It Has To Be Now - Recap

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Crosby and Jasmine are in the baby store deciding on names for the baby to be. Jasmine starts to go into labor—three weeks early.

Carl comes over to Sarah’s late at night, saying he forgot his keys. A young drunk girl comes to the door as well. Sarah rushes them out.

Adam and Kristina kiss at a bar. Adam phones Zeek. He wants Zeek to look after the kids.

Amber talks on her webcam with Ryan. She says she loves him, but the screen freezes.

The doctors and Crosby help Jasmine push. She delivers a baby girl.

Max enters the camera store with Hank working. Max shows his photos that he took of insects. Hank says that they are pretty good, but that he should photograph people. He invites him to stay if he wants.

Joel shows Julia and the kids the land where he wants to build for his potential contract.

Bob Little comes over to talk with Kristina. He says he wants her to run his campaign, that she would head education once he is elected.

The whole family comes over to visit Crosby and Jasmine’s new baby. They all discuss baby names. Joel asks Amber how Ryan is. He offers Ryan a job if the contract goes through. Amber then goes to talk with Sarah. Jasmine walks by to go to the baby, not smiling, and possibly annoyed by the family being over.

Adam expresses his concern over Bob Little. He doesn’t trust him.

Max tells his parents how he needs to take pictures of people now.

Amber and Sarah talk, and Amber helps Sarah with texting Drew.

Julia goes for an interview at a firm. They ask why she didn’t list her previous employment. She evades the question and they say they will need to contact them as a reference.

Crosby burns some toast. He tells Jasmine he needs eight hours sleep and they argue over his family coming over and not leaving.

Adam enters the camera store. Hank talks about his return. Adam asks Hank if he is hanging out with Max with the hope of getting back together with his sister Sarah. Hank says that he isn't, that he's doing it because Max is interested in photography.

Julia tells Joel she didn’t get the job. Julia then meets Pete... who she suddenly realizes is female. The three have dinner together. Julia discusses being a stay-at-home mom at the moment.

Kristina is at the hospital. She talks about Bob Little with her friend and says how Adam doesn’t want her to join his campaign. The woman tells Kristina that it is her choice, but there is no waiting, that cancer has taught them both that the time is now.

Amber talks to her brother, Drew, over coffee about Ryan coming back, and about their mom.

Julia and Joel lie on a hammock discussing her leaving her job and all the problems it has caused. Joel gets a call. He got the contract. They hug, but Julia seems bothered by the news.

Sarah and Carl talk in the hallway. Carl says they can be friends but Sarah doesn’t seem to agree.

Crosby picks up Adam. The baby is in the backseat. Crosby asks him for some advice on parenting a baby. He tells him everything will be fine.

Adam and Kristina talk. Kristina says she wants to run for mayor against Bob Little. Adam says it isn’t a good time and Kristina tells him that the deadline is tomorrow.

Crosby and Jasmine talk while the baby sleeps. Jasmine says she has a name. Iaeta Braverman.

Kristina tells Bob that she is running for mayor.

Drew brings over some takeout food over for her mom.

Amber is at a homecoming for the soldiers, crying. She embraces Ryan. In his uniform, and he gets on one knee and proposes to her. She says yes.