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Message Posted On Sunday, March 18th 2012 at 5:28 am
Episode discussion for: 08x10 | Vaccinations (Aug 12, 2010)

Penn & Teller simply sellout here on vaccinations. They parrot drug industry deceptions, deflections and lies... quite in tune with their magic trickery.

Unfortunately this type of trickery helps to injure a small percentage of children who can be damaged by the live pathogens or toxins in vaccines.

Ironically the kids that can be injured by vaccines are generally the same kids, who if properly identified as susceptible to vaccine injuries PRIOR to injection, would be the ones protected by herd immunity... Our blind mass injections are injuring many of the kids a correctly run vaccination program would protect.

If you read the MMR package insert it specifically states contraindications for MMR vaccine (reasons to not give a person the vaccine) are immune problems. One of those immune problems specifically identified is Cell Mediated Immunity.

http://www.merck.com/product/usa/pi_circulars/m/mmr_ii/mmr_ii_pi.pdf - "Primary and acquired immunodeficiency states, including patients who are immunosuppressed in association with AIDS or other clinical manifestations of infection with human immunodeficiency viruses; CELLULAR IMMUNE DEFICIENCIES; and hypogammaglobulinemic and dysgammaglobulinemic states. Measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE), pneumonitis and death as a direct consequence of disseminated measles vaccine virus infection have been reported in immunocompromised individuals inadvertently vaccinated with measles-containing vaccine."

You know who has Cellular Immune deficiencies? Anyone who is chronically infected with HPV virus has a cellular immune deficiency. According to the CDC and FDA that is around 10% of us.

So just for celluar immune deficiencies 10% of the population should not receive the MMR vaccine.

How much higher does that percentage go for other MMR vaccine contraindications?

Penn & Teller have completely and deliberately missed the mark here on their vaccination episode and children are paying the price... along with their families that have to care for or bury them... thanks guys, good job...

Bottom line for this Bullcrap episode... it is the purest bullcrap these two have ever sold themselves to sell to us...

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Message Posted On Sunday, March 18th 2012 at 8:30 am
I gave up on them when they had a love-fest with Chinamart...um... I meant Walmart.

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Message Posted On Wednesday, March 21st 2012 at 12:41 pm
Dear, oh dear. You really think 10+% of people might die because of the MMR vaccine? Virtually every new born in the UK has it and guess how many have died? None. Not a single death is attributed to it. Even the doctor that wrote the article was trying (and failing) to link it to autism.
I don't mind people being wrong, but peddling scare stories against this vaccine will definitely cost lives. Deaths due to measles, mumps and rubella are a reality. Loopy conspiracy theorists seem determined to keep these disease thriving. I applaud Penn and Teller for calling bullcrap.