Opening Night - Recap

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Alex calls Haddie to invite her out for lunch. He's like five minutes
from her house, and he's starving. Knowing that her parents have forbid
her seeing him anymore, Haddie scrambles to avoid having Alex pick her
up. Once she sees that her parents are taking Max to a movie, she
relaxes and tells Alex to come on over.

The play practice is going on, and Jabbar freezes when it's time to say
his line. They take a minute, and Crosby talks to him. It's the light,
he claims it hurts his eyes. When Joel and Crosby try to talk to him, he
says he doesn't want to be the lead. Sydney offers to take the part,
and they let her take over. Crosby is really not amused.

Drew talks to Sarah about his fundraiser. He slacked off through the
holidays, and now he has to try to sell Christmas stuff in January. He
slacked off and if he doesn't sell, he can't go to the tournament. Sarah
is kick ass at sales, and he wants her help. Camille tells him he can't
do this to his mother, but he tells Sarah she can't do this to her son.
If it's not sold, he can't go to the tournament. She says they'll figure
something out. He thanks her and tells her he'll go get the other box.

Haddie gets ready and goes down to meet Alex. She finds her parents back
in the house because Max forgot his gift card. She goes to answer the
door, and Alex is there. Alex is confused because Haddie never told him
she wasn't allowed to see him. Everybody is incredibly uncomfortable,
and Alex leaves, saying "You're something else." Adam says he didn't
raise Haddie to be a liar and a sneak. Kristin sends her in the house,
telling her she's grounded.

Drew and Sarah work a sales table, with a big sign that says "Support a
Procrastinator." It's not working until Sarah tries a little humor.
However the woman they try it on is Buddhist so they're still out of
luck. Drew tells her the truth. Nobody else sells the paper, they have
their parents buy it. Sarah says that even if she had $500, she wouldn't
do it.

Haddie apologizes to Alex. She gives him the reasons they said she
couldn't see him anymore. He's really hurt because she lied to him, and
when she lied to them, she made him part of her lie. She knows about the
program, and how hard he works to be an honest person. She took that
away from him without even thinking. She apologizes profusely, but he
can't even look at her. He sends her to school and takes a call, ending
the conversation. Haddie runs into Camille outside the food bank and
sobs her way through a conversation with her. Camille tells her that her
parents are doing what they think is best for her. She advises her to
give it time and let things quiet down.

Jabbar asks Crosby about having butterflies. Jasmine arrives home. They
try to 'shake it off' like Jasmine does when she gets stage fright.
Crosby still wants him to do the part, and Jasmine tells him he doesn't
have to. Crosby doesn't want him to be a quitter. She says he doesn't
need the pressure, Jabbar is only six. Sydney will be great, Jabbar will
have fun, and Crosby will be a big hit. He continues sulking.

Haddie gets home, and Adam and Kristina confront her about missing her
first four classes in school today. Things rapidly boil over and Haddie
announces that she's going to make her own decisions, she's going to see
Alex, and they don't get to say anything about it. She stomps out of the
room, yelling as she goes. Adam sends her to her room and tells her he's
taking away her cell phone. She slams the door on Adam and Kristina.

Kristina helps Adam take the door off its hinges. She can have her door
back when she regains their trust. She completely gave up her privacy
when she lied to them. She can change clothes in the bathroom, and do
her homework on the desktop downstairs.

Sarah brings Drew to work and tries to get everybody to buy wrapping
paper. Adam tries to wave her off, but she ignores him. He takes Sarah
aside and tells her this isn't good, her having the wrapping paper
parade. Sarah hears all about Alex, and asks for his number. One of the
guys gave Drew $40 just because he felt sorry for him, so Adam gives him
$47 and Sarah gives Adam the 'ugly poinsettia' paper.

Back at rehearsal, Zeek discovers that Sydney has taken over Jabbar's
role. He takes Crosby's side. Braverman's don't quit. Crosby tells him
he's preaching to the choir, this is Jasmine's doing. Zeek pushes Crosby
to 'wear the pants in the family'.

Kristina goes over to talk to Camille about Alex. Camille has known Alex
since he was nine years old. Kristina tells her how she and Adam feel,
and how they reached their decision, but Camille tells her she already
knows the whole story. Kristina is hurt, and tells Camille she's really
happy that Haddie felt comfortable confiding in her more than her own
mother. Camille reminds her that if you tell a teenage girl she can't do
something, she's just going to want to do it all the more. Kristina
takes offense and leaves. As Camille tries to get her to see reason,
Kristina says "You could have called, Camille" as she storms off.

