Keep on Rowing - Recap

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The episode begins with Sarah, Kristina, Jasmine and Julia having a girls’ night out and they are having a blast. Kristina who is just back from the hospital has a fun time dancing and drinking. They then settle on a table and then they discuss about Sarah’s breakup with Mark and her latest thing with Hank. Kristina suggests that Sarah should tell Hank to take her out for a proper date. Just then a tuft of Kristina’s hair comes off. At home, Kristina shaves off her head. She then wakes up Adam and Adam is startled for a moment but he then tells her that she looks fine. But Kristina is upset and she locks herself in the bathroom.

At the studio, Sarah tells Hank that he should ask her out on a date sometimes as they are either working or having sex and it is kind of weird. Hank thinks that this is now weird. He then asks her out and she tells him that she will wear a dress. He tells her that he will buy something new as well. Jasmine tells Crosby that her mom lost her job and that she needs to borrow 5k. Crosby is shocked but he agrees to think about it. victor has scored a 93% in his test and Julia is very happy and proud about her son. But Victor tells her that he wants to show his results to his real mom as he wants her to know how well he is doing. Julia is now upset and she tells him that they will talk about it.

Crosby discusses his current dilemma with Adam. Adam tells him to consider this 5k as a gift to his mother-in-law. And that her problems are now his problems. Kristina goes to the store to buy meat and everyone is shocked with her new look. She gets weird stares. At home, Adam tells her that all this is a part of the process. And they knew that this would happen. But Kristina doesn’t know what to think. Julia and Joel talk to Victor and they tell him that he cannot talk to his mother as it is the court’s decision. They try to tell him that they are his parents now. Victor tells them that he knows that he cannot live with his mother but he can be friends with her; he finds the whole thing unfair. Adam and Sarah go to the store to get some wig for Kristina but they find it difficult to choose one without her.

Adam tells her that Kristina is too embarrassed to leave the house. They then choose a wig which Adam thinks looks closest to her original hair. Victor is in a bad mood and doesn’t eat his food. Julia is upset and snaps at Sidney when she says that she doesn’t feel like eating hers. Crosby returns home and he tells Jas that he decided to help her. Jas thanks him but she tells him that her mom’s finances are a mess. She went through her them and she tells him that 5k won’t even make a dent. So give her 5k won’t help much. She thinks that the other option is that she can stay with them. Crosby is not happy about that. Jas tells him that it will only be for a short time and Crosby says that she will take control of everything. But Jabbar is excited on hearing that his grandmother is moving in with them.

Adam arrives home with the wig and Kristina hates it. She thinks it looks like a hooker wig. She also thinks that Adam brought the wig for himself as he doesn’t like the way she looks. Adam says that he thinks she looks beautiful and that he made a mistake. She asks him to take it back. Crosby moves a lot of his things to the studio as he now has to give up his art room to Renee. He is pissed and blames Adam for all this. Adam and Amber find Crosby’s situation funny. Later, Amber comes running to Adam telling him that Marlese is creating a hell and she has called the fire department and an ambulance is waiting down. Adam rushes to handle the scene. But instead of chaos, he finds a beautifully dressed Kristina waiting for him with a new suit and limo. She is wearing a wig and she asks him out on a date.

He is surprised bit he is also happy. She tells him that she has been behaving very badly with him and that she is sorry. She loves him and says that she wants to spend a whole evening with him as husband and wife; and not husband and patient. Adam then learns that all this is Amber’s doing and that she is Kristina’s accomplice. At home, Victor is practicing baseball and Sidney arrives and provokes him by telling him that his mother is in jail and that she does not love him and that is why she doesn’t come and see him. Victor is now pissed and he throws the bat at the glass door behind Sidney. She screams. Joel picks her up and a furious Julia drags Victor into the house.

Victor tries to tell her that the bat slipped. Crosby and Jasmine have an argument once again. Kristina is waiting in the hotel lobby for Adam and a guy named Luke arrives and hits on her. Kristina is happy as this has done a lot good to her self esteem. She then tells Luke that Adam is her husband and that she is a housewife with three kids. She then hooks him up with one of her friends Laura. Sarah and Hank are in a restaurant and Sarah seems to be slightly lost. She then tells Hank that she saw Mark’s picture on facebook and that there was a girl kissing him on his cheek and this made her jealous. Hank tells her that it is a natural reaction and that he too gets jealous when he sees another man with his ex.

Julia is pissed as she feels that Sidney is endangered by Victor. Joel tells her that it was an accident and that Victor thinks that Julia hates him. Joel thinks that Julia is overreacting. Adam is getting “ready” for bed and we see that Kristina is tired. She feels terrible that six minutes ago she was all ready to “go’ and then she hit a wall and now she is feeling very tired. Adam tells her that it is okay and they watch the video that Amber sent them. Julia is outside Victor’s room as it is time to go to school. Victor tells her that he wants Joel to take him. But Julia tells him that Joel has left for work and so he will have to go with her.

Next, Rene arrives home and Jabbar is really happy. Rene talks to Crosby and tells him that she is sorry for all this and that it won’t be long. She thanks him and tells him that he is a good man. He is touched and he tells her that she need not be sorry and that she can stay as long as she wants. They then show her the room and Renee is happy to see the changes they have made for her. we then see that Adam’s and Kristina’s date has come to end and they walk out of their hotel room. But this time, Kristina is not wearing the wig and yet she feels very confident. The episode ends.