Because You're My Sister - Recap

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The episode begins with Crosby telling Jas about eating at an expensive French restaurant. He then tells Jas that he has booked an expensive suite at a hotel for their anniversary. Jas is happy. Crosby tells her that Rene can baby sit Jabbar. But Jas thinks it is bad idea as Crosby did not apologize to her. And now they cannot ask Rene to babysit for them. Rene arrives looking fior her suitcase. Jas wants to know why she wants her suitcase and she declares that she is moving in with Jas’ brother. Jas is upset. She tries to convince her mother; but Rene has made her decision.

Sarah arrives at the studio and sees that Hank is leaving for Minnesota. Something to do with Ruby. He says that they need to do some talking after they get back. He will be gone for two days. Kristina’s doctor tells her that she is doing well; but they need to do a PET scan to make sure everything is alright as he did see some abnormalities in the liver; but he also thinks that it could be because of the drugs; but he still wants to be sure. At home, Julia asks Victor to wear a suit for the adoption ceremony. But Sydney refuses to wear a dress as she does not accept Victor as a part of the family and also that she does not want to go for the ceremony. Ryan arrives to meet Amber. He has brought her flowers. He tells her that he is back on the job and it is good money. He also has started therapy and he is feeling good. Amber is happy.

He tells her that he loves her a lot and thinks about it every minute. He is now feeling like a changed man and he feels good about himself. Kristina arrives for her last treatment. They have brought some gift for the nurse. Kristina is upset to see that one of the patients, who is also a good friend, has relapsed. Mark pays Sarah a visit. He tells her that he has been doing a lot of thinking and he wants her to know that he still loves her and she is the one for him. He thinks it was wrong that he did not fight for her. But he still feels that he is the guy who can make her happy. He wants her to think about it and let him know. Drew tells his family that he got accepted into Berkley University and everyone is happy. Julia, Joel and Victor are shopping for suit and tie. Julia is not too happy with the tie selection; but Joel decides to go with Victor’s choice and Julia has no say in it.

Adam and Kristina are enjoying wine and Adam has a surprise for her; tickets to Hawaii. He tells her that he spoke to her doctor and he has told him that it is okay for her to travel. She says that’s he is not sure that she is fine and she cites about Gwen’s present condition where she has relapsed. Kristina thinks that they cannot go till the time they are sure that she is all fine. Adam tells her that he has talked to the doctor and that everything is fine. But she does not listen and leaves. The next day Kristina arrive at the studio wearing a sexy pink with and she apologizes for over reacting the last night. Adam tells her that he was only being a little selfish as he is tired of sharing her with cancer and her treatments; he wanted to have her for himself for some time. They kiss. Mark is in class and Sarah arrives to meet him. She tells him that she has something to say. She tells him that she is going to try to make it work with Hank.

She tells him that she could never explain to him how much she loved him; but despite that she is going to make it work with Hank. Mark is upset. Drew is sitting on the stairs with Amy and he tells her about his acceptance in the University. She too has gotten into a University in Boston. He tells her that he still thinks about her every moment. She tells him that she will never forget him. He leaves. Amber arrives to meet Ryan and tells him that she was in an accident and she had been drinking. That made her realize how valuable family and friends are and she tells him that she loves him too much and wants him to be responsible in life. Ryan tells her that he loves her a lot and that she is the only thing in his life that makes sense.

Jas and Crosby are having dinner and Jas tell him that she owes everything to her mother. She then breaks the news that she is pregnant. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Crosby and Jas then go to meet Rene and Crosby apologizes to her. He then tells her that she is going to become a grandmother. Rene is ecstatic. She hugs her daughter. Hank tells Sarah that he is planning to move to Minnesota for his daughter. This is not what Sarah was expecting. But she understands. Victor manages to convince Sydney to come for the adoption ceremony. The entire Braverman family is present at the court for the ceremony.

Amber knows about Drew’s admission and she is really proud of her brother. The Judge calls the fami8ly and everyone in the family promise to give Victor undying love and support for all his life. The Judge too feels that Victor is coming into a very nice family. The adoption is now legal. So, now Victor can hold all of Max’s lizards. Victor calls Julia “mom”. She is happy. The Judge tells Zeek that he has a beautiful family. Hank is on his way to Minnesota and he stops to pay Sarah a visit. He has a brought a camera for Max. With this camera he doesn’t need to look at people but he still can click picture. Hank then asks her to move in with him. He tells her that he loves her and that she is one of the only two people who he cares for. He tells her to think about it and he leaves.

Kristina and Adam are at the hospital and the doctor tells them that Kristina is now cancer free. But she will need to continue with her regular examinations. She is happy and she thanks the doctor for saving her life. Ryan and Amber are now back together and they are having a wonderful time widow shopping for rings. Mark is trying to move on with his life.

Victor is now adjusted well into his new family and looks like Sydney too has accepted him as a brother. Jas and her family see the ultrasound and all of them look happy. Hank is in Minnesota and he is enjoying the snow with his daughter. Kristina and Adam finally manage to take their trip to Hawaii. They are on the beach and they hold hands and run into the water. The episode ends.