Trouble in Candyland - Recap

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The episode begins with Amber driving up to meet Joel and she brings him coffee. She wants him to give Ryan a job at his new construction site. Joel is reluctant and tells her that there is no opening. Amber is disappointed and seeing that he tells her to ask Ryan to come over. Crosby is talking to Glen Hansard and Amber arrives telling him that there is a “Marlese” situation. Glen’s car s being towed as it is blocking her way again. Julia is having a hard time to get Victor to do his homework. He gives excuses for not doing and tells Julia that he wants to get ready to go for baseball. Julia says that if he doesn’t study there will be no baseball; and Victor refuses to do it.

Sarah and Mark are packing for their respective trips and Sarah tries to help Mark. But he is still pissed with her and he tells her that she makes a great employee but a lousy fiancé. He doesn’t want her to come to the wedding. Hank and Sarah arrive in LA and they meet Annie and Ruby. Annie tells Hank that this is not his weekend. Han tells her that he had some last minute job. Sarah goes to get cookies and takes Ruby along with her. Annie tells Hank that her Minnesota plan is final and that he better doesn’t try to sabotage it. Crosby tells Adam about the Marlese situation and he tells him about the City Council meeting that they need to attend to settle this issue and if they don’t they will have to shut down the establishment. Adam loses his cool and they get into an argument and Adam tells Crosby to get back to his recording.

Ryan is nervous about his job as he has no experience and Amber assures him that everyone will love him and that eh will do great. Sarah calls Mark and tells him that probably she made a mistake by coming with Hank and that she is missing him. Hank talks to his daughter and Ruby tells him that she is excited about moving. But then she also admits that leaving her friends and school is a scary thought. Hank and Sarah have drinks and Sarah is drunk. They are on their way back to their rooms, when Sarah put her hand around Hank’s shoulders so that she doesn’t fall as he did before. When they reach the room, Mark sees Sarah laughing and her hands around Hank. Sarah is shocked. Mark misunderstands the whole thing and thinks that there was something going on. Sarah tries to explain but Mark doesn’t want to listen.

He thinks that coming to meet Sarah was a mistake and he leaves. Ryan is having a tough time at work and he is making mistakes. Joel walks up to him and tells him that he will get a hang of it. He then asks Ryan to come and meet him later. The other workers make fun of Ryan when they hear Joel telling Ryan to meet him later. Next, Sarah arrives at the café and Hank thinks that he should call Ruby to stay with him. Sarah is lost in her own thoughts and she tells Hank that it is her not her job to fix his life. She tells him that she had an exceptionally bad night and now Mark is not answering. She tells him that she is not concentrating on her life as she is thinking about his life. Hank gets it. Crosby is in the middle of a recording and Amber tells him that Marlese is at the studio.

Adam tries to “be nice” and settle this issue. But everything goes south when Kristina’s cancer is brought up and Marlese thinks that Adam is using his wife’s cancer to get out of this situation. She tells them that she will meet them at the Council meeting. Sarah comes to meet Mark who is at the gym. She says that there is absolutely nothing that would have happened between her and Hank. She wants to make things right and she tells him that they should diner. He agrees. Julia comes to meet Kristina who is smoking pot. She tells her the problem she is facing with Victor. She sees Kristina as her guru and wants to know how she would handle the situation. She tells her that she bribes Max with candies to get him to do something. She tells him that she is a parent and should go along with what works and that she should not feel guilty about it.

Amber shows Crosby and Adam an email that Marlese has sent to all the neighbors; it is a picture of Crosby urinating in the alley! Julia tries the “bribe” thing with Victor. Victor thinks that he is just stupid and that Sydney is smarter than him as she can do all his home work. Julia tells him that the only problem is that Victor has missed a lot at school and that he will be okay if he works hard and that he could also ace a test which will make him feel better. At work, Ryan is a mess. He ends up breaking an $800 window. Ryan feels bad and leaves the site saying that he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Mark runs into Hank in the elevator and hank tells him that despite knowing that this entire job thing was just a sham for him to meet his daughter, Sarah came to help him and that Mark should cut her some slack.

Mark tells him to mind his own business. During the dinner, Mark tells Sarah that he doesn’t know where he stands in her life and that Sarah always runs away from everything that is good in her life. He understood when it was about Seth; but this was too much. He tells her that he loves her a lot, but he can’t do this anymore. They are over. Julia tells Joel that it was a tough thing to get Victor to study. She tells him how Victor feels about himself and she is sad that every time she tries to get closer to him, he pushes her away. The next day, Victor did not clear the test and he calls Julia a liar and himself a loser. Julia tells him that he has got 62 and it is not bad.

She says that few days back he could not even solve even a single sum and now he is able to manage a lot of it. She tells him that no matter what, she will always love him. At the City Council meeting, Crosby and Amber are late, but they get in some neighbors who put in a few good words for them. Next, we see that the recording with Glen goes uninterrupted.

Joel goes to Ryan’s place to talk to him but he doesn’t open the door. Victor warms up to Julia. Ruby bids a tearful goodbye to her father. She is leaving. Sarah arrives and they are ready to come back home. She asks Hank, “How did it go?” and Hank replies, “Not good”. He then asks her how it went with her and she says “Not good”. The episode ends.