Season 8

80 :08x01 - Cheerleaders

With a notable recurrence of serious injuries, cheerleading is far from the safest activity. These hazards could be curbed if only it could be recognized as a sport. The reasons it hasn't reach into outdated perceptions and the old fashioned pursuit of profit.
Director: Star Price

81 :08x02 - Fast Food

Fast food gets a bad rap. Linked to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, it's generally considered unhealthy. But despite some of its benefits, there are naysayers who want to impose laws and regulations against the industry that may wind up hurting those they claim to be trying to help.
Director: Star Price

82 :08x03 - Martial Arts

Martial arts is a popular means of self-defense. It also doesn't come cheap, but it does come with some legal and moral issues, and even a certain level of hazard to the practitioner.
Director: Star Price

83 :08x04 - Teen Sex

The media, technology, and even the support of homosexuality has been the blame of the rise of teen sex, all despite the fact that teens have been doing it forever. This blame game has gotten so ridiculous to the point that even minors have been registered as sex offenders.
Director: Star Price

84 :08x05 - Easy Money

Who wouldn't want to get money easy and with little effort? Many sign onto multi-level marketing companies thinking that a heavy profit is waiting just around the corner. The reality is that these systems are designed so as to make someone else rich, leaving you to make very little.
Director: Star Price

85 :08x06 - Area 51

It's no secret: the contents of Area 51 are secret. This leaves it open to the minds of the public to fill in the blank with tall tales of alien technology experiments. The truth is out there... and it's fairly mundane compared to whatever you've seen in movies or television.
Director: Star Price

86 :08x07 - Criminal Justice

A mountain of evidence contrary to prison population shows major flaws in the American criminal justice system. From prosecutors aiming to earn a reputation to the iffy science behind forensics, tax payers are often being rewarded with innocent people being put behind bars for crimes they didn't commit, either because they didn't do it or because there wasn't a crime in the first place.
Director: Star Price

87 :08x08 - Old People

Unlike most other countries, America treats its senior citizens with very little respect. From driving skills to smell, the elderly are subject to negative stereotypes that try to peg these still active members of society as useless.
Director: Star Price

88 :08x09 - Self-Esteem

There's a fine, yet distinct line between a healthy self-esteem and narcissism. Even children are being pumped with the idea that they are special and unique, but adults struggle with their worth and there is no shortage of "specialists" who are there to try and give their ego that extra little push. The problem, however, maybe the rewarding in the absence of trial and error people go through to discover their true potential and place in the world.
Director: Star Price

89 :08x10 - Vaccinations

When an article in a British medical journal made a link between the MMR vaccine and the rise in autism, it eventually built into a criticism of vaccinations from parents. Unfortunately, this paranoia has clouded the fact that the evidence was conducted unethically with no actual basis for its claims. And with ignorant spokespeople not bothering to investigate the science of immunization, there maybe a much greater threat: the spread of the diseases the vaccines were designed to stop in the first place.
Director: Star Price
Classification: Variety
Genre: Comedy | Educational
Status: Canceled
Network: SHOWTIME ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 24, 2003
Ended: April 14, 2011
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