Just Smile - Recap

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The scene opens with Adam getting ready for the shoot that will feature on the cover of San Francisco Weekly. While the makeup artist does all kinds of things on Adam’s face and suggests a few cosmetic tips, Crosby insists that Adam should exfoliate. Adam argues he is a behind the scenes person, a businessman. Crosby announces objection to the word ‘businessman’ – he is a partner in a cool studio. Meanwhile, Amber is having a tough time being visible to her coworkers at Bob Little’s campaign office. While she is able to figure out with great difficulty how one uses a copier machine every day, she rebukes when someone wants to interrupt her for a printout. Amber does this without knowing who she is talking to. When she does, Amber keeps dropping apologies. But Bob Little turns out a congenial person.

When Adam and the journalists are ready for the magazine shoot, Crosby shows them around the studio, and cannot stop talking about his musical instruments. He shows them his guitars, talks about his firsts, and when he goes up to get the one from his Punk Rock days, the journalist begins interviewing Adam. He repeats Crosby’s line – Music saved my life – after talking about losing his job in the shoe industry with a pregnant wife and a kid. Not before long, click goes the photographer capturing Adam posing with a guitar. Meanwhile, Sarah completes a checkup at her gynecologist’s clinic. More than just hesitantly, she asks if she should go ahead and have another baby. When the doctor says she sure can, but after a few tests advisable for older women like her, Sarah gets a little worried, and starts thinking if she is making the right move.

Later at night, when Crosby, Adam and a friend are discussing whom to add to their table for a poker game, Crosby suggests high school buddy Bill. However, everyone else, including Sarah, who walks in later, thinks he is too insane to be invited. Sarah suggests her younger boyfriend Mark. However, her brothers disapprove, saying when she breaks up with him, it will be hard to fill the empty chair. Sarah does not know why they think she will break up, and wants an answer. Next morning, Syd is getting late, and Julia wants Joel to tell her to hurry up. However, Joel feels a little embarrassed to do that. Not before long, Zoey’s boyfriend calls on the home phone, and after he leaves a voice message asking Zoey to get back – she is not answering his calls for a couple of weeks, Joel is livid – he cannot allow that boy to call on this number, and he is going to tell him that right now. Julia stops him just in time, as Zoey comes down the steps.

Meanwhile, Crosby is recording a cellist. She is upset, and Crosby a little irritated with her behavior. She thinks the recording sounds thin, but Crosby argues it is better natural, and compressing it too much will end up making it sound like a synthesizer. Not before long, he gets a call from San Francisco Weekly – Adam has landed on the cover, and Crosby is going up to tell him that, leaving Lilly the cellist in a haughty mood. Meanwhile, Amber is having a tough time gelling with the crowd at the campaign center. She has only been to high school, while her coworkers are behaving snooty bragging about Harvard degrees and the like. Back at Adam’s place, Crosby seems to be getting jealous about the cover with Adam’s picture. What chord is Adam holding – some weird power chord Adam has invented? When Adam asks if he is mad, Crosby denies. After Crosby leaves, Adam calls Sarah’s boyfriend Mark, and invites him for the poker game, but finds him audibly nervous.

When Crosby is back at the studio, Lilly is giving him a hard time, and Crosby is not taking it. Compressing is not on Crosby’s mind, and he simply touches the button when Lilly wants him to compress down ‘just a touch’. Lilly is then at her sarcastic best, but it doesn’t take long for Crosby to hit back. Soon after that, Lilly’s is in a mad rage throwing up her hands violently. She ends up getting a cramp in her palm. However, Crosby manages to massage it up to relief, and lays in a little more sarcasm. At the busy campaign office, Amber is hoping she can leave for the day, but her mother is not letting her go. She needs to attend the Focus meeting, and Amber reluctantly ends up at the table with everyone else. When Candidate Bob Little asks for everyone’s opinion on his campaign video, she ends up being the only one with a criticizing comment – it’s not really working for her.
Back at the studio, when Lilly’s packed up, she tells Crosby she should stab her bow into Adam’s face when she sees a print of the magazine cover. Crosby argues his brother is a nice guy, and she should rather stab the reporter in her face. Feeling a little less jealous about Adam now, Crosby tells Lilly to feel free to come to an unused studio upstairs when she finds it hard to practice after 10 at her place. Awkward inside, but teenagely smart on the outside, Lilly leaves. Later at night, Julia and Joel share a moment of closeness because he admits her decision would mean she took the right call about Zoey’s pregnancy and her boyfriend. Meanwhile, when Adam is looking for nice comments about the magazine cover, none thrills him more than the one from his son.

The next day, when Sarah and Mark meet each other, he lets on how her brother’s call made him a little nervous. Moreover, he is a little intimidated considering that Sarah is his little sister, so on and so forth. However, he manages to ease up when Sarah agrees it doesn’t matter whether he gels well with Adam, Crosby and their buddies while playing poker. Later, when he arrives with a pink box saying he got biscotti, he gets a cold reception, but he is joking – he has brought cheese fillets – the perfect combination with beer for poker players. Mark gets a little jumbled up as the game begins, but ends up winning soon. Not before long, Crosby needs to borrow some money from Adam, but he is not being kind – Crosby still owes him a 6-figure debt says Adam hoping he is joking – but it does not end well with Crosby. He leaves the game. When Adam follows him upstairs, the brothers are in a rage of a fight. While Crosby expresses his suppressed jealousy, Adam declares he is happy to be cool, especially because his son thinks so for the first time.

Meanwhile, Sarah declares Mark wants a baby, but she is not sure if he really meant it, or if he still remembers bringing it up. Kristina and Julia encourage her to go ahead. When Zoey is on the way out, she is not in a talkative mood, and Julia just hopes to respect her privacy about where she is going. Later that night, Sarah ends up at Mark’s place. She tells him she wants to talk about having a baby, but Mark been a little tipsy, and would rather talk when they are sober. Meanwhile, Lilly hopes she can get to Crosby’s studio, and does. At Julia’s place, when Joel comes back, he announces that her brothers practically got into a fistfight, and Mark took all his money – so it went well. Joel does not approve that Julia does not know where Zoey has gone, but she is back just as the conversation continues. She hands an envelope to Julia, and announces she and Troy have officially broken up. Controlling her tears with a smiling face, she leaves for her room upstairs. Joel and Julia discover in the envelope that Troy has signed the adoption papers.

Meanwhile, Lilly, instead of bowing her cello, is plucking it to her recording. Not before long, Crosby peeks in to confirm that’s the way she wants her piece to sound – as both share a smile this time. The next morning at the campaign office, Amber is serving coffee, and when Bob Little arrives for his cup, he appreciates her honesty about the video. As he joshes her up a little more, he leaves her starry eyed an engrossed into his charm. At Mark’s, when Sarah wakes up, she apologizes for pushing Mark for a baby. Mark explains he has been thinking a lot about it – he has not forgotten or anything. He surely was freaked out when he told her about having a baby, but in a good way – he is excited.
Crosby puts up a framed picture of the San Francisco Weekly cover, and tells Adam that will be his only chance of looking cool. Adam returns a smile, and wants him to know that he was screwing around when he stole Crosby’s line – Music saved my life – and it’s not music, by Crosby, who saved his life.