There's Something I Need To Tell You - Recap

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The episode begins with Julia at work and she seems flustered. Joel calls her and reminds her that she was supposed to be home half an hour back. Sydney doesn’t like the way Joel is doing up her hair and she wants her mother. But Julia tells him that she cannot make it to Sydney’s recital. Sydney is upset and Julia doesn’t know what to do. Jasmine is going through the bills and she finds that Crosby’s expenses are a bit much. He tells her that he would be reimbursed for the lunches he paid as Adam is the one who always pays for lunch. Jasmine feels that isn’t fair for Adam. But Crosby tells her that he earns more and so he pays for the lunch.

Jasmine finds it weird that Adam earns more and tells Crosby that he should talk to Adam about it. and if he doesn’t, she will be more than happy to. Amber arrives to meet Kristina. But she tells her that she is here to help Max with his campaign. Kristina realizes that Adam told her about her illness and she assures Amber that she is going to be fine. At the studio, Hank is teaching Sarah to develop a photograph. He thanks her for her help in dealing with Ruby and he also tells her that Ruby volunteered to spend the weekend with him. He is overwhelmed and he kisses Sarah. Next, Joel wakes up and finds Julia making pancakes in the kitchen. She tells him that she screwed up at work and that they could lose the client. Also, they could get sued and she might end up losing her job.

Victor arrives and asks Julia if she would attend his first baseball match on Friday. She says a yes and Sydney is upset that she agreed to go for the game and missed her recital! Kristina tells Adam that they need to tell the family and their daughter about her illness. Sarah is still in bed with Mark and she wakes up with a start. And then they go jogging. Adam is busy with some work and he needs to get home early. Crosby talks to him about his salary. He points out that Adam is earning almost double of what Crosby does and Adam tells him that they had agreed that they will take a 25% cut on their previous income to get this started. But Crosby isn’t satisfied with that and Adam tells him that they will discuss this at the end of the year.

At the veteran center, Zeek tells one of the guys to arrange a job for Ryan York. The man tells him that he did arrange an interview for Ryan but he turned out to be a ‘no show’. Zeek is surprised. In fact Ryan hasn’t shown up at the center for days. Adam and Kristina tell Hattie about the cancer and they ask her not to worry. They tell her that they want her to have fun and concentrate on her studies. Hattie is worried. Julia goes to meet her client and admits that she screwed up. She wants her client t o look the other way and tells the client that she had extended the deadline. Julia also tells her that she adopted a nine year old and she wasn’t able to focus on work. Zeek goes to meet Ryan at his house.

Ryan tells him that he doesn’t want to go to the vet center as he doesn’t want people looking at him as if there is something wrong with him. He didn’t show up for the interview as he felt that it was a crappy job. He tells Zeek not to come by again. Hattie calls Adam and asks him to treat her like an adult and tell her about the cancer details. He tells her that the doctors are ready to do a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy and then do a biopsy of two lymph nodes to check the spread of the cancer. He tells her that everything is going to be fine and the best thing Hattie can do for Kristina is to focus on her studies and make her mother proud. Adam is in tears. Adam and Kristina tell this to Max as well and tell him that his mother won’t be able to give him much time due to her illness and appointments with the doctor.

Julia suddenly goes numb while preparing breakfast for her children. Joel arrives and asks the kids to leave. She falls to the ground and tells Joel that all of this is too much for her and that she can’t do it. Next, Zeek tells his wife what happened with Ryan and is upset that Ryan banged the door on his face. Camille tells him that at least Ryan knows that there is someone who cares about him. Zeek is happy that he has someone to come back to. Sarah wants to talk to Hank about the kiss. Hank tries to shrug it off by saying that it was nothing. But later he tells her that he likes talking to her and that kiss “wasn’t nothing”. But he also knows that he is with someone and so there was no point talking about it.

Zeek goes to Ryan’s apartment and invites him to Victor’s baseball game. There he introduces Ryan to the entire family. Ryan sits next to Amber. Julia gets a call from work asking her to come to the office as soon as possible. Zeek wonders why Victor isn’t being put on the field. Crosby confronts Adam and tells him that he needs to treat him in a better manner and tells him that he has been acting like a jack-ass. Adam apologizes to him and tells him that he would fix his salary Monday morning. Zeek then talks to the coach about putting Victor in the game. He tries to convince him in a lot of ways; but then Camille gets up and shouts at the coach to put Victor in the game. Well, that isn’t easy to deal with!

Victor is on the field and thanks to him; the Panther’s win the match!! The entire Braverman family cheers for Victor and are totally proud of their boy; except for one person, Julia. She is at her law firm. Her bosses tell her that it was a multi-million dollar screw up and they want her to commit that she has her 100% focus on the job. But Julia tells them that she won’t be able to manage everything and so she quits her job. She thanks Leon for the last nine years and walks out. Ryan and Amber become friendly. Sarah tells Mark that they should move in together. Kristina looks at her entire family gathered together and enjoying the moment. Just then Hattie walks in and everyone is surprised.

Kristina then tells Amber to take the kids away to play some games. She then turns to her family and tells them that she loves all of them. she then tells them about her illness and all of them are shocked. Sarah gets up and hugs Kristina. Adam looks slightly relieved. The episode ends.