Let's Be Mad Together - Recap

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Crosby is with the baby. Adam comes over and says he has the rights to Rome’s songs.

Max takes pictures of students for the yearbook. He takes one of a girl crying. He says he is capturing “real moments," but the girls consoling the crying girl tell him to go away.

Zeek asks why a woman is taking pictures on their property. The woman says she is a realtor.

Sarah does some plumbing for a tenant, but the result of her work is water spraying all over the place.

Joel has some issues with the architect, Pete, who is making changes to plans. Julia gives him advice.

Adam and Crosby talk to Rome and his band about their music. Adam tells them that he and Crosby want to produce their record. He tells them that they own the rights to their songs. They agree to a deal.

Kristina talks to Max’s yearbook class teacher about Max taking photos of the girl crying. He says they want Max to work on design, and not take any more photos.

Ryan comes over and talks to Sarah. Sarah spills her issues with Ryan and Amber. Ryan, caught off-guard, says he just came over to look at the plumbing issues.

In the recording studio, Crosby and Rome discuss creative issues. They want to rerecord a song, but Adam says it will cost too much money.

In Hank’s camera store, Max looks over his yearbook photos. Kristina says that his teacher doesn’t want him to take photos. Hank interjects and says that Max caught a “real moment.” He shows Kristina the photos, saying that he is a true photographer.

At the construction site, Joel talks with Pete about their vision for the project. She invites him to dinner to discuss further.

Ryan tells Amber about his talk with Sarah. Amber reveals what she has told her mom about Ryan and their history together.

Ryan has the wall ripped open as he works on the plumbing. He tries to get her away while he works.

Victor reads to Zeek. His reading has improved. Julia goes inside and talks to Camille. Camille talks about wanting to sell the house and see the world.

Joel talks to Pete over dinner and martinis. He talks about the need to stay on task, and come within the budget. She says it’s all about a strong working relationship. She then orders more martinis.

In the recording studio, Rome wants to do one more recording. Crosby says he wants to leave. Adam says he won’t allow him to leave, but Crosby does anyway.

Crosby runs into Joel in the grocery store. Joel says he is drunk. He says he was at dinner. Crosby offers to drive him home.

Crosby and Joel sit in the car eating a store-bought birthday cake. They talk about life and listen to music. Joel says how much he loves the clean nature of the music.

Sarah’s tenant asks if Ryan knows what he is doing. She says he is family and cannot get rid of him.

Kristina talks to the yearbook teacher and principal about how talented he is as a photographer. They say it wouldn’t be fair to the other kids to allow him to be the photographer.

Julia asks Joel about the birthday cake. He confesses that he was drunk and says that they are working with the architect for the long haul. She says he is being taken advantage of, and Joel gets angry and says that it is his business.

Crosby brings in old albums and says how they were all recorded on the cheap. He says they are talented and just need to play music and record it. The band agrees.

Julia goes to see Zeek. She says how Camille is upset about the house. Zeek says she is intruding into their lives. Julia says it is important to listen to your wife, and she breaks down and cries. Zeek hugs her.

Kristina tells Max that he can no longer take yearbook pictures. Kristina says she is just as mad as he is about it. They sit together, both being angry.

Ryan comes over to see Sarah. Ryan explains his life. He says he understands why she has questions about him, but he knows what he wants, and he wants to start his life together with Amber.