One More Weekend With You - Recap

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The episode begins with Adam arguing with Kristina about Max’s sleepover. They are having his friend Micah at their place and Adam is not happy as he thinks that this will stress Kristina. She tells him that she will be okay and that he needs to be on board with her. Micah arrives. His parents are going to Vegas. They tell Micah’s parents that they have it all under control and wish them a good trip. Now Adam is pissed and Kristina tells him that she did not know that they are going to Vegas. He tells her that he too wants to go there. Jasmine wakes up Crosby as she needs help with the party and she wants him to go and get the rental chairs.

Joel, Julia and Sydney are at Victor’s baseball game and Sydney is upset that she is going to miss her skating. Victor’s friends have invited him for burger and so he wants to go. Joel and Julia are happy that he is making friends and agree to follow him to the burger joint. Syd doesn’t want to go and she is not happy. Ryan arrives to meet Amber and tells her that he cannot make it for dinner tonight as he needs to go to Baker’s field. It is a funeral of one of the guys from the unit. He tells her that he will make it up to her. She says that she would like to go along as she likes a road trip and Ryan agrees. Mark arrives home and hears loud music being played. He knocks at his door and on getting no response, opens the door. He sees Drew making out with his ex-girlfriend. Ouch!

At the burger joint, Sydney fights with Victor over chilly fries and throws water at him. She is totally upset and tells Julia that he is not her brother. Julia takes her outside. Amy leaves and Mark asks Drew if he is wearing protection and also wants to know if Amy is on pills. The discussion is making Drew uncomfortable. Mark is worried about STDs and Drew tells him that Amy has been with one other guy. Drew doesn’t want Mark to tell Sarah. Mark is slightly reluctant but he agrees. On their trip, Amber learns that Evan was Ryan’s close friend and he died in an accident here and not on the field. The sleepover isn’t as easy as Kristina thought. She feels nauseous with all the exertion and she goes upstairs. She throws up. Nora is crying and Max is yelling at Nora to shut up. Adam is confused and lost with all this chaos.

Crosby is watching the game and Jas wants him to go to the store to get some stuff. Crosby is pissed and thinks that his entire weekend is ruined. Jas tells him that he doesn’t want to do any work and that he is a free loader and he calls her a dictator. They end up fighting. Drew is going out to meet Amy and he wants the car and Mark allows him to take his car. Sarah wants to know about the whole “getting back” thing ad Drew tells her that he will tell her later. On being pressed a bit, Mark tells her that he walked in on Amy and Drew having sex. Mark tells her that they had the talk. She tells him that this can’t happen in the house. Mark tells her that Drew did not want her to know and that he promised Drew the same. He tells Sarah not to ask him and she sighs. Sydney has packed her bags and declares that she is running away.

She tells them that she is going to her friend’s house and that she has piggy bank money to get there. They smile and Sydney thinks that they are rude and this is not funny. Sydney thinks that Julia has quit her job to spend more time with Victor. She is very upset and reminds them that she is their first child. Amber is having a nice time with Ryan and his friends and they drink to Evan, who died a hero. But one of them has a problem with Evan and thinks that he took an easy way out as he came back in one piece. Ryan doesn’t like this and he leaves with Amber. Kristina is asleep ad Max enters saying that Micah is being annoying and that he wants to sleep in his bed. Micah and Max have a disagreement about the light and they fight. Ryan and his friend end up having an argument and Ryan bashes him up; badly. Joel wants to do something special for Sydney and Julia thinks that giving into her tantrum would be sending the wrong message.

Joel thinks that Sydney has been receiving the short end of the stick. Sarah is discussing what happened and Hank tells her to let it be. Max and Micah are fighting again and Adam tells Max to be nice to Micah. Max doesn’t want to do that anymore and goes to get his mother. They find her lying on the bathroom floor. Amber realizes that Evan killed himself. Amber is scared and Ryan tells her that he isn’t going to do such a thing. Everyone attending the party praises Crosby and Jas is pissed. Kristina feels that the meds aren’t working. Adam doesn’t know what to do and then he tells everyone that they are going out. Adam arrives at Crosby’s and everyone is shocked.

Adam wants to have a word with Crosby. Drew doesn’t want to discuss anything with Sarah. And Sarah tells him that she can’t have secrets of this sort at home. Mark is not happy that she didn’t keep her mouth shut. Adam actually wants pot from Crosby and he tells Adam that he doesn’t have it on him always. He then finds a stash and Adam sees one of Jas’ lingerie and asks Crosby the difference between a G-string and a thong. Jas walks in on them. Joel and Julia take Sydney skating and they talk to her about Victor. We see that Adam actually wanted the pot for Kristina and she is enjoying it! She drifts off to sleep. The guests leave and Crosby and Jas are happy that the party went well. Crosby goes to clean up and Jas goes for a hot bath. Mark tells Sarah that he wanted to take this opportunity to get closer to Drew. He is trying to figure out his place in the family. She is trying to do the same.

Micah has left and Adam and Kristina are relieved. She tells Adam that she is feeling a lot better and she tells her husband that he is Awesome. He is indeed the best husband in the world. She realizes that she isn’t a wonder woman. But he tells her that she is one for him. On their way back, Ryan thanks amber for his help and that he knows that this wasn’t one of their best weekends. Amber has an idea. They go to a beach and take off their clothes and run into the ocean. And they have a nice time. The episode ends.