I'll Be Right Here - Recap

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The episode begins with Hattie trying to help Kristina with her daily household chores. But Kristina doesn’t need help as she can manage and she wants Hattie to focus on the studies that she missed. But Hattie thinks that she didn’t miss much and she can extend her holidays. Max arrives and tells them that his elections are on Wednesday and he is giving a speech. His parents are shocked as the surgery is on the very same day. At the studio, Crosby arrives to talk to Adam and tells him that he wants to help him. He wants Adam to give him some task; a man task, so that Kristina remembers it for the rest of her life.

Adam initially tells Crosby to take the dog to the dog park; but when Crosby tells him that he can get them food from Kristina’s favorite take away, Adam agrees to it. Next, Drew is listening to music and Sarah wonders why he isn’t packing. She tells him that the truck is going to be here soon and he needs to hurry. Drew doesn’t want to move into Max’s house. Hank arrives and Sarah rushes down to meet him. She has taken a day off from work. Hank feels that Sarah might quit after the incident at work and he asks her not to. She tells him that she took a sick day but actually she is moving in with mark and so she needed a day off. Mark arrives and the men greet each other. Hank is about to leave when Zeek asks him to help him with a table.

Next, Ryan arrives at the studio and asks Amber out on a date and she says a yes. Kristina talks to Max and tells him that she and Adam are totally bombed with the fact that they are going to miss his speech. But he seems to be fine with it. She then asks him to show her his speech or say it, so that she can give him some positive feedback. He tells her that the speech is in his head. Well, that doesn’t seem to be a good idea! But Max doesn’t want to talk about his speech anymore. At Mark’s house, Sarah tells Drew that since it is their first day, they could order some food and hang out together. But Drew has already made plans and he is going out to eat. He then tells his mother that she just told him about her decision without even thinking about him. She moved him in the middle of his senior year. He is upset and leaves.

Julia has worked up a schedule for the family, where each one of them will be doing shifts as Adam doesn’t want the waiting room to be too crowded. Crosby finds that weird and tells Julia that he is going to be there all the time; no matter what. He is at the dog park, walking Adam’s pet and the pet frees himself from the leash and runs away. At home, Kristina is setting the silverware on the table; she simply wants to take her mind off things. She then tells Adam that Max hasn’t written down a thing for his speech and Adam assures her that he will help him with that after dinner. Kristina wants Adam to go to Max’s school after he checks her in. Adam says that he cannot leave her at the hospital. Haddie volunteers to go to Max’s school. Next, Ryan and Amber are on their first date and Ryan feels that Amber isn’t interested.

But she tells him that she is thinking about her aunt’s upcoming surgery and she gets all emotional. Ryan tells her that he will gladly talk about her aunt if that is what Amber wants. Amber is happy. Later he drops her home and leaves. Adam and his family are waiting for Crosby as he was supposed to get the pre-surgery dinner; but he seems to be running late. Moments later he arrives with the injured pet and the dinner. He tells him that he got late as he had to wait a lot at the vet’s. He then hugs Kristina and tells her that she will do well. Hattie tries to get the refund for her summer semester and she tells her parents that she will join back for the spring semester.

Kristina doesn’t want her to do that. They start talking about it and Adam tells the women that they can discuss this later. Kristina asks Hattie to make sure that Max wears a clean t-shirt to school for his speech. She is really worried that the children might make fun of him. Next day, Sarah arrives at work and Hank asks her about Drew, as he looked upset. He then asks her if her moving in with Mark had anything to do with the kiss incident. She says a no. At home, Mark is getting cable installed for Drew. Mark never liked the cable and he used to always read a book to pass his time. Adam and Kristina are at the hospital.

It is time for surgery and Kristina is taken to the OR. Julia and Adam are in the waiting room. Hattie gives Max a prep talk before the speech and he tells her that he won’t get nervous. But on the other hand Adam is totally nervous and Sarah who is doing the shift now tries to keep his mind off things by telling him about the kiss. Adam tells her that she should do what makes her feel good. Just then Julia arrives with Crosby. They want to be around and Adam is glad. At school Max gives a good speech and the students applaud for him. Kristina is out of surgery and she asks about Max. Adam tells her that her son has won the elections and he is now the President.

At home, Sarah apologizes to Drew that she did not think about how this moving in with mark would affect him and she tells him that if he wants to move back to his grandparents’ then they could figure something out. They then join Mark who is busy with the cable; he is enjoying it. Ryan arrives at Amber’s house with flowers for her. He tells her that he has been thinking about her all along. She asks him why he didn’t come in when she invited him inside the other night. He tells her that he really likes her and he doesn’t want to screw things up and so he will like to take things slow. Amber is happy.

Crosby and Jabbar pray for Kristina. Adam and Kristina are with the doctor and he tells them that the test results are back and one of the nodes that they removed had cancer and so Kristina might have to undergo chemotherapy. Kristina is in tears. They arrive home and an anxious Hattie is waiting to know about the results. They lie to her saying that Kristina is now cancer free and that she can go back to her school. They only need to do a couple of follow ups and there is nothing to worry. Kristina thanks her daughter for all her help. They hug each other. The episode ends.