "That sounds awful. What can I do." Joel asks her to pick up
Sydney, as he can't leave. Neither can she. Meeting with partners trumps
burst pipes, etc. However, saving Joel's ass trumps partners. She agrees
to pick up Sydney.

Amber finally gets a moment alone with Sarah. Kelsey is over despite the
fact that Amber is grounded. Sarah agrees to hear Amber out. If Kelsey
is honest with her mom, she'll kill her. If she tells her at the wrong
time, or says it wrong, ... they don't have the kind of relationship
Sarah and Amber have. Kelsey's mom doesn't know her as a person. Sarah
tells Amber it's okay. She trusts her. Amber is a good friend. She
thanks Sarah.

Adam gets home, and Kristina announces dinner. As she's carrying the
salad to the table, Adam tells her he has to fire seven people. They
know they're going to be fine, but everybody else won't. Kristina says
forget the beer, we need to get wrecked. Max wants to know what wrecked
means. Are they going to go to a wrecking party with a wrecking ball?

Sarah is second-guessing herself on not telling Kelsey's mom what
happened. She's talking it out with Zeke, who's reading the paper, and
Camille, who is painting. Camille says these are the tough decisions,
and Sarah asks what that means. Millie doesn't answer, so she runs the
question past Zeke. Apparently the marriage counseling is working,
because he answers Sarah's query with "I agree with you 100%, honey."
Camille tells Sarah that it sounds like Amber is the one making the
decision. But the bottom line is, she doesn't even want to think about
the possibility that Kelsey could be driving in that condition. Also,
what would Sarah want to happen if the situation was reversed? If it was

Joel and Julia survived day one. Now it's day two, and he's wondering if
he can drop Syd off with her after school. Julia doesn't think that's
going to work. Joel looks so crestfallen that she promptly reverses her
decision. She'll rearrange her schedule to accommodate Sydney. Joel
heads off to work, a happy man.

Jabbar and his new friend from school, Jensen, are playing with Legos.
Crosby chats with them while they play. Crosby asks what Jensen would
think if his parents were getting married. He's no more excited than
Jabbar was.

Sarah finds Jennifer, Kelsey's mom, out front. She thinks Kelsey talked
to her but no. She's just returning Amber's iPod. She thanks Sarah for
Halloween. Again, Sarah thinks Kelsey came clean, but she lied to her
mom about Halloween with the Bravermans. Apparently, Zeke was Lady GaGa.
Sarah can't take it anymore, and tells Jennifer the truth of what
happened on Halloween night. Jennifer says this is completely not like
Kelsey, almost as though she didn't believe Sarah (or wanted to blame

Haddie takes out the garbage at the soup kitchen. The bag breaks as she
is trying to hoist it into the dumpster, and she is completely revolted
by what all falls out down. When she's cleaning up, Alex tells her that
poverty is not contagious. She fills him in on what happened with the
garbage bags. He tells her to try double-bagging next time. She's
starting to pick up on his rude attitude towards her.

When Sarah gets home, Amber is outside and confronts Sarah. She's in
tears, because Kelsey's mom said it was all her fault, she's the
problem. She's a bad influence, and Kelsey's not allowed to hang out
with her anymore. She tells Sarah through her tears that she thought she
could trust her and she's very, very disappointed in her. Sarah's in
tears, too.

Gordon calls Adam to let him know the cash infusion won't be happening.
Adam thinks they can be more creative about the layoffs. They can go to
three- or four-day work weeks. Big businesses and governments do this,
there's no reason they can't do the same. Gordon refuses to entertain
the thought. Seven people need to go. Does Adam need Gordon to come up
there and hold his hand? No. Adam will handle it.

As the call ends, Sarah walks in, talking. Adam snaps at her to knock,
so she reverses course, knocks, and waits to be admitted. She tells Adam
that she's going on a coffee run, could he use anything? And by the way,
Gordon asked her out. Adam doesn't feel like holding back, so he tells
Sarah that Gordon is a little prick. She says she maybe knows him
differently, as she's getting to know him outside of work. Adam says
yeah, I don't know who would know him better; the guy he's used, abused
and lied to for 15 years, or the latest woman he's trying to get into
bed. Tough call. Sarah tells him such a compliment and oh? She'll make
her own decisions. As for Adam, he gets decaf.

Julia comes home and finds Zeke and Syd playing. He brought a bucket of
chicken for dinner. Joel got stuck at work, so Zeke is Syd's knight in
shining armor. Syd chimes in that his horse is outside, and chicken is
greasy goodness. Zeke says that Joel is doing such a good job on his
buddy's bathroom, that he may want him to do the whole house. How bout that.

