In Dreams Begin Responsibilities - Recap

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Amber and Ryan find a nice outdoor spot where the will hold the wedding. Her mom, Sarah doesn’t like the spot at first. Ryan says his mom will not be coming.

Drew and his college friend Natalie go over different songs and see which they like. They find a Joni Mitchell song. Drew says he likes it. She says he is officially her best friend.

As Joel goes off to work, the kids argue.

The campaign team are together on the couch. Adam confesses that he knows Mr. Ray. Heather and Kristina suggest he try to get money from him, but Adam says he is somewhat frightened by the man.

Crosby records a song. They ask the band, Oliver Rome, for another take and the lead singer flips out.

Joel talks to the Julia on the phone. He hears the kids fighting in the background.

Julia takes the kids to Zeek’s house to do some work.

Drew talks to Adam and Crosby about the girl he likes. They talk about him getting past the so-called friend zone.

Sarah and Amber talk about the wedding. Amber says it may be non-traditional: none of Ryan’s family may come.

Amber talks to Ryan about his family coming to the wedding. He says he will not be happy if some of them are there and reveals that his real father is dead.

Drew talks to his college friend and says more about Joni Mitchell. She says she will come by to his room later.

The kids clean some auto parts with Zeek.

Adam works on a speech for Mr. Ray. Crosby says not to do a lame speech. The rep from Oliver Rome’s label says the band has been fired.

Adam goes to see Mr. Ray at his swank mansion and cuts to the chase, Mr. Ray says he dropped working with his label, he wants to work on his own.

Adam tells Kristina he couldn’t make a deal. Kristina says she made only $25.00. Heather says she got a meeting with Harry Learner, the developer. She unfortunately doesn’t support his development project. Heather says they will steer the conversation around the topic.

Heather , Harry, and Kristina meet for lunch. Harry mentions a loft development project. Harry says it will create jobs, but he needs approval through the city council. Kristina, off-topic, trying to steer the conversation, says her campaign focus is education. Heather tells Harry that they want his project to succeed.

The kids do more work with Zeek while Julia watches. Victor tries to read the instruction manual. After he struggles, his sister grabs the book and reads it with ease. He walks away frustrated.

Crosby talks to Jasmine on a webcam. Adam walks in and shows Crosby a business proposal. He suggests starting their own label. He says they will make money by signing Oliver Rome since they were just dropped by their label.

Drew confesses to Natalie that he doesn’t really like Joni Mitchell. He also confesses that he said he liked Joni because he really likes her.

Julia talks to Zeek about Victor’s reading. She says she is unsure what to do, and is having fights with Joel over it.

Kristina tells Adam that she feels weird about where the money came from since Harry donated $20,000. She wonders what to do with the money.

Amber and Sarah talk outside. Amber tells Sarah that Ryan’s family is not coming. Sarah says that Ryan has a lot of problems, and she says she doesn’t want Amber to make the same mistakes that she made. They argue and Amber says she is going to have the wedding by the lake. Sarah cries.

Adam goes to Mr. Ray and asks for money for the campaign. He talks about her education platform. He donates the $20,000, saying he is doing it for his child.

Ryan says Amber’s mom called a few times. Amber says she is annoying but Ryan says she is just a mom. Amber says they will get married at the lake.

Zeek says he wants Victor’s help with the car. He says Victor will need to read since he has old eyes. Julia sees Victor reading to Zeek.

Max talks to Kristina. He asks if she is going to drop out of the race. She says she is unsure. He says he doesn’t think she should drop out of the race.

Adam puts up a “Vote for Kristina” sign outside the big gate in front of Mr. Ray’s place.