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A House Divided - Recap

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Zeek tries to convince Max it's time for the Braverman male bonding
experience, fishing. Max goes in because Camille is making chocolate
chip pancakes. Adam tells Zeek he's not sure how well this is going to
work, because of Max's autism. He's not much for waiting, and fishing is
all about waiting. Zeek says Adam and Kristina worry too much. On that
note, Adam hands over a folder that Kristina made for him. Guidelines to
help the trip go smoothly. Zeke can't believe they think Max needs an
instruction manual.

Julia is having a bridal shower for Jasmine. She sends a scented
invitation, and it sounds all upper class. Jasmine says she'd be happy
with just pizza. Crosby tells her this isn't about her. Jasmine says it
is. No, it isn't. It's about Julia. She's proving something. Crosby just
doesn't know what yet.

Kristina continues to dig in her little heels. Haddie is 16, she's their
daughter, and she wants her home. Adam says if they drag her home,
she'll just leave again. Kristina thinks Camille is on Haddie's side.
Adam thinks Kristina is being ridiculous. When they arrive, Adam rings
the doorbell and Camille wonders why the formality. They're there to
talk to Haddie. In private, if she doesn't mind. Camille goes to get
her. Zeek looks at them, turns and walks away.

Haddie goes outside with them, and Kristina is very abrupt and cold.
They want her to come home. She says they know her conditions. Kristina
and Adam assure her they won't be negotiating. Haddie lets them know
that the stalemate will continue. Kristina says she's acting like a
baby. She's not going to date Alex acting like this. Haddie says "Dad?
Is this the way YOU feel after Alex went to talk to YOU?" He doesn't
answer, and Kristina glares at him. Adam says he likes Alex, but their
relationship is not acceptable. Haddie wants to know why. Exactly,
specifically: What is it about Alex that they find unacceptable.
Kristina starts rattling off all the "He's 19, he has his own place"
rhetoric they've been saying all along. Haddie asks if it's because he's
black, and Adam asks her to please not ever bring that up again.

Kristina says he's an alcoholic, and Haddie isn't. Haddie yells for them
to stop bringing up what's wrong with him. What about what's right with
him?? This is somebody that she wants to be with. Kristina pushes too
hard. "You want to be with him." "Yes." "More than you want to be with
us." "Yes." "there's nothing more to say." "I agree." Haddie goes back
inside, and Kristina looks like she's been slapped.

Adam gives Sarah her performance review. She wants a raise, but they
can't give her one. He says his hands are full with Boy Blunder, the
company's new owner.

Julia is trying to make a perfect, wonderful, awesome shower that's fun.
None of them ever come over, and she wants them to come over. Joel
figures that the party games seem a little too planned. Julia replies
that a good party needs structure.

Kristina drops off some clothes for Haddie. She also tries to give
Camille some money, she's sure Haddie has been eating her out of house
and home. Camille tells her that they're on the same side. They both
just want what's best for Haddie. Kristina unbends a teeny bit and
agrees. She apologizes, because she's upset at Haddie but she's taking
it out on Camille. Camille waves it off, and Kristina thanks her.
Camille goes on to say that she fears that Kristina is choosing the
wrong battle here. Haddie is falling in love with Alex. They can like it
or not, but they can't tell her not to feel what she's feeling. Kristina
goes all angry again. She thanks Camille, but tells her she has it covered.

She tells Adam that Camille is condescending. Adam knows his mom, and
his mom knows Alex. Maybe they made a mistake. Adam likes Alex. Kristina
blows him off, since they only spent ten minutes together. She's
sarcastic and argumentative. Adam tries to get through to her. He feels
like they made this decision, and now they've got their heels dug in and
they're trying to save face. She can't hear him. She thinks Haddie is
going to start sleeping at Alex's and they're going to start having sex,
and they're going to lose her to this guy. She starts crying, but Adam
tells her that exactly what she's afraid of is what's going to happen if
they don't rethink this situation. She tells him he's right. They can
lose her. And then she stomps in the bathroom and slams the door.

Sarah tells Adam Haddie went to school. He says he wasn't worried. How
is she? She's a teenager. That's worrisome. Adam tells Sarah not to make
it too comfortable for her. She tells him this is the price they pay for
raising strong, independent girls. They should have crushed their
spirits while they had the chance!!

Haddie and Amber get her unpacked and settled in. Amber says this is the
happiest time of her life, having Haddie living there, but how long will
she be staying? Until her parents change their minds. Will she be seeing
Alex during this time? No, because he refuses to see her until they
change their minds. Amber finds it ironic that Haddie is not speaking to
her parents for a guy that will not talk to her. Kristina sent along a
family picture. They both declare it manipulative, but Amber also thinks
it's sweet.

Crosby borrowed Zeek's Coleman stove, and now he can't find it. He hugs
Jasmine and tells her that yes, he is taking Max camping, and Jabbar is
going to be next. Jasmine asks about Sydney, but Zeek shrugs and says
Sydney is a girl. She looks at Crosby in confusion, and then tells Zeek
it's sexist and absurd. He agrees wholeheartedly. Jasmine leaves, and
Zeek tells Crosby that Jasmine is amazing.

