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Together - Recap

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The episode begins with Amber driving Drew to Amy’s house. He is trying to gift Amy something and Amber thinks it is a bad idea as Drew doesn’t even know whether Amy wants to get back with him. But when he reaches the house, Amy’s dog starts barking at him and he runs. Adam is overdoing his duty and he has asked Camille to come home for help. Kristina says that she can handle it. Adam has made a health shake for her and she pukes! Julia goes to pick up Victor from his baseball practice and she sees that he doesn’t have too many friends. Amber and Ryan are spending time together and they kiss.

Ryan wants to take it slowly; but guess that is not going to be possible. They end up having sex. Adam arrives to make sure that Camille is going over for Kristina and asks her to stick to the schedule he gave her. He prepares her saying that Kristina might tell her that she doesn’t require help; but she shouldn’t yield into her requests. She assures him that it is going to be okay and he admits that he is freaking out a bit. Ryan sleeps over at Amber’s place and Sarah visits her in the morning; they were supposed to go out for breakfast. Sarah realizes that something is going on and Amber tells her that she is seeing Ryan and that she really likes him. Sarah states that Zeek likes him too.

She then leaves, yelling out a bye to Ryan as well. Adam walks into the studio and finds that it is in a mess. Crosby tells him that the jazz guys partied a little too hard and Amber over slept and she will come in at lunch. Adam doesn’t like it. He wants Crosby to clean up the mess and Crosby agrees. Camille is tidy up the place and Kristina tells her that it is Max’s job to do that. Kristina is not at all happy about the chemo. Julia is upset that Victor’s friends didn’t invite him. She wanted him to join baseball so that he could make friends. She thinks that at least the parents could have invited him. Joel then tells Victor that he could invite some of his friends at home to hang out.

He says that he wants to invite Miguel from the old neighborhood. They find it weird but they agree to look into it. Zeek hands over some employment prospects to Ryan and Ryan finds is funny that Zeek is so invested in it. Zeek tells him that it is a good thing to have a direction in life. Ryan agrees to take a look. Ryan then tells Zeek and incident from Afghanistan and tells him that how he feels responsible for the guy’s death. At home, Kristina is unable to find her tea as Camille has moved it. Camille says that she felt that Kristina wouldn’t be able to reach it because of the stitches and so she moved it.

Kristina is about to make tea and Camille stops her from taking sugar. Just then Kristina’s friends arrive. Her friends have got her chicken and her refrigerator is already stuffed with a lot of it. She then tells them that she needs to put Nora to sleep. But Camille tells her that she will do that and Kristina could spend some time with her friends. Kristina doesn’t seem to like it. Her friend Sue, then breaks down as she is upset for Kristina. Julia tells Joel that the social worker doesn’t think it is a good idea for Miguel to come over as they need t work on establishing Victor in his new environment. Julia says that they should call Miguel and that Victor needs friends and since she is his mother she has a right to decide. Sarah arrives to meet Zeek at the vet centre and Zeek introduces her to his friends.

Sarah asks him if Ryan is there as he is Amber’s new flame and she wanted to check him out. Zeek is surprised and wonders why he didn’t tell him anything. Kristina tells Adam that Camille is like a hover craft and she is moving everything around the house; it is frustrating. She feels like a prisoner in her own home. She wants to be able to pick up her baby and not eat the crappy food. She wants her mom to feel that Kristina is important enough for her to sit on a plane and come over. She wishes that things were back to normal. Drew arrives to meet Amy and ends up being introduced to her new boyfriend Jake. He then tells her that he will meet her at school and leaves.

Julia and Joel ride into Victor’s old neighborhood. They meet Miguel. Sarah visits Zeek again and Zeek finds that it was weird that Ryan didn’t mention anything about his thing with Amber. He tells Sarah about Ryan being in Afghanistan and how the war could have affected him; but he tells her that Ryan is a good kid. Julia is happy to see Victor happy with his friend Miguel and he is playing basketball. Kristina talks to her mom and she learns that she has kidney stone and so she cannot travel. Camille over hears this conversation. Camille figures out that something is wrong and Kristina tells her that she wanted her mom to want to be with her child. But guess that is not going to happen.

She tells she wants to pick up Max and that she is fine and capable of taking care of herself. She says that she can drive. Kristina indulges herself and she tells Max to not to tell Adam anything. They then go to a gaming zone and have fun. Julia tells Joel that it went very well and that she wants to see Victor happy always. She knows that they aren’t making enough progress. Adam is working late and Crosby tells him that they need to get a drink. Adam says that he is on a no alcohol diet. But Crosby says that Adam is a wreck and so, one time offer; Crosby will be buying the drink. At the bar, Adam tells him what is happening at home. Crosby realizes that Adam is having a tough time dealing with everything. Adam admits that he is scared.

In the middle of the night, amber sees Ryan sitting on the couch and staring away out of the window. She asks him if he wants to talk about something but he asks her to go back to bed. Next, Camille arrives and Adam and Kristina are ready to leave for the chemo. She has brought a jacket that her friend gave her as she wore it during her chemo and she is now cancer free. It has been passed on through seven people. She tells Kristina that she might not be her mother but she loves her and will do anything for her. They hug and Adam is relieved to see this new bonding. Amy arrives to meet drew. She tells him that she wants to be friends with him but if he doesn’t, it is okay.

He starts talking about his aunt and she holds his hand. He notices that and continues talking about it. They end up kissing and he shuts the door. Julia is trying to learn Spanish. Amber is a little worried when she sees Ryan take some pills. Kristina is ready for the chemo and Adam is sitting right beside her, holding her hands. He makes her wear the jacket that Camille gave her; hoping for the best. The episode ends.