Season 3

25 :03x01 - Paris

Dr. Daniel Pierce's picture-perfect new life in Paris is suddenly turned upside down after he is approached by the FBI legat to help with a dangerous international case. Meanwhile, his assistant Max Lewicki and Dekan Paul Haley plot to get Pierce to return to Chicago.

Source: TNT
Guest Stars: Perrey Reeves as Miranda Stiles | Josh Coxx as Special Agent Drexler (as Josh Coxx) | Rob Brownstein as Chancellor Kinney | Carlos Leal as Detective Girard | Jean-Marie Lamour as Serge Lombart | Malou Beauvoir as Agent Drexler (Embassy Legate) | Jonathan Bray as Agent Collins | Jacky Nercessian as Henri | Julien Cottereau as Mime | Kentaro as Chinese Thug | Yilin Yang as Ms. Liu
Director: Kenneth Biller
Writer: Mike Sussman

26 :03x02 - Painless

When a prosecutor mysteriously drops dead in the middle of a courtroom, Pierce and Moretti go on the hunt for a killer. Meanwhile, Moretti and Donnie make some decisions about their future.

Source: TNT
Guest Stars: Meg Steedle as Bonnie Mullane | Steve Valentine as Dr. Napoleon Messier | Brad Rowe as FBI Agent Dalton | Brian McNamara (2) as Detective Gerald Rix | Fred Koehler as George aka The Ghost | Sammi Hanratty as Kayla Madden | Kevin Sheridan as Nicky | William Miller as Cyrus Dunham | Jessica Morris as Linda Mullane | Jeffrey Nicholas-Brown as Shadow Leaguer | Barry W. Levy as Cyrus' Defense Attorney | Walter Addison as Judge
Director: Eric McCormack
Writer: Jason Ning

27 :03x03 - Shiver

After a young victim with a developmental disorder is taken hostage in a bank robbery, Moretti brings in Pierce to interview the boy. When they finally track down the culprits, they discover the case is about much more than money. Meanwhile, Pierce's estranged father James (guest star Peter Coyote) pays him a visit.

Source: TNT
Guest Stars: Rohan Nichol as Mick Dorian | Peter Coyote as James Alan Pierce | Max Gail as John O'Hare | Brian Letscher as Shane McNamara | Cole Sand as Dillon Wilcox | Brad Rowe as FBI Agent Dalton | Brooke Lyons as Annie | Erin Daniels as Mrs. Wilcox | Jo Anderson (1) as Wendy Pierce | Sandy Martin as Shirley (Homeless Woman) | Patrick Stafford as Josh O'Hare | Marty Ryan as O'Hare Attorney | Leonidas Gulaptis as Young Mick | Shaun Brady as Young Shane

28 :03x04 - Possession

Moretti calls on Pierce to examine Elena Douglas (guest star Rya Kihlstedt), a woman who has confessed to murder and claims to be possessed by the Devil. Meanwhile, Donnie and Moretti's wedding plans hit a bump in the road.

Source: TNT
Guest Stars: John Glover as The Devil

29 :03x05 - Eternity

When renowned neuroscientist Landon Jennings is found dead, Moretti and Pierce must figure out how someone could have gained access to his impenetrable study in order to kill him. Lewicki finds himself with twice the work when Pierce's father James (guest star Peter Coyote) moves in with them.

Source: TNT

30 :03x06 - Inconceivable

When an infant is reported stolen, Moretti hunts down the kidnapper and makes a very bizarre discovery. As Pierce and Moretti investigate a related murder, they find that there might be another child out there who needs their help. Meanwhile, Donnie and Moretti discuss their future together when Donnie looks into buying a house in the suburbs. Featuring guest star Jeff Branson.

Source: TNT

31 :03x07 - Bolero

After Pierce witnesses a gallery owner die during a seizure caused by a video installation, he convinces Moretti that it was actually a murder. Their search for the killer puts them in the middle of a brazen art heist. As Pierce works on the case, he is forced to re-examine his relationship with Natalie. Featuring guest star Francesca Eastwood.

Source: TNT

32 :03x08 - Prologue

After a missing FBI agent turns up dead, Pierce is forced to face the one case he was never able to solve. When they discover that the killer is still out there, Pierce agrees to help Moretti, against the wishes of his therapist, Dr. Rosenthal (guest star Robert Curtis Brown), who believes it will only exacerbate Pierce's condition.

Source: TNT
Guest Stars: Robert Curtis Brown as Dr. Rosenthal

33 :03x09 - Silence

Donnie and Moretti are caught in the crossfire when a sniper shoots up the lobby of the Federal Building. When Pierce determines that the shooter is afraid of Extreme Low Frequency radio waves, he and Moretti take a trip to the Quiet Zone in Virginia, where they think the shooter is hiding out. Meanwhile, an alluring woman named Shelby Buchanan (guest star Brooke Nevin) courts Donnie to run for political office.

Source: TNT
Guest Stars: Brooke Nevin as Shelby Buchanan

34 :03x10 - Dirty

When Donnie finds himself in a compromising situation, he calls Pierce for help. As the evidence begins to stack against Donnie, Pierce and Moretti struggle with their own fears and doubts, as they work to solve the case. During the chaos, Pierce must deal with his father (guest star Peter Coyote) after he assaults someone at the assisted living facility.

Source: TNT

35 :03x11 - Brainstorm

Pierce's father and his friend have to decide if they should let him to undergo some risky surgery.

36 :03x12 - Meat

Kate Moretti works under cover to find out more about an animal rights group suspected of foul play.

37 :03x13 - Mirror

Pierce and Moretti find out about an international scandal as they investigate a couple of murders.

38 :03x14 - Romeo

Pierce tracks the killer of a student while defending the victim's boyfriend, who is suspected of being mentally ill and guilty of the crime. Meanwhile, Pierce faces his feelings as Moretti's wedding approaches.


39 :03x15 - Run

When Moretti goes missing the day of her wedding, Pierce and Donnie set off in pursuit of the runaway bride. They soon learn that Kate has been abducted by a dangerous person from Pierce's own past. Now, Pierce and Donnie must risk everything to save Moretti before it's too late.

Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled
Network: TNT DRAMA ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 09, 2012
Ended: March 17, 2015
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