You Can't Always Get What You Want - Recap

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The episode begins with the Student’s Council deciding to have a dance event and they need to raise funds for the same. But Max doesn’t want to as he wants the vending machines in place. All the students want the dance and Max uses his veto power as he is the President! Julia is using the pasta maker machine to make pastas and Joel is impressed. He then tells her about his conversation with Carl wherein he talks about a new career opportunity. He feels that since Julia has decided to stay home, extra money would do all of them good. Julia seems a little unhappy about it but he agrees to it.

Mark and Sarah are discussing about their wedding menu they will be going to this weekend when she gets a call from Hank. He is totally drunk and he can’t even call a cab. Sarah goes to get him. She brings him home and she learns that his daughter Ruby is going away to Minnesota and he is terribly upset as he wouldn’t get to see her every weekend as he used to. Sarah puts him on his bed and leaves. Next, amber is going through Ryan’s new resume and a woman named Marlese barges in. She then walks into the recording session to complain to Crosby that she is not able to park in both her designated parking spaces as their vehicles are blocking it. Also there is a lot of noise from the alley after 11 in the night and many people are smoking under her window.

Amber takes her out of there and tells Crosby that she will write down a list of her complaints. Hank thanks Sarah for helping him last night. He tells her that he has booked a job in LA so that he can go and see his daughter; else his wife will make it difficult for him. Sarah asks him why he called her last night and he tells her that he was drunk and didn’t know what he was thinking. Julia hangs out with some gals and they are ready to do a lot of gossip. Adam and Kristina convince Max to have the dance. After a lot of convincing from their side, Max agrees but he will not go to the dance. Sarah tells Drew that he will be going to his grandparent’s house when they are going for the wedding this weekend. Drew cannot make sense out of this. He wants to stay here but Sarah is against it after Drew had sex with Amy in the house.

Mark has no choice but agree with Sarah. Hank wants Sarah to go with him to La this weekend. But Sarah tells him that she is going to the wedding in Napa and so she will not be able to fly to LA with him. Sarah feels bad for Hank and she tells him that she will talk to Mark and figure something out. Zeek is training Ryan for an interview. Kristina has bought new shirts for Max for the dance; but Max insists that he will not go the dance. Adam thinks it is fine if he doesn’t want to but Kristina is adamant that Max will be going to the dance. Joel announces to his family that he is going to supervise the construction of a new building. He then asks Julia as to how her day was. She says that it was good; but she looks clearly unhappy the way things are going.

Marlese barges into the recording once again and this time she has filed a complaint against them as her parking space has been blocked again. She tells them that whoever has a blue Mustang, it is being towed! Sarah tells Mark about the job in LA and he is not happy about it. Sarah understands. Mark then tells Sarah that if he were given the choice then he would let Drew stay back in the house alone because he feels that if the kids want to have sex, they will find their way. So it is the best that they should be given a safe environment. Crosby goes to Julia for legal advice. He wants to file a deformation against Marlese or get a restraining order. Julia’s best advice is to be nice to the woman and not engage her.

Adam tries to talk to Kristina about the dance and she is honest with him by telling him that she doesn’t know how much time she has left with her and she doesn’t want to miss any milestones. At night, Julia tells Joel that she is upset about the fact that he is bailing out on his family by taking up the new job. She had told him that Victor is their priority and Joel isn’t helping. Joel is pissed as he points out to her that he has never stopped her from taking a case or a job as he always felt that one can work and also be a parent. He wants her to give him the same respect he has for her. Crosby tries to be nice to the new neighbor; but it doesn’t work well. Sarah tells Hank that she cannot go to LA as they have been planning for this since a very long time. Hank tells her that he understands and that he will have to go this weekend.

Amber returns home and finds Ryan waiting for her. She wants to know how his interview was and he tells her that it didn’t go to well as the interviewer asked him if he killed anybody in Afghanistan. Ryan didn’t know what to answer. He then goes for a walk. Julia apologizes to Joel. It is just that she is too bored staying at home and she feels that she is not cut out for this. Joel tells her to try and enjoy her free time. Adam tells Max that for once he need to think about what his mother wants and he has to go to the dance. Max agrees. Julia tells Crosby that the angry neighbor lady can have the studio shut down. Amber tells Zeek that she is really worried about Ryan and tells him about the incident that happened at the funeral.

Zeek tells her to give him time. Sarah once again tells Mark that she needs to go to LA and that she will also attend the wedding. Mark is pissed that she is choosing Hank above him and he tells Sarah that she need not attend the wedding and walks out. Max wears the new shirt that Kristina bought him and tells him that Adam told him that if he goes to the dance, he will be brought back home in thirty minutes.

Kristina is glad. She tells her son that if he feels the urge to dance, he should walk up to a girl and ask her for a dance. But if she say s a no then he should politely walk away from there. Max doesn’t know to dance. Kristina tells him that she can show him some moves. She turns on the music and shows Max few steps. It is a beautiful sight and Adam smiles. The episode ends.