Everything Is Not Okay - Recap

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The episode begins with Max losing his cool at school as they moved the vending machine. It was done a while back and the children find his behavior very odd. It is Kristina’s first day at the cancer block and Adam is with her. She notices that almost all the women in the room are bald. A woman named Gwen introduces herself and realizes that Kristina is a new patient as her hair is a dead give-away. At the studio, Dan and Carrie are looking for a wedding photographer as their guy fell sick. Sarah is keen on taking up this assignment but Hank says that he is booked on Saturday. But Sarah is sure that they have no appointments. Hank says that it is a “me day”; a personal day.

The to-be bride is upset and starts crying and they leave. After they leave Hank tells Sarah that he doesn’t do weddings. Next, Zeek is driving around with his grand children and he takes a wrong u-turn. The cops are behind him and Zeek pulls over. It is a young officer and Zeek knows that the officer wouldn’t be too patient. Moreover, his license is expired by a year. He gets out of his car to talk to the officer and he loses his cool. The officer cuffs him. At the hospital, the doctor tells Kristina and Adam that the best option is that he would perform a lumpectomy to remove the cancer and also two lymph nodes to check if the cancer has spread. If it has then she needs to go through another procedure and also chemotherapy.

Sarah tells Mark that she finds Hank very insulting and patronizing when he talks to her. At the police station, the parents come for their children. Zeek is out and he is extremely pissed. Julia doesn’t understand as to why he let his license expire. Julia thinks that Zeek shouldn’t be allowed to drive. The others feel that she is being too hard on him. Crosby tells everyone that Zeek is on heart medication; well no one was aware of that! Adam, Julia and Sarah are stupefied. Zeek had a heart attack and he didn’t tell them. Crosby feels that the medication is impairing his judgment. Adam receives message from Kristina and he leaves. Adam tells Kristina that he didn’t like the doctor as he didn’t seem to be focused on her. He thinks that they should take a second opinion. She agrees.

At the studio, Adam loses his cool on Amber when he learns that they lost a client and $10,000. Max is at school and is still bothered about the vending machine. His only friend at school doesn’t seem to appreciate Max’s erratic behavior. Adam and Kristina visit a new doctor. She seems to be a warm person and she suggests mastectomy. Sarah tells Adam that she doesn’t care if he is planning on tanking his business but she needs him to talk to her more respectfully. She then tells him that he should do weddings as well. Next, Zeek arrives at the table and sees all his children waiting for him. Guess one of his grand children ratted him out! But they are there to talk about that. They want to know why he is driving around with an expired license.

They say they are worried that he is driving with their children and that e was handcuffed in front of them. Zeek is angry and leaves. Camille doesn’t like the way they talk to their father. Adam goes to talk to Zeek and tells him that he knows about his heart condition. Sarah is still complaining about Hank and mark asks her if they could talk about something else. Max’s friend tells Kristina and Adam that he wants to go home. He says that Max is still complaining about the vending machine and that they haven’t played anything. Adam tells him that he will handle it. Camille and Zeek are driving and Camille is helping him brush up his driving skills. They then talk about their children’s driving skills and all the accidents they have been into. And now, they are telling him!

Crosby tells Amber to be his apprentice and help him with the music. He tells her to stop reacting to what Adam says as it is nothing serious. Amber is happy. Adam tries to talk to Max about having a friend around and compromising a bit by doing something the friend likes. But Max is still obsessed about the vending machine and asks Adam if he would talk to the Principal about it. Next, Kristina talks to Gwen. Gwen tells her that the previous doctor, who Kristina did not like, is the best and that he would be the best for her. Gwen tells her that she does not need friend, she needs a doctor. She asks Kristina as to why hasn’t she scheduled a date for surgery. Kristina tells her that she is scared. Gwen asks her to get the tumor out of her body as soon as possible.

Hank arrives at Sarah’s house and tells her to get dressed up as they are going for the wedding shoot. Sarah is surprised; but she is also frustrated by the fact that Hank doesn’t have anything else to tell her! Adam asks Amber to pick Max from school. But she can’t as she needs to assist Crosby. She tells Adam that she loves to help him out but she also wants to be a valuable asset to the studio. She telling him that she feels as if he has been blowing her off. Adam apologizes for acting like a jerk. He tells her that Kristina is sick; he doesn’t give her the details though. He tells her that he is going to need her help. Amber agrees. She picks up Max from school. Max is surprised to see her as usually his mom picks him up.

He tells her that he has something very important that he needs to tell his mother. Zeek clears his driving test. Hank and Sarah are at the wedding venue. The shoot went well. During their conversation, Sarah learns that Hank was married and now he has separated. So, that is why he hates weddings. Sarah says that it happens and it happened to her as well. But with Mark, she is sure that she is going to be married forever. At home, Kristina tells Adam that she wants to go back to the previous doctor as she trusts him. She has done her research and she wants him to do the surgery. She tells Adam that she is scared. She wants him to stop being so positive and trying to make things right for her.

She wants him to let her feel scared. She wants to come to him and tell him that she is scared and she expects him to listen to what she has to say. Adam tells her that he loves her a lot and that he would try to do exactly what she wants. Just then Max arrives and declares that he is running for President of the Student’s Council. He is sure that he is going to win and then he will convince the board to reinstall the vending machine. The episode ends.