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Left Field - Recap

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The episode begins with Crosby and Jasmine making out and Jabbar is at his grandmother’s. Just then he receives a text from Adam. On the other hand, Adam tells Kristina that Crosby takes forever to reply to a text or an email. But Kristina is busy looking at the pictures of puppies. She tells him that they did talk about getting a dog. But Adam says that despite the dogs being cute and all, it is really difficult to raise them as they will mess up the house. He isn’t too interested. Kristina says that research shows that pets could be good for kids with autism; hence getting a pet will do good to Max. Adam thinks that Kristina is missing Hattie and is trying to fill the void. He agrees to think about it.

Next, it is the first day of school and Victor tells Julia that he isn’t feeling well as his stomach is hurting. Julia suggests that she would take Sydney to school and Joel stay home with Victor. Joel then asks Victor to go to bed; but Victor prefers the couch as there is a TV there. In the studio, Crosby checks Adam phone as it is incessantly beeping. There is a new app on the phone and it shows any updates in the schedule. Well, Crosby notices that Adam has scheduled sex with his wife and that they call it “funky town”. Adam is embarrassed as Amber is around. Next, Drew and Amy arrive at school and Amy tells him that they need to talk. She tells him that she met a guy and that she wants to break up. But she also wants to be friends with Drew.

At home, Victor is playing video games and Julia calls to check on him. Victor tells Julia that his stomach still hurts. Well, Joel sees through Victor’s sickness! Drew arrives at Sarah’s workplace and Sarah requests Hank to be nice to him. Drew tells his mother that something happened and he doesn’t want to talk about it. But he does tell her that Amy broke up with him on the first day of school. Crosby tells Jas about Adam’s app and he says that he finds it irritating. Jas has prepared dinner, but Jabbar isn’t in a mood for homemade food. Crosby suggests pizza and after a bit of reluctance, Jas agrees. Adam enters home singing “Funky Town” and has brought a bottle of wine for Kristina. But Kris says that she had a bit of a “whoopsie “today; she accidentally told Max about getting a dog.

And now Max is all excited about it. He wants a Golden Retriever. Adam is upset that now he is going to have to explain to Max that they might not be getting the dog as they just had a baby. Kristina says she is sorry and that she is ready to talk to Max. Adam leaves and Kristina says that they could still go to funky town. Okay! Next, Julia checks for fever and finds that Victor is perfectly fine. But she still isn’t going to school. Julia doesn’t want to confront Victor. Joel tells her that this cannot go on as they both have work and also that Victor is missing school. Julia says that these are the days when Victor is supposed to feel loved and that they earn his trust. Just then Sydney arrives and says that she isn’t feeling good and that she might have caught Victor’s bug.

But Joel convinces her to go to school. At home, Sarah and Zeek try to make Drew feel better. Next, Adam, Max and Kristina are about to buy a dog. Max likes a puppy and he insists that his parents buy her for him. But it costs $1200 and Adam thinks that they should sleep on it as it seems too expensive. But Max insists that his mother write the check immediately. Jas asks Crosby if they could go for dinner to Kim’s place; but Crosby says that Fridays are rough at the studio and so he cannot commit. Jas is upset. Back at home, Kristina accuses Adam of purposely sabotaging the interview. But Adam feels that the interview was too much as they were only adopting a dog and not a baby! Kristina says that he broke Max’s heart.

Adam agrees to buy the dog and Kristina is ready to anything in return; even “funky town”. But just then the phone rings and the dog-lady tells Kristina that they sold the dog. The next morning, they tell Max that the dog has been sold. Max freaks out and insists that he wants the same dog. Julia drives Victor and Sydney to school. But Victor refuses to go saying that his stomach still hurts. Julia tells him that she knows that new school can be scary and that she will stay right outside the school for him just in case he needs anything. At work, Sarah tells Hank that Drew is having a tough day. Hank tells Sarah that the previous guy, who worked for him, did not tell him anything about his personal life and now he misses that guy.

Sarah tells him that she is not that guy. Hank tells her that she should tell Drew that women are conniving and evil and this will make Drew feel better. Hank then suggests that Drew should sleep with Amy’s best friend and that she will take notice. Sarah finds this unbelievable and she goes to get some coffee. Crosby forgets to pick up Jabbar and Jas is angry. Jas thinks that even though Crosby doesn’t like schedules, that is what people do and that is what keeps them organized. Jas is totally freaking out and they have a heated argument. They reach the school and find Jabbar waiting for them. Hank talks to Drew. Sarah arrives and is surprised to learn that Hank was talking to Drew. Adam arrives to talk to Kristina.

She is upset that Adam just left and Max screamed at her for 45 minutes in the morning. She says that she misses Hattie and is a little emotional. Adam too admits that it feels as if there is a piece missing. He agrees to get a puppy. Sarah wants to know the conversation Drew had with Hank. Drew says that Hank told him that it is okay to be sad. Drew then jokes about committing suicide. Joel finds Julia working at 3 am. She tells him what happened. Joel tells her that she is amazing and acknowledges the fact that she is really working hard to make things alright. The next morning, Victor thanks Julia for waiting outside school the whole day.

He begins to warm up to her. Sarah makes brownies for Hank and thanks him for talking to Drew. But she also tells him not to talk to her so about personal stuff. Crosby syncs the calendars on his and Jas’ phones and Jas is happy. Next, Kristina is at her gynecologist and she is getting her mammogram done. The doctor tells her the diagnosis and we see that Kristina extremely sad. She is in tears. Adam and Max have chosen a puppy and they seem happy.

Kristina arrives and is glad that her family looks happy. But Adam notices that something is wrong. He gets up and goes to her. She tells him something; but we can’t hear it. But it is definitely not something good. Kristina hugs her husband and breaks into tears. The episode ends.