All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard - Recap

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Crosby and Jasmine sleep in as Jabbar wakes them up so that he can be taken to school.

Outside of the school, Julia watches another parent’s kids for a moment, while he runs back to the car for their lunches. Because she and the other father are late, they can only volunteer for the “sustainability” recycling program.

Kristina interviews a campaign manager, Heather Hall. The woman immediately gives Kristina advice, and then assumes the job role without even officially getting hired.

Amber makes out in the car with her new fiancé, Ryan. Max takes their pictures. They go into the house and meet the family, who welcome him home. Amber announces that they are engaged. Sarah is very surprised, and unlike everyone else, doesn’t seem happy about the news.

Zeek talks to Camille, who tells him that the house is falling apart. She insists that they need a security system.

Julia and the other parent do the sustainability work. The other parent lectures a kid on the food he brought. Julia’s son says how she is embarrassing him.

Adam enters to a house full of campaign staffers and meets them all. Amid the chaos, Kristina tells Adam to order pizza.

Max shows Hank pictures of the Braverman family. Max talks about Amber getting engaged.

Amber and Sarah talk about the engagement. Sarah asks whether the engagement was planned or spontaneous. Amber is flustered by the question.

A security representative comes by and provides an estimate of the cost of a security system. The amount is $2,200. Zeek walks away.

Heather asks Adam personal questions in case of a potential scandal. He talks about the assistant who kissed him. Adam then mentions how Kristina's opponent, Bob Little, is a good candidate. Heather seems to understand how Adam really feels about Kristina running.

Ryan and Amber lay in bed together. She asks him about the engagement and he says it was spur of the moment.

Heather looks over Kristina’s speech. She says it is okay, but needs work. Heather asks Kristina if Adam is on board with the campaign. Kristina says she thinks he is. Heather says she should talk to her husband to make sure.

Crosby tells Jabbar he needs to turn down the TV. Jabbar then bounces a basketball. Crosby gets angry and says he needs to be quiet for the baby, and says he will take Jabbar for dinner.

Julia talks to the other parent as they sort the recycling. He says how he is unemployed. Julia says she is a corporate lawyer and works from home.

Hank goes to Sarah’s and brings a housewarming gift. He mentions how Amber is getting engaged. Sarah says she is happy for Amber, but then says it feels rushed. Hank thinks Sarah should say what she thinks to Amber. Sarah is about to ask Hank if he wants to do something, but Hank says he needs to get going.

Kristina tells Adam that she doesn’t think he is being supportive. Adam thinks the mayor run is going to be stressful and that it could harm her health. Kristina tells him that because she nearly died of cancer is the exact reason she is now running for mayor.

Jasmine and Crosby and the family eat in a restaurant. Jasmine breastfeeds but the baby cries. The restaurant manager kicks them out of the restaurant saying he received complaints from other customers. Crosby argues with the manager and some other patrons, pays money and leaves.

Sarah comes over and talks to Adam. She mentions Hank’s visit. Sarah says how Ryan seems like a nice guy, but he has issues. She asks Adam if she should say something about the engagement. He tells her it would be a bad idea to do so.

Zeek is fixing the windows. Camille asks Hank if they should downsize and get a condo. She says they could sell the house and have money to do other things like travelling. Zeek doesn't seem to like the suggestion.

Julia confesses to her sustainability partner that she is out of work. He says that it is okay and he jokes with her.

Crosby tells Jabbar that they are alone and can have a father-son jam session.

Sarah goes to see Amber. She asks Amber if Ryan is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Amber says yes. Sarah says she would like to help with the wedding. She pulls out wedding magazines, and some alcohol to start the planning. Amber smiles.

Kristina goes in front of town hall and gives her speech. Before she does, she asks if Adam is fully behind her for the campaign. He says yes. As she gives her speech, Adam watches on with a blank expression.