Nipple Confusion - Recap

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Crosby watches Jasmine use a breast pump. The baby cries and Jasmine takes her.

In a park, Sarah does photography for a lady and her cat. She snaps some photos of various poses.

Heather and Kristina discuss the campaign. They need Adam to pay for an order of juice with his credit card.

Amber and Ryan fool around on her bed. Her brother, Drew, walks in on them, saying he is locked out of his dorm by his roommate. Amber invites him in to stay. Ryan seems annoyed.

Zeek shows Camille a classic GTO that he has purchased. As the driver puts it down off the lift, Zeek says he has purchased it for a rebuild. Camille says this must be his answer to her idea of selling the house.

In a classroom, Julia and Joel talk about Victor’s reading being below par, as his teacher goes over a game plan. The teacher says they would only hold him back as a last resort. They talk about working with him on the problem.

Sarah comes over to Adam’s to use the Wi-FI. He is doing a budget for Kristina. Sarah offers to do campaign head shot photos. He is reluctant, but they agree on her doing it for $50.

Adam says that Sarah will do the head shots. He then says he did up a budget. She is surprised, and says the donations will cover any expenses. They have an argument and she accuses Adam of not being supportive.

Julia and Joel sit in bed talking about Victor possibly being held back.

In the co-ed showers, Drew awkwardly talks to a young woman. They notice that they share the same bath kit.

Sarah is in Hank’s store. She gets a call from Kristina. Kristina tells her she needs someone with more experience. Hank tells her that she is not taken seriously because her family finds her “flighty.” She asks if he finds her that way. He pauses, and she leaves.

At breakfast, Julia asks Victor what he reads. He can’t really remember what the first part of the book was about.

Sarah shows Kristina some dog photos to try and convince her that she is great at photography. Kristina says she needs a professional. Sarah says she knows Kristina better than anyone and can capture her in a way that no one else can. Kristina is reluctant but eventually says yes.

Julia meets with her parent friend, Ed. She talks about Victor possibly being held back and they go over the pros and cons.

Drew talks to his roommate about the issues about being locked out. His roommate says he should use it as an excuse to see Natalie, the girl from the washroom.

Crosby talks to Zeek about the baby not taking the bottle. Zeek tells him that girls are more difficult.

Sarah takes photos of Kristina. There is chaos in the room as Max tries to help.

Zeek fixes the car. Camille brings him coffee and brings up selling the house. Zeek says he doesn’t want to sell it. She says it is something that they need to discuss.

At night, Sarah comes to Hank’s store. She says the shoot was awful and shows Hank the pictures. He finds one that he thinks is really good.

Amber and Ryan go to talk to Drew’s roommate. They burst down the door and tell the girl he is with to leave. Amber and Ryan tell the roommate not to lock Drew out, to call him by the correct name, and to not use his sheets.

Julia talks to Joel and says that they should hold him back before things get worse. She mentions how she discussed the issue with Ed. Joel refuses to allow Julia to hold him back.

Kristina looks at the photo that Sarah took. She talks with Adam and says that she needs to pull back her spending. Adam gives her both his credit cards, then his wallet. She thanks him for believing in him.

Zeek sits beside Camille outside. He talks about his memories in the house. She tells him that she wants more, to see more.

Drew talks to his roommate, then kicks him out as Natalie comes over. They play Scrabble together.

Victor reads aloud on the couch as the family joins him, trying to offer encouragement.

Crosby tries to give the bottle to his crying baby. Jasmine listens behind the wall. Finally, the baby sucks on the bottle from her father.