Small Victories - Recap

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The episode begins with Crosby wanting to pee badly and Rene is in the bathroom. He doesn’t want to knock. She has been inside for 45 minutes. Jas tells him that she is doing her hair. What? Rene comes out and she is looking great. She has a job interview. Crosby is about to enter the bathroom when Jabbar goes in and locks it. Looks like he is going to have to do it outside! Kristina arrives to take Max to the school and she finds a weird smell in the room. She feels that Max hasn’t cleaned the pet’s cage. But she then realizes that the smell is coming from Max. Max tells her that he has bath on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

She wants him to have a bath; NOW! But it is Monday and Max refuses to have a bath and walks out of the room. At breakfast, Victor is giving Julia a tough time. He refuses to eat blueberry pancakes; he wants it the way his mother prepares them. He then uses cuss words and tells Julia that he wants to eat Burger King. Julia is not giving into his demands and tells him that he will have to stay hungry if he doesn’t have the pancakes. He refuses to eat and tells her that his real mom bought him Burger King every day. Next, Amy tells Drew that she is pregnant and he is shocked. Amy is in tears and Mark, who sees them talking, figures out that something is wrong. Kristina and Adam try to talk to Max about having a bath daily as he is growing and his body is changing.

When things get a little uncomfortable as they explain the “changes”, Kristina tells him that she would get him skittles if he has a bath. Agreed! Mark tries to talk to Drew and learn what happened between them as Amy did not show up for class and she4 never misses class. Mark is worried. Drew says that everything is alright. Mark asks him to talk to him just in case he needs help. Crosby arrives home and finds that his house is all different. He is upset when he learns that they had dinner without him. Rene tells him that Jas did tell her about the ritual but she felt that Crosby was really late today. She then asks Crosby to try some trout; but he isn’t a fish guy! Rene insists that he should try it. Things worsen between Victor and Julia. Drew goes to meet Amy and Amy tells him that she is going for a consultation on Wednesday as she wants to confirm her pregnancy.

Drew tells her that he wants to go with her. Mark arrives at the studio. He tells Sarah about Drew being upset at school. He doesn’t seem too comfortable in Hank’s presence. He quickly leaves. Crosby has been getting calls from home which he has been avoiding as it is Rene. He finally listens to the voicemail and screams with joy. Rene has got an opening and so that means she will be earning. This is good news as she might move out soon. Finally, Crosby can pee in peace and doesn’t have to wait to use his bathroom. Sarah tries to talk to Drew. But Drew tells her that everything is fine and that he and Amy are only worried about college. Zeek and Camille arrive at Kristina’s house and Max tells them that he has pubic hair and the other stuff about puberty that he read on the internet.

Kristina is not at all comfortable with this talk. Camille says that she has seen four children through puberty and it is okay. Zeek asks Max if he has ever had a wet dream and Kristina calls out to Adam. Next, two officers arrive a Julia’s house; they received a 911 call reporting child abuse! Crosby arrives home with celebratory cup cakes; but he is upset when he learns that Rene is not taking up the job as the benefits weren’t good. The cops realize that there has been no abuse and they tell Victor that a fake 911 call is a crime. This has scared him enough. Julia asks Joel to talk to Victor as she can’t even look at him now. Amy and Drew attend the consultation and they are given a lot of options.

On their way back, Amy decides for abortion and Drew tells her that he will stand by her if she decides otherwise; he is not too keen about the abortion. She tells him that she needs help to raise the money for abortion. Kristina wakes up Adam and asks him when he got his first boner. He is stunned but then tells her that he was Max’s age. She tells him that he should have a talk with Max; she was the one to talk to Haddie and now it is his turn. But things would be far more difficult with Max. Drew asks Amber for the money for the abortion. But Drew is a wreck; he doesn’t want to go through with the abortion, but he also wants to respect how Amy feels. Drew and Amy are at the clinic and Amy is cold towards him. Hank talks to Sarah about Mark’s visit. She feels that Hank is jealous but he denies. Julia tries to talk to Victor but he is rude with her.

Joel sets his straight and tells him that he cannot be rude to his wife and that he needs to think about his behavior. Adam talks to Max about puberty and women. Max tells him that he is not ready to talk about it yet. Next, Drew drives Amy home and she tells him not to call her. She says that she wants some space; in fact lot of it. Jas’ brother is home and Crosby is not at all pleased with Rene folding his clothes and he finishing up all the cereal. Max has a shower and he is feeling good. Kristina is surprised and Max tells her that he is feeling good after cleaning all his essential parts. He then tells Adam that he wants his deodorant. Small victories! Sarah visits Mark under the pretence of returning his belongings that were with her.

She then tells him that Drew is fine and that he is dealing with senior year stuff. She then states that it is sad that they need to use such lame and fake excuses to see each other. Crosby is rude to Rene by indirectly telling her that she is trying to find excuses for not joining a job. Rene is upset and she tells him how she worked for a non-profit organization for 30 years and how for once she wanted a job that is best suited to her needs. Crosby tries to apologize. Rene goes off to bed.

Jas is upset. Loretta, the social worker, gives Julia a visit. She gets a clear picture of what is happening and Julia tells her that she is not sure whether she wants to continue with the adoption. Joel is upset and he leaves. Sarah is at home and there is a knock at the door. It is Drew and he is in tears. He hugs his mother and weeps. The episode ends.