Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Pepper suffers an embarrassing career setback when a one-night-stand turns out to be the new anchor at her station, a job she hoped to land. Complicating matters is her meek and clueless sister, who leaves her husband, moves in with Pepper and gets a job at the station, where she reveals personal secrets that create even more havoc in Pepper's life.
Guest Stars: Jason Brooks (1) as Bryce | Pamela Reed as Lynne | Larisa Oleynik as Brianna | Bob Gunton as Dick | Brett Cullen as Jack | Alexandra Barreto as Blanca Martinez | Page Kennedy as Barnaby |
Co-Guest Stars: Regina Taufen as Summer Walters | Carol Kiernan as Mrs. Johnston | Scott Director as Doctor | Frank Lloyd as Pete Pulaski | David Kelsey as Fireman | Lawrence LeJohn as J. J. O'Lare
Director: Shawn Levy
Songs: Kirstin Candy -- Don't Be Lonely, Kendall Payne -- Rollercoaster

2 :01x02 - Poker Clubs and Boob Games

Pepper decides to go undercover to bust a prostitution ring at a club and sees someone unexpected there. Back at the station, she finds herself in a compromising position with Babcock during a sexual-harassment seminar, causing her to reconsider her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Kathy reconsiders her divorce and agrees to go back to her husband.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Barreto as Blanca Martinez | Brett Cullen as Jack | Pamela Reed as Lynne | Pooch Hall as Garfield | Jason Brooks (1) as Bryce | Kim Thomson as | Will Schaub as Steve Thackery | John Webber as | Jack Wallace as | Bob Gunton as Dick |
Co-Guest Stars: John Scarangello as Guy | Eric Hoffman as Suit
Director: Lev L. Spiro

3 :01x03 - Frat Boys May Lose Their Manhood

Pepper’s personal anger during a live interview lands her on the couch of the company shrink, who forces her to confront her issues with Charlie. Meanwhile, Kathy’s desire to please people leads Pepper to discover dangerous hazing rituals at a college fraternity, leading one of the pledges to hold everyone in the frat house, including Pepper, hostage at gunpoint.
Guest Stars: French Stewart as Dr. Crimmons | Alexandra Barreto as Blanca Martinez | Brett Cullen as Jack | Pooch Hall as Garfield | Dan Byrd as | Paula Sorge as | Whitney Anderson as Amber |
Co-Guest Stars: Winifred Freedman as Betty | Derick Alexander as Campus Cop | Jeremy Radin as Beefy Brother
Director: Oz Scott

4 :01x04 - Heiress Bridenapped

Feeling pressure from her parents to find a husband, Pepper decides to invite Charlie to be her fake date at the high-society wedding of her childhood friend. However, when the bride suddenly disappears, the seemingly fluffy news story turns into a big mystery. Kathy, a bridesmaid, turns to Pepper to uncover the truth about the disappearing bride.
Guest Stars: Brett Cullen as Jack | Pamela Reed as Lynne Dinkle | Sarah Rafferty as Callie Merrill | Linda Gray as Mrs. Merrill | John Bennett Perry as Mr. Merrill | Eric Winter as Connor Blanchard | Richard Trapp as Russ Hogan | Bob Gunton as Dick Dinkle |
Co-Guest Stars: Aixa Clemente as Mrs. Cooper | M. Darnell Suttles as Detective | Jason Shane Scott as Rick Harper
Writer: Adele Lim
Songs: Roxette -- Listen to Your Heart

