Family Portrait - Recap

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The episode begins with Sarah telling her mother, Camille that she cannot compare her relationship with Mark to Leila. Camille says that Crosby swore that she was the one and broke up wither after two weeks. Drew is working out and Zeek is helping his grandson. Sarah tells him that Amy likes him the way he is. Joel and Julia are trying to get Victor to have his breakfast. Sydney arrives and is upset that Victor is watching television and that he is getting to eat his breakfast in front of the television. Hattie tells her parents that she needs to get to spend some time with her friends while her parents tell her that the family gathering is for her before she leaves for college.

Sarah goes to the family portrait guy to give the deposit for the portrait. Just then she sees that the photographer has a job opening and Sarah inquires about the same. She says that she was into graphics and film photography. She can also set up a shoot; change the lens and the memory card. Hank asks her to come for the job the next day. Sarah is excited and she leaves. Next, Max shows Victor his first lizard. Victor wants to hold the pet, but Max says that he doesn’t know Victor well as he is adopted and so he doesn’t trust him much. Victor is disheartened when he hears this. Sarah tells Mark about her new job and he is surprised that she lied for the job. He then asks her if she talked to her mother about them.

Sarah tells him that Crosby’s old girlfriend wrecked it for all of them and so her mother wouldn’t change her mind. He would be in the family picture next year. Next, Crosby and Jasmine talk to Jasmine’s mother and tell her that she should stop talking religion with Jabbar. They are his parents and they would like to handle this subject. Jasmine’s mother asks them as to what their belief system is and what they are planning to tell him. Well, they have no answer. Next, Sarah arrives at a house with Hank; this is her first assignment. Sarah bonds with the woman of the house. Hank is surprised to see Sarah interacting with the client. Next, Adam and Kristina are having lunch with their children at a restaurant, when Max tells them that his lizard is stolen and he suspects that Victor stole it.

Max then orders for a burger and the waitress tells him that it isn’t available. Max gets a little aggressive and Nora starts crying. Hattie doesn’t appreciate the commotion. Max gets up to leave and Kristina reprimands him and asks him to be seated. Hank is trying to shoot the family portrait and Sarah is unable to provide proper assistance as she does not know anything about photography. Hank is disappointed and leaves. Kristina calls Julia and tells her about Max’s missing lizard. Julia thinks that Kristina is trying to say that Victor stole it; but Kristina clarifies that she means no such thing. Julia tells her that she would ask Victor if he knows anything about the lizard.

Kristina is embarrassed that she had to call Julia regarding this matter. Meanwhile, Amber is drawn to Nick and they have sex. Later, she learns that Nick has a steady girlfriend and he lied to her. Sarah shows up at work the next day and Hank is surprised to see her. He thought that it was obvious that she is fired. She admits that she had exaggerated slightly about her experience. Hank realized that she lied about her experience and knows that she has none. He blames her for ruining his best shot and feels that she has no respect for light. She asks him if she would get her pay for the day she worked!! Next, Crosby discusses about religion wit Camille and Zeek.

They tell him about the different religions they believed in throughout their lives. From all their experimentation, they learned that God exists in this house; in their family. Next, Julia and Joel talk to Victor and tell him that it is ok if he has taken Max’s lizard. All he has to do is, return it to Max. But Victor tells them that he did not take the stupid lizard. Julia then asks him as to how are things going with him in this new environment and Victor tells them that it is fine. She tries to reassure him that they are there for him just in case he needs anything. Hattie tells Max that she is going to miss him. She will also miss his honesty; how he speaks his mind. It is a rare quality. Hattie has bought him a gift; a blanket for patients suffering from asperger’s.

It is really comforting and Max likes it. Adam finds Kristina sitting in the living room. She is upset that Hattie is leaving. She is also upset that Hattie didn’t spend time with her before leaving as Kristina had a lot of stuff planned. Julia and Joel are in bed and Julia freaks out when she sees Max’s lizard in her room. Next morning, Mark comes to meet Camille. He tells her that he wants to be a part of the family picture as he is already a part of Sarah’s life and that he is proud of being a part of this family. Camille finds this extremely sweet. Mark tells her that they are planning to get married next year as Drew is about to graduate this year. At the studio, Adam fires Nick and his band. He does this as Nick lied to Amber. Crosby regrets telling Adam about this issue.

Max tosses around Hattie’s packed clothes, searching for his lizard. Hattie is pissed. Hank is at Sarah’s house as he is clicking their family picture. Sarah greets him so that things aren’t awkward while he is clicking the picture. Kristina hopes that Hattie shows up as all this is being done for her. Mark arrives and everyone is surprised to see him. Hank enquires about Mark to Max and Max tells him that he is Sarah’s fiancé. Hank finds Max weird and likes him. Amber talks to Adam and tries to explain to him that she wasn’t taken advantage of; instead she was a willing participant. Amber tells him that he should start treating her as an adult and his employee. Adam apologizes to Amber and tells her that he would try his best to treat her as a normal employee.

Next, it is family time and everyone gathers around Hattie. Hank clicks the family picture. Mark is in the picture as well. Sarah then goes to Hank’s office to collect the pictures. He tells Sarah to tell Camille that in case if things don’t work out between her and Mark, he could photo shop Mark out. Sarah thanks him and tells him that Camille will be happy to hear this. Hank then tells Sarah that the clients really liked her and the way she interacted with them. He admits that he hates talking to the client. So, he is offering her the job back; but she needs to learn about photography as well. Sarah is ready to learn. Amy arrives and Drew is happy to see her; they missed each other. At night, Crosby and Jabbar are watching the shy and Crosby tells him that he believes in his son and his wife.

He feels that he is blessed that he is able to spend such beautiful moments with his son. Julia doesn’t want to confront Victor about this as she wants him to feel that he is loved and trusted. Joel tells her that by not confronting him, they are treating him like a guest and not family. Next, Adam and Kristina are at the airport with Hattie. They say their good- byes. Hattie hugs her parents and cries. The episode ends.