Alex arrives at Adam's office to talk to him. He tells him he didn't
know they forbade Haddie from seeing him anymore. If he had known, he
would have stopped seeing her. He understands they feel he's not good
enough for her daughter. Whatever boogeyman they think he is? He's not
that guy. Not anymore. Adam appreciates him coming to him like a man.
It's not that they don't think he's good enough. It's that Haddie will
be an adult, dealing with adult things, for most of her life. Now, she's
16. They want her to be 16, without rushing into adulthood, for as long
as they can. Does Alex understand? Yes. He wonders how he would have
turned out if he had parents like them. Adam is a good dad. Adam thanks
him, and Alex thanks him for his time. Adam wishes Alex had had parents
who did right by him. Alex says Haddie was the closest thing he's had to
family for a really long time. It felt good. After he leaves, Adam looks
thoughtful, then shakes his head.

Crosby is wrapping up last minute play stuff on the phone. He's still
angry about Jabbar not being in the play. He feels discounted. Crosby
wants another chance to change Jabbar's mine, and Jasmine gives him the

Sarah fills Zeek in on what happened with Drew and the wrapping paper.
He tells her any moron can bail a kid out, Drew needs to stand on his
own two feet. Sarah says Drew and Amber have been standing on their own
two feet since the day they were born. Just once, she wants to be the
moron. She just can't afford it. As he's leaving, he tells her she's
late with her rent. She doesn't pay rent. Zeek mutters that she should
be paying rent, and he doesn't know what happened.

Crosby tells Jabbar he needs to give it a try. He can do it. Everybody
who loves him will be there for him. Crosby tells him he'll be so proud
of himself when he does this, he'll feel so good. He remembers his
lines, and he's going to be great. Jabbar asks if Sydney is going to
play the part, too.

Sarah tells Drew she can't help him anymore, and he says it's okay. She
hopes someday she can be "that mom" but Drew tells her he sold it all.
Some guy bought it. Must have felt sorry for him. Sarah is happy to hear

Joel and Crosby talk to Sydney. She wants to know what she gets, if she
lets Jabbar have his part back. Crosby agrees to play hardball. He'll
take her to any movie she wishes, all she can eat popcorn and candy. She

Max is having a bit of a meltdown. He doesn't want to see the play, and
Haddie refuses to come in so she doesn't have to. Camille talks to
Kristina and apologizes for not calling her. Kristina tells her they
would appreciate her support in this situation, as Adam arrives.
Kristina tells him about Haddie pouting in the car. He's going to go out
and get her, but they flash the lights that it's time to start.

Amber goes to the car to talk to Haddie. She volunteers to help Haddie
see him. She then calls Alex and chats up Haddie, but Alex says it's not
that simple, he has a lot to think about. Amber tells him where he can
find Haddie for the next 45 minutes, and ends the call.

The play starts, and the kids are adorable. Sydney is Marilyn Monroe,
and Julia can't believe she let her daughter play a sex symbol. Crosby
checks in on Jabbar. He says he's ready, but he's scared. There's lots
of people out there. The big moment arrives, and Jabbar freezes. They
try the intro twice, and he finally runs out and says his line. Crosby
is overjoyed.

Alex calls Haddie and tells him Amber is pretty bold. He tells her that
after everything that went down with her, he had to call his sponsor. He
knew he shouldn't have had a relationship for the first year, and now he
knows why. Haddie says it's unfair, and Alex agrees. But it is what it
is. He misses her. Goodbye.

Crosby waits for Jasmine to tell him he was right. She won't say it at
first. The closest she comes is saying "you got lucky."

Haddie chooses to walk home, rather than be in the car with her parents.
When the rest of the Bravermans arrive at Zeek's car, he opens the trunk
for Sarah to put stuff inside and she sees the wrapping paper he bought
from Drew.

At home, Haddie is banging cupboard doors, looking for the peanut
butter. Kristina finally calls her on her rude behavior. It's over. No
more. Haddie says okay, so; when can she see Alex. Kristina says never,
enough is enough. Haddie says she's right. Enough is enough. She leaves,
and walks over to Amber's. She wants to know if she can stay there for
awhile. Camille asks how long awhile, and Haddie says "college?"