Crosby isn't sure he should take Max. Has he even seen Max have a
meltdown? No, but he's seen Crosby have one. No, that wasn't Crosby.
That was Sarah. Zeek thinks he may be right.

Sarah approaches Cory for a raise. He understands her needing to pay for
Amber's education, but it's not the right time, and he honestly doesn't
know when the right time is. He talks her in circles. Maybe she's not
even supposed to be working there.

Max doesn't intend to have fun on the camping trip. Zeek assures
Kristina that he read the instruction manual and he's ready to go.
Kristina tries to tell him that Max doesn't accept things except just a
certain way, and Zeek blows her off. Adam calls him from the next
vehicle over and asks Zeek if he brought the bug books for Max, and he
didn't. They drive away. Haddie waves and goes inside with her grandmother.

Kristina feels horrible, or so she claims. She doesn't want to go to
Jasmine's party. Kristina doesn't see how Haddie can look so happy, when
Kristina is so miserable. Adam's phone rings, and it's Cory, his boss.
He wants Adam to come in immediately.

Zeek wants Max to help him set up the camp, but he refuses because he
wants to look for bugs. Zeek can't get through to him.

At the shower, they're waiting for Jasmine. Sarah Yanks Julia's chain,
telling her Jasmine is allergic to everything she's serving. Camille
says Sarah ran away a lot, and made her feel like a really rotten
mother. Kristina says she doesn't feel like a rotten mother, and Camille
says she was talking about herself. Kristina asks if the subject can be
off limits, because she's really tired of thinking about Haddie. Jasmine
arrives. Julia says she has to wear a veil, and Sarah says "and have a
drink". Julia made mojitos, and they're really good. As everybody heads
for the kitchen, Camille and Kristina bring up a very awkward rear.

Cory tells Adam he figured out what to do with the company. He starts
recounting the whole history, but Adam was there for the whole thing.
They got into too many gimmicks. They need to get rid of the gimmicks.
He offers Adam a sucker. One shoe. That is their mission. Adam realizes
he may be onto something.

Sarah says she quit her job with Adam, because she makes more tips as a
bartender. Julia brings out a game, she wants to play a game. Kristina
calls it a night. Camille whispers to Julia to let her go, she's got a
lot on her mind. Kristina forces Camille to say what she said, and gets
sarcastic with her again.

Adam tells Joel and Crosby that he thinks Cory knows what he's talking
about. They need to get back to basics. Not just one shoe, like Cory
wants. Crosby realizes that Adam is stoned on a lollipop. It's edible,
medicinal marijuana. Adam will be angry when he's done being wasted.

Camille leaves and finds Kristina sitting on the stairs. She joins her.
Kristina pours her heart out about this situation. She knows in her gut
she's right. She just does. But she's the only one. Camille holds her
while she cries.

Zeek chats with Max about when he got back from Viet Nam. Camille was
there for him. she loved him, wouldn't let him go, saved his life. Max
asks if they've done everything they're supposed to do. Zeek says they
haven't had their hot chocolate yet. Max's voice starts shaking. Zeek
told him if he wasn't having fun, he could go home. And he wants to go
home. Zeek starts saying they have to finish the marshmallows, and count
the stars, but Max freaks out.

The party is ongoing when Kristina and Camille come back in, followed
shortly by Joel, Adam and Crosby. Adam gives Kristina the once over, and
she sparkles. He tells her everything is fun - just hold me. He hugs
Kristina. He tells her he's scared, about them splitting apart at the
seams. They've never fought like this before. Paranoia is part of Adam
being baked. He tells Sarah that Cory told him she quit. Julia tries
really hard to get rid of the guys, but they refuse to leave. Crosby
turns on the music, and everybody dances. Adam is just a hoot. "Holy
crap, my crotch is vibrating!" Kristina tells him it's his phone.

Zeek is calling about Max. He fills Adam in, and then Max gets on the
phone. Adam tells him if he comes home, he's going to miss these
beautiful bugs that will all be there at sunrise in the morning. He
decides to stay. Zeek bout goes into shock.

Zeek is singing, and Max is sleeping. He tucks him in, turns off the
lantern, rubs his back and goes to sleep.

When they pull in the next morning, Kristina and Adam are waiting for
him. He has like 40 of the lacewing bugs. Max and Kristina go inside,
and Adam and Zeek chat. He appreciates Adam's assist the night before.
He has a better idea of what Adam and Kristina go through. Adam hopes
they had a good time. Zeek says he's a wonderful boy.

Haddie knocks at the front door. Adam joins Kristina. She thanks them
for bringing her clothes over. She feels stupid about telling them she
chooses Alex over them. She loves and misses them, and she's sorry. But
they're wrong about Alex, and she's not sorry that she moved out. And
she's going to stay at grandma and grandpa's, officially.

Crosby tucks Jabbar in, and finds Jasmine in her lovely new lingerie
gift. He really likes it. She should do a lingerie fashion show. He
finishes off Adam's sucker.

Adam finds Kristina on Haddie's bed. Her mom ran away with her dad when
she was 16. He made her so miserable every single day of her life. Adam
tells her Haddie isn't going to run away with Alex. She's not going to
lose her daughter. She cries. Adam doesn't know what they're going to
do. He just misses his little girl, and wants her to come home. Kristina
says "me too."