5 :01x05 - Saving Venice

After Pepper’s “homeability” points register low with news audiences, her attempt to improve her likeability results in even more backlash from the audience. Charlie steps up and offers Pepper advice on how to better connect with viewers. Meanwhile, as Kathy organizes a high society fundraiser, she realizes she may not be ready to dive back into the dating pool, but sparks are flying between Kimmy and Pepper’s little brother, Mitch.
Guest Stars: A.J. Trauth as Mitch | Alexandra Barreto as Blanca Martinez | Pooch Hall as Garfield | Christopher Darga as Crook on Pepper's Segment | John Sanderford as Wade Benson | Colby Donaldson as Sleazy Party Goer | Brett Cullen as Jack | Joseph Castanon as Bucky | Mary Gillis as Mildred |
Co-Guest Stars: Bob Bledsoe as Audience Member #1 | Melanie Bauer as Audience Member #2 | John Dewis as Vincent | Alejandro Furth as Javier Diaz | Mike Rad as Audience Member #3 | Carla Jimenez as Audience Member #4 | Curtis Taylor as Bodyguard | Monica Garcia as Ms. Diaz | Will Greenberg as Partygoer | Carrie Southworth as Amy
Director: Allison Liddi
Writer: Jason Katims

6 :01x06 - Celebrity Twin Could Hang

While covering a high profile celebrity murder trial, Pepper and the WEIE staff learn that Jack has been replaced by Les Gaye, the newly appointed news director. Les and Pepper don’t see eye-to-eye when he conveys his new entertainment-oriented approach to reporting the news. One day into Pepper’s mandatory vacation, Charlie and Chick call on her to help them uncover the truth behind the suspicious murder trial.
Guest Stars: Fred Koehler as Les Gaye | Alexandra Barreto as Blanca Martinez | Pooch Hall as Garfield | A.J. Trauth as Mitch Dinkle | Robert Gant as Benny Gold | Mike Batayeh as Doug Pimple | Sara Paxton as April May / Christy Tyler |
Co-Guest Stars: Big Leroy Mobley as Policeman | Amayla Early as Young April May | Bryn Early as Young Christy
Director: Michael Schultz
Writer: Lisa Parsons

7 :01x07 - Curtis Wilson's a Total Nut Job

Pepper shocks the city when she breaks the story of an election campaign scandal. However, in the process of this developing story, she also finds her own love connection with the soon-to-be mayor, Curtis Wilson. Charlie accidentally walks in on the couple in a passionate kiss and finds himself having to deal with some jealousy. Meanwhile, Kathy's job is in jeopardy as the woman she was temping for returns from maternity leave.
Guest Stars: Henry Simmons as Curtis Wilson | Alexandra Barreto as Blanca Martinez | Pooch Hall as Garfield | Fred Koehler as Les Gaye | Larisa Oleynik as Brianna | Rolonda Watts as Paula Dover | Bob Wiltfong as Lance Powers | Kristen Ariza as reporter | Matt Doherty as unknown | Traber Burns as unknown
Writer: Liz Heldens

8 :01x08 - Hiroshi Watanabe in Bed with Curtis Wilson

Pepper's budding romance with Mayor Curtis Wilson continues when he surprises her with a weekend getaway. However, when Charlie confronts Pepper about her relationship with Curtis, she realizes she must end the romance due to the potential conflicts of interest their pairing may cause. Meanwhile, without Pepper's consent, Kathy throws an office party to celebrate Pepper and Charlie's birthdays.
Guest Stars: Henry Simmons as Mayor Curtis Wilson | Fred Koehler as Les Gaye | A.J. Trauth as Mitch | Alexandra Barreto as Blanca Martinez | Peter Siragusa as Restaurant Owner | Anita Finlay as Mayor's Assistant | Jack Knight (1) as Mr. Jackson |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Bailey Smith as Police Officer | James Howell as Health Inspector Alcoff | Max Van Ville as Jason | Keith Pillow as Waiter | Brenda Canela as Female Staffer | Kelly Holden as Shelley | Delpano Wills as Male Staffer
Director: Allison Liddi

