The Talk - Recap

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The episode begins with Zeek standing in his garden early in the morning and trying to make his wife listen to some noises from the sprinklers. Camille doesn’t understand what Zeek is saying nor can she hear anything different. She tells him that he needs a hobby and goes back to bed. Victor is playing video games and Julia and Joel are encouraging him to take up a sport. Victor has no interest in doing so. Joel gives him an ultimatum; either a sport or no more video games. Baseball. Adam and Kristina meet up with her surgeon. She tells him that her son who has asperger’s, is running for the student council president, and so needs to make time for him.

Her doctor tells her that it is important that she pays attention to her health first; they push the surgery by a couple of weeks and fix a date in the coming month. Jabbar arrives at the studio and puts on the headset to listen to the ongoing recording. It is a hip-hop number and Jabbar asks Crosby the meaning of a couple of words. Well, Crosby takes away the headset from his son. Crosby tells Jasmine about the recording and tells her that he told Jabbar that he cannot use those words such as “nigga” or “nigger” as they are as bad as Voldemort. He didn’t know what else to say. Jasmine tells him that it is okay as she knows he wouldn’t know how to handle this. She decides to have “the talk” with Jabbar.

Hank is reading hunger games as it is his daughter’s favorite book. Sarah knows about the book and Hank asks her to give him a book report. He says that he is finding it difficult to relate to his daughter and so he has to do this. He says that she was a shy kid before but now she has grown up and things are different. Moreover his wife makes things really difficult. She flies down once from LA and that too ends up in a fight. Max arrives home and tells his mom that he needs few things. He also tells her that he got those 25 signatures that he requires for the petition. He hands her the list. At first, Kristina is very happy but then she looks at the list and she suddenly looks upset. Zeek calls Adam telling him that there is an emergency.

He makes Adam listen to the sprinklers. Adam is astounded at this. He then drives away telling Zeek to listen to what mom is saying. Next, Victor arrives for his first baseball practice. Adam goes through the so called signature list and he finds out that the kids have written mean things about Max. Adam feels that Max should not be running for President. Kristina says that she can handle this. But he says that this is going end in a disaster and Max shouldn’t continue with this. He will freak out but then get over it soon; that is how life is. They talk to Max and Max says that they are taking away his freedom from him. He says that he is going to report this. Next, Zeek goes to the Veteran Center.

Zeek tells the guy in charge that his wife wants him to stay away from home for three hours, so he needs something to do to fill those hours. The guy then asks Zeek about his coffee making skills as the refreshments’ table is looking a little thin. Zeek then meets a guy named Ryan York and Zeek finds out that he is some sort of an irrigation specialist and so he would definitely know about sprinklers! At the baseball practice, Victor is not able to connect his bat to the ball and has a lot of misses. He gets pissed and throws away his bat. Joel tries to tell him that this is his first day and he will get it. Victor is furious and tells him that he is not his real dad and he doesn’t know anything about him.

Next, Hank wants his daughter to go along with him for a shoot. But she is adamant that she wants to stay in the studio. She tells Hank that she is not alone and Sarah is there for her company. Hank leaves. Sarah tries to get Hank’s daughter’s attention by dropping one of the lights and then asking her for help. Sarah then tells her that Hank keeps bragging about her a lot and says that his daughter is really smart. She tells Sarah that her friends at LA are attending a pool party that is “epic” and she is here doing all dull and boring stuff. Sarah tells her that she could tell her friends that she is at a photo shoot with Justin Bieber! Sounds like a great idea!!

Jasmine explains to Jabbar the word “nigger” and why it isn’t a good word. She tells about the days of slavery and how things have changed today. They now have a black President. But she tells him that there would be times where he might have to face certain things and that he will be just fine. Crosby is proud about the way Jasmine explained things to her son. She was right; he wouldn’t be able to relate the way she did. Jasmine tells him that there will be times where Crosby will be able to relate to their son more than her as Jabbar is a boy. He will go through a lot of things and he will need Crosby.

Hank photo shops a picture of his daughter with Justin Bieber and she is very happy. Joel has a talk with Victor and he tells him that he will not force him to do anything he doesn’t like. He asks Victor to take some time and think about something he would like to do and when he is ready he could talk to Joel. Adam returns home and finds Max preparing for the elections. He tells Adam that his mom told him that he could run. Adam tells her that he wants the surgery date moved back to the earlier one. She agrees. Zeek brings Ryan home and makes him listen to the sprinklers. Ryan says that there is a problem and it was caused due to the water being shut off for a while and that he can adjust it.

Ryan was serving the army in Afghanistan and now that he is back, he doesn’t know what to do and how long this will last. Zeek tells him to give himself some time and that he will be find once he finds something new, which will make him a new person. Zeek goes back to the veteran center and tells the man in charge that he has a lot more to offer. Victor walks up to Joel and asks him if he would like to play a game of catch. Julia arrives home and is glad to see the change. Kristina is helping Max with the campaign and tells him that they need to prepare the speech. Max tells her that she would make an okay campaign manager. Adam arrives home and he too joins them. The episode ends.