One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Recap

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The episode begins with Zeek receiving a call in the middle of the night. He gets up and leaves. It was Ryan. Ryan tells him that things are not getting any better and he is not able to sleep. He feels that he is stuck. Zeek tells him that he should do small things that he can take care of; one step at a time. Jabbar refuses to have healthy breakfast that Crosby prepared for him. He has a breakfast bar instead. Sarah arrives at the school to give Drew his history papers that he left home. Mark asks her if she want to meet and talk things over. Sarah thought that he did not want to talk to her.

He tells her that he always wanted to. He knows that she is moving on; but he still cares about her. Sarah agrees. Max arrives home yelling and totally frustrated. The school denied reinstalling the vending machine. He is freaking out. He doesn’t want to go to that school anymore. Julia is awake and her mind is still racing. Joel tells her that they should talk to the lawyers and finalize it. He is sure that he wants to make Victor a part of the family. Kristina goes to the school to meet the mothers who worked very hard to get the vending machines out of the school. They did not want high calorie junk going into their children’s bodies. Kristina tells them about Max and wants them to reconsider getting the machines back.

They disagree. Sarah tells Hank that she is having coffee with Mark. It is just coffee but she still wanted to tell him. Hank is not too happy about it, but he decides to go with it. Ryan comes to meet Joel; he wants his old job back. But Joel tells him that he cannot give him the job. Ryan tells him that he is trying to fix things; but Joel still says a no. Ryan leaves. Amber talks to Camille about Ryan. It is war time for Kristina; she is fighting against Gladice and the other two women who got the vending machine out. Kristina feels that the students spend a lot of money on junk in the convenience store; so why can’t they have the machine reinstalled at school. Jas arrives home after grocery shopping and Crosby tells her that they should tell Rene about her boundaries. He doesn’t want her telling him what to feed his child.

He promises Jas that there would be no fighting; only explaining of boundaries. Jas agrees. Mark and Sarah are having coffee. They talk about Hank. She tells him that she is seeing Hank; but Hank is not the reason they broke up. She says that there was no sneaking around. Mark tells her that he did believe her; and he worked things out in his head when he was alone. He is glad that she told him this. But just then Sarah mentions the moment when Hank first kissed her in the dark room. She tells him that she should have told him about how Hank felt about her. The adoption lawyer is at the house to finalize the adoption. Joel has all good things to say and Julia does point out to the short comings. She then tells the lawyer that Victor does not love her.

Julia and Joel end up in an argument. The lawyer tells them that they do require some time to decide and that they wouldn’t be the first ones in the world to change their opinion on adoption. Jas and Crosby talk to Rene. Crosby is initially nice but Rene tells them that they need to bring in more discipline in Jabbar’s life; especially his bedtime. She says that she does love Jabbar and has his best interest. Crosby is not questioning her love for Jabbar; but he doesn’t want to be judged on all his actions. The talk does lead to a fight. Jas states that Rene is not wrong about the discipline part. Crosby is pissed and he walks off. Julia and Joel are on their way for dinner with Crosby and Jas. Julia want to know why Joel called the adoption lawyer before consulting her.

He tells her that the lawyer called and he only returned her call. At the dinner, Julia is totally lost and she excuses herself from the table. Crosby talks to her. He tells her that when Jas dropped Jabbar on him, he had no clue what to do. He did not know how to be a parent and Jas expected him to be a good father. But things did change. He also says that when he was 9, he hated their mother the most! He loved her but he always told her that he hated her!! It is the same with Victor. Crosby also says that when he had to deal with Jabbar, he looked up to Julia for her parenting skills. Julia hugs her loving brother. At home, Jas wants Crosby to be the bigger man and apologize to Rene.

Crosby tells her that she was the one who changed side at the last moment. He tells her that she learns to confront her mother. He then asks her when the last time she confronted Rene was. Jas walks off. Amber arrives to meet Ryan. He is surprised but happy to see her. She knows about his visit to Joel. Ryan tells her that he wanted his job back; but Joel refused. Amber feels that he wasn’t persistent enough. If he really wanted to get his job back, he should push Joel to give it to him. Julia explains to Victor that they are going to the court next week to finalize the adoption procedure. Victor is fine with it. Joel is glad that Julia changed her mind. She is still not too sure but she wants to go with it. At the PTA meet, Kristina tells everyone that the children are spending their money on junk food at a convenience store.

She proposes that they should get the vending machines back and fill it with healthy food. Moreover, the funds could also support the art classes the school has. Looks like everyone is happy with the idea! Mark arrives to meet Hank. He confronts Hank about the kiss and calls him calculative and manipulative. He tells Hank that he is going to be the classy guy and tell it to him in his face that he plans on taking Sarah back. Ryan takes Amber’s advice and arrives at the construction site. He tells Joel that he is sorry that things did not go well the last time. He tells Joel that he is a good man and he has brought him some donuts. Joel knows that this is Amber’s doing. He gives Ryan his job back. At dinner, Rene tells Jas that she is going to have dinner in her room.

Jas tries to convince her mother to have dinner with them. But she goes into her room. Hank tells Sarah about Mark’s visit and his challenge. He asks Sarah why she told Mark about the kiss. He says that he doesn’t want to be the jealous boyfriend. Hank tells Sarah that he feels that he is screwed as he is in to this. He walks away. Sarah tells him that he cannot say that he is into this and then walk away.

He tells her that she needs to figure things out; Mark knows what he wants, he knows what he want sand Sarah needs to be clear about what she wants. At school, Max learns that the vending machine is back. He is happy and dances in joy. The students cheer for him. The episode ends.