What To My Wondering Eyes - Recap

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The episode begins with Sydney and Victor sneaking around looking for their presents. They are in their parents’ closet and Julia and Joel arrive. They tell them that Santa doesn’t give gifts to children who snoop around. Victor declares that he knows that Santa isn’t real and Sydney is shocked to learn that Santa is not real. Amber is baking cookies; and Ryan tells her that he is not going to his family in Wyoming. She is slightly taken aback but she asks him to spend his holidays with her family. Sarah is upset about her recent breakup and Camille ad Zeek try to console her. She has moved back in with her parents. She crosses out Mark’s face from the family portrait.

Sarah seems worried about Drew; but Drew is in his own world and is pretty happy that he is back with Amy. Hattie is having trouble flying home as there are no flights available. Kristina has been coughing for a few days now and Adam is worried. She tells him to relax and that she will tell him when it is time to call the doctor. Crosby and Jasmine are happy about their first Christmas as a family. Kristina’s cough worsens by night and she is also running a fever. Adam calls Crosby and asks him to come over to sit with the kids while he takes Kristina to the ER. Adam tells Crosby that he doesn’t want anyone from the family to know as he doesn’t want to ruin their Christmas. But when Max insists, Crosby tells Max that his mother is in the hospital.

Max wants to know if Adam would make it back on time as he wants to go to the mall to buy a train and this is a ritual they follow every year. Zeek arrives at Adam’s place and Max tells him the truth and Zeek rushes to the hospital. Amber arrives at Julia’s with some gifts for the kids. There she learns that Ryan is has quit work as he was upset about breaking the window on the first day. Amber wasn’t aware of this; Ryan did not tell her. Sarah is having a bad time at the Ginger bread Shoppe. In the hospital, Kristina goes into a septic shock. Zeek arrives and Adam tells him to back off. The doctor tells him that things could go in the wrong direction as the patient’s immunity levels are low and this could lead to other organs failing. They have put her on antibiotics but there are no guarantees.

At home, Amber confronts Ryan about his job. She tells him that it is okay if he doesn’t want to do that job, but he should visit Joel and clear things up with him. Ryan takes her car keys and leaves. Max is adamant that he wants to go to a shop and Jabbar too wants to go with him. Jasmine agrees and Crosby thinks it is big of her to do so. Kristina is awake and she tells Adam that she is not feeling well. Amber is getting worried as it has been a while since she heard from Ryan. She calls him and leaves a message for him. Sarah and Hank are at the bar ad she is complaining about everything. She feels that she is pathetic as she is 42 and she has moved back in with her parents. Zeek has brought some stuff that Kristina might require while she I sat the hospital.

He then tells Adam to tell Kristina that he loves her. He apologizes to Adam for adding to the panic. Adam wants his father to stay a while longer. Sarah and Hank had sex and Hank thinks that they should move on as they did this because they were drunk. Just then Sarah gets a call from Zeek, telling her about Kristina and she hurries home. Ryan arrives and he is drunk. He has also managed to damage the car. She figures out that he is drunk. She wants to know what happened. Both of them are yelling on top of their voice. Ryan feels that Amber is trying to change him and that he did not go to Joel’s. He says he will talk to Joel when he feels like. He doesn’t want to spend Christmas with her family, where everyone will be judging him.

At home, Zeek tells the family that Kristina is still in a critical state. Jasmine is really upset and she tells Crosby that the last few days with Kristina and Nora, makes her want to have another baby. Crosby too wants to. Jabbar wants to know if Santa is real or not. Max and Victor don’t believe in Santa. Zeek gathers his grandchildren and tells them that he did see Santa when he was a kid and that Santa winked at him. Sydney and Jabbar are happy to hear this. Zeek tells them that Christmas is magic and Christmas is when miracles happen. Hank arrives to meet Sarah. He tells her that he doesn’t want this to be a onetime thing and he feels that Sarah is incredible. She is happy and she kisses him. He hands over her gift to her.

Adam is at the hospital and he is looking at the video message Kristina left for her children. It is a very touching message where she tells them that they are the most beautiful children in the world and that she is sorry that she won’t be able to be with them for long. Adam is in tears and he prays to HIM and asks HIM to not take her away from him. At home, it is present time and everybody is happy with their presents. Sarah opens her present and she sees that it is a framed picture of hers which was clicked by Hank. Ryan texts Amber and tells her that he is outside. She comes out to meet him and he apologizes for the way he treated her. He tells her that he was embarrassed and that he wants to fix it. He says that he is ready to spend Christmas with her family.

She tells him that she has seen her mother throw away her life for a person who couldn’t stand on his own feet. She doesn’t want to do the same. She tells Ryan that she is in love with him but she thinks that they need to stay apart for a while. She goes back in. at the hospital, Kristina is awake. The doctor tells Adam that she still needs to be under observation but she will make it alright. Kristina thanks Adam for staying by her. Hattie calls, and Kristina talks to her. She is glad that Hattie is on her way home. The entire Braverman clan arrives at the hospital and Zeek offers the receptionist a basket full of cookies for not seeing the 14 members of the clan. On their way in, they meet Santa.

The children are shocked. Santa tells them that he was here with gifts for some sick children and now he is on his way to the North Pole. He asks Victor if he liked his new sneakers. Victor is shocked and wonders how Santa knew that. Ho Ho Ho!! Santa disappears. They then meet Kristina and she is glad that her entire family is with her for Christmas. Hattie arrives and hugs her mother. Merry Christmas!! The episode ends.