Adam practices his layoff speech on Kristina. She says it's really good,
but he can't cry when he actually lets people go. Haddie comes through
and seconds her mom. He can't ask people to take emotional care of him
while he's firing them. He recognizes that's exactly what he's doing,
and tells Haddie she's a very wise young woman. She thanks him, and
tells them about Alex, and how he's treating her like some idiot
teenybopper with a bleeding heart and even if she is? It's rude. Adam
tells her to call him on it, but Kristina tells her to punch him in the
groin. Make it count. After she leaves, Adam tells Kristina he really
doesn't want to do this (the firings).

Joel gets home late. Julia is in bed, on her laptop. He asks if Syd went
to bed easy and she says it was six books, three songs, and an IOU for
20 minutes of computer time. He asks how it went with Zeke, and Julia
says she doesn't want to talk about it. Is she pissed because he called
her dad in? No, it's fine. Joel notes that when she says it's fine, it
doesn't sound fine. She snaps at him that up to 20 minutes ago she was
building the Eiffel Tower out of Popsicle sticks, but now she needs to
get this brief written for litigation. Joel starts to leave without a
word. He turns at the door and looks back at Julia, but when she doesn't
speak, he goes out.

Crosby is at Adam's back door. Adam just looks at him, so he announces
through the door that he proposed to Jasmine. He congratulates him.
Crosby is happy, but Jabbar doesn't seem to get it. Just like Jasmine,
Adam says that Jabbar is only six. He thinks he maybe proposed to
Jasmine for Jabbar, and Jabbar doesn't care. And now he's
second-guessing himself and having automatic cold feet. Adam talks him
down, saying he thinks it's just nerves.

Adam's up and dressed at 6:01 a.m. Today's the day. He kisses Kristina
good-bye, they exchange I love you's.

Joel is leaving before Julia. He left her a note, and coffee. She starts
panicking, she's got that conference call to New York. If this week is
what it's going to look like for him to get out of the house more, they
can't have another child. How would that work. They need to discuss it.
Fine. Joel puts down his work bag. Let's discuss it. She doesn't want
him going back to work at all, does she. She lists the changes she made
over the past week, she's moved mountains. Joel's been moving mountains
for years. She starts talking about how nobody is there for Syd, but the
family is so what is she getting at? She gives up billing $600/hour so
he can grout some guy's bathroom. After a stunned pause Joel says she's
right. If they're talking about whose time is worth more, she wins.

Syd asks why they're fighting but they tell her they were just talking
loud. When Syd goes in the kitchen, Joel leaves without saying good-bye.
Julia finds Syd hanging around the corner into the kitchen, visibly
upset. She reassures her.

Sarah is driving Amber to school. Amber has talked to Kelsey, and she
did tell her mom the truth, but it didn't change anything. When Sarah
stops the car she tells Amber she's sorry. She knows she's feeling
lonely, and she knows what that feels like. Amber looks at her for a
time, then says she's fine. Kelsey was a little weird anyway. They get
back on normal footing when Sarah teases her by touching. Amber gets out
of the car, muttering happily about why it always has to be this way
with her.

Gordon shows up to help Adam with the layoffs, but Adam says he can do
it all by himself. He tells Gordon the same thing Haddie told him, and
he agrees. Adam is right, and Gordon leaves.

Haddie finally calls Alex on his attitude. They go back and forth a bit
about the turnover, and how people just use this place because it looks
good on their college apps; but they're never there more than a week,
maybe two. She tries to give him grief about him not exactly being
selfless either, this is a career path for him as well, yes? He chose to
work there because his family used to get their food there. This place
saved his life. She's embarrassed, and goes to fix the mixer. There's
still a bit of tension and animosity there, but they seem to have a
little better impression of each other.

Adam's moment of truth has arrived. He brings in the first person to be
let go. Sarah runs into Gordon, and he tells her what's going on. He
also tells her Adam is a good man. One of the best. Sarah sees him
talking to the first one. She comes in after the meeting, bearing
coffee. He apologizes for snapping at her, and she tells him not to
worry about it. She wants to be laid off, to make things easier on him.
Anything he needs, she's there. She whispers "decaf" to him on her way
out the door.

Julia arrives at Joel's job. She tells him how beautiful it is, and
tells him she wants them both to be happy.

Haddie says good-bye to Alex. He tells her to be on time, she was a
little late today. She says he should dock her pay.

Adam gets home and lands in Kristina's arms. They hug and kiss. He tells
her he did it. The whole family is gathered at the Bravermans. Crosby
and Jasmine announce their engagement. Everybody is very happy for them.
Jabbar is happy because he gets to wear a tuxedo. They all drink a toast.