9 :01x09 - Charlie Babcock’s Homosexual Encounter

Just as Peppers dating life hits a dry spell, in walks Grady Harper, Chicagos incredibly famous, and available, quarterback. Pepper and Grady are enjoying a romantic dinner when Charlie, Gradys biggest fan, unexpectedly crashes the meal, but Charlie soon notices he is receiving all of Gradys attention. Pepper confronts Grady about his sexual orientation and, along with Charlie, encourages the famous football star to make a big public announcement. Meanwhile, Pepper attends Chicks high school reunion, where music superstar Liz Phair performs.
Guest Stars: Ryan McPartlin as Grady Harper | Alexandra Barreto as Blanca Martinez | Fred Koehler as Les Gaye | Pooch Hall as Garfield | Jordan Belfi as Sheldon Zorn | Perez Hilton as Patron #1 | Phil Abrams as Milford | Michael Kagan as Kenny Aptow | Jack Impellizzeri as Teammate | Lauren Birkell as Merrillee Boxcar |
Co-Guest Stars: Allie Adair as Teen (in wheelchair) | Adam Cardon as Paparazzo | Jason Director as Brandon | Christie Klein Gaynor as Mom | Bob Levitan as Businessman | Jeff J. Perry as Sam | Leanna Spear as Teenage Girl | Mike Baldridge as Waiter | Mike Grief as Macho Guy | Sean Patrick Murphy (1) as Guy Darden | Issac Webster as Patron #2 |
Uncredited: Liz Phair as Herself
Writer: Jason Katims

10 :01x10 - Dennis, Bulgari, Big Losers at ACoRNS

Pepper and the WEIE news team are nominated for a handful of prestigious journalism awards, but as the entire newsroom is enjoying the glamorous event, Chicagos largest airport suffers a cripling crisis. When the breaking story draws attention from the awards telecast, Pepper, Charlie, Kathy, Kimmy and Chick work together to organize a last minute live newscast. Meanwhile, Kathy steps outside her comfort zone when she attends a sex toy party, but ends up in a neck brace after slipping on one of the toys.
Guest Stars: Bob Wiltfong as Lance Powers | Dan Thiel as Dr. Herman | Alexandra Barreto as Blanca Martinez | Pamela Reed as Lynne Dinkle | Fred Koehler as Les Gaye | A.J. Trauth as Mitch Dinkle | James Read as Wes Brinkman | Miriam Flynn as Passion consultant | Kristin Minter as Bambi | Brian Bloom as Kyle | Damon Jones (1) as Mr. Usher | Bob Gunton as Dick Dinkle |
Co-Guest Stars: Jill Getto Lee as Delores Dirka | Paul Konrad as Himself - Emcee | Scott Director as Champ Dirka | Leslie Harter as Liz | Steve Paymer as Garrett Rabbery
Director: David Paymer

11 :01x11 - Pepper Dennis Behind Bars

Pepper goes to jail after refusing to reveal a source. While behind bars, she uncovers a scandal that has gone undetected for years. Meanwhile, Kathy enrolls in college to further her career and Charlie has a surprising offer for Pepper.
Guest Stars: Gregory Storm as Dan Perlich | Alexandra Barreto as Blanca Martinez | Fred Koehler as Les Gaye | MacKenzie Astin as Ken Alston | Yvette Nicole Brown as Angela Howell | Bob Wiltfong as Lance Powers | Roark Critchlow as unknown
Director: Allison Liddi

12 :01x12 - True Love Is Dead

Pepper investigates a dating service after Kimmy signs up to find the perfect man. Elsewhere, Charlie's too-white teeth are causing a problem for a viewer.
Guest Stars: Fred Koehler as Les Gaye | A.J. Trauth as Mitch Dinkle | Katherine LaNasa as unknown | Eddie Matos as unknown | Tom Virtue as unknown
Director: Peter Lauer

13 :01x13 - Star Anchor Weds Colleague

Pepper finds herself walking down the aisle after a surprise proposal from Babcock. But the whirlwind wedding isn't as romantic as it seems: Charlie's green card has expired, and a government agent, suspicious of the sudden nuptials, is ready to deport him back to Canada. Pepper and Babcock try to convince him that the marriage is genuine, but real feelings emerge, causing one of them to get cold feet.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Barreto as Blanca Martinez | Fred Koehler as Les Gaye | Tony Daly as Special Agent Russell Thorne | Cynthia Sophiea as Sandy Struth |
Co-Guest Stars: Alan Fudge as Raymond Nesbit | Wayne Lopez as Cop | Christine Romeo as Marion Dobbins | Kali Majors as Molly
Director: Arlene Sanford