86’d - Recap

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The episode begins with Pierce posing a question to his class: What comes first, yesterday or tomorrow? They have a discussion. Next, Lewicki is discussing Pierce’s schedule with him and just then he sees Moretti arriving. He hands over a book of puzzles to the professor and tries to stop Moretti from talking to Pierce. But Pierce sees Moretti and is interested in knowing about the next case. Moretti tells him about the case where a girl would go missing every Friday for five weeks around afternoon and land up dead by Sunday morning in the year 1986. But then the killing stopped, but the guy was never caught. Now he seems to have reappeared; the same MO.

They have found prints that are a 100 percent match with one of the crime scenes in the eighty’s. Pierce wants to know how he can help. Moretti tells him that the sixth victim Lacey was found alive and could be their clue. But she is suffering from a psychotic breakdown and she is in a nursing home. Pierce tells Moretti that if he has to have a breakthrough, he needs to have more information. She tells him that her father who was the officer handling this case, Joe Moretti, could be of help. They meet Joe. He tells Pierce that the killer kept a journal. Moretti has a copy. He reads about his experience with each victim. But it appears that he knew Lacey. Moretti and Pierce leave to talk to Lacey. On their way out, Joe asks her about Donnie. He then remembers who Pierce is and he declares that his daughter had a huge crush on him.

Moretti pulls Pierce out of the bar. Next, Moretti tells Pierce that Donnie is her husband and they are getting a divorce soon. Next, they meet Dr. Cutler. He warns them that if they are looking for any help solving a case, they are going to be really disappointed. Pierce tries talking to Lacey. But she does not respond. Pierce asks for her complete medical reports. Pierce then discusses the reports with Cutler wherein he tells the doctor that after a trauma and head injuries, Lacey was administered with a drug known to cause psychosis. It led to her being put on other drugs which almost led her in being comatose. Cutler does not appreciate this and asks them to leave. Pierce tells him that he will be back and that he wants Lacey to be taken off from her medications so that he could ask her some questions.

Cutler refuses to do so. They then go to Lacey’s house and Lacey’s mother shows them Lacey’s room. Nothing in the room has been changed since the day she was gone. She had told her mother that she was going for the movies. Her mother decides to stop Lacey’s medications. Pierce and Moretti arrive at the hospital and they see that Lacey is freaking out. Pierce is upset and talks to Natalie about Lacey. Just then he stops in front of the mirror and sees his reflection as an old man and he immediately realizes what the problem with Lacey is. He tries to explain to Natalie and just then Lewicki arrives and sees that Pierce is talking to himself again. Pierce rushes to the hospital to see Lacey. He tells Cutler that Lacey reacted violently on seeing her own reflection as she did not recognize herself.

He then talks to Lacey and asks her about the last thing she remembers. She remembers talking to her friend Cindy on the phone and tells him that she is 17 years old. Pierce then tells Moretti that Lacey had suffered from severe head trauma and due to that she was unable to create new memories. Moreover she was drugged thinking that she was a psychotic patient, making Lacey’s condition even worse. Pierce tells the detective that she does not even remember her attacker. But then the fact that he killer knew Lacey for a while, he is sure that Lacey would remember everything before the attack. Moreover since Lacey’s mother has kept her room just the way it was when lacey left. Hence, they could get Lacey home and she will remember everything what happened during that week.

At home, Lacey’s mother has put off anything that is new. They tell her to tell Lacey that she bumped her head and that led to forgetfulness. They go to Lacey’s room; she is behaving like seventeen year old. She sees Pierce’s Tears for Fear t-shirt and tells him that she loves the band. They then ask her about what she did during the whole week. She first tells them about her tennis coach and that there was something wrong about the way he looked at one of the students. Apparently, today the coach is married to the same student, for the past 23 years. She then tells them about a hot lifeguard, who today is playing in a band and has an alibi. Then she tells them about a guy who worked in the law firm and they find out that he has been in a coma for years. Just then Moretti gets a call; she is off the case. She goes to her father and asks him if there is anything else from the 86 that he remembers which could help them.

Joe remembers nothing new. But then he tells his daughter that when Lacey was kidnapped, she was 17 and he knows that 17 year olds never tell their parents the truth about their trips and outings. And hence, Lacey could be lying about going to the movie alone! Moretti shows up at Pierce’s house and Lewicki is not happy to see her and tells her that it is not good for her to keep disrupting Pierce’s routine. But she tells him that it is urgent that she takes him to Lacey’s house immediately. They go to meet Lacey again and she does not remember them. They tell her that she can help them in finding the killer as they know the fact that she lied about going to the movies alone. She tells them that she was supposed to go meet a guy who is older than her and he is a photographer; Kenny Strand.

She also tells them that he kissed her but she swears that he never asked her to take off her clothes. Moretti goes to meet Kenny. He tells them that all the pictures were innocent; they were of girls celebrating their youth. Just then Moretti gets a call; another girl is missing. Kenny isn’t their killer. It seems that a girl goes missing and that the boyfriend goes looking and the girlfriend is gone. The bouncer says that a man in his fifties was carrying a drunken girl to his car. He asks for help and says that his little girl has the sense to call her daddy when she is drunk. The girl’s name is Melinda. Just then a guy rides into the office on his bike and then rides back into the elevator. Next, Pierce is walking in the park and he sees another imaginary biker trying to run him over. He meets Natalie, who is sitting on a bench. She likes his ‘Tears for Fears’ t-shirt. He tells her about the concert they went for together.

But Natalie tells him that they never actually went for the concert and she ended up going with someone else. He pulls out the stubs to the concert; but they turn out to be the entire tickets. Natalie tells him that the summer of 86 was the time when he started ‘to break’. He confused desires with reality. Just then Pierce realized that the killer too imagined spending time with his victims; he never really spent time with them. The killer mentioned in his journal that he saw Lacey everywhere and that is because he was following her around; on a bicycle. He then goes t Moretti’s office and shows her Kenny’s picture book. Most of the photographs of Lacey had a bicycle. In one of the picture they see the guy. They show Lacey the picture and she tells them that the symbol on the shoulder bag is of the law firm she worked in and those were used by the messenger boys. They run the records and they find that they are left with eight possibilities.

They narrow down on one likely suspect. The officers move out, leaving Pierce behind in the office. He has one of his hallucinations and that leads him to the real killer-Keith Trevoy. He got married eight weeks after the killings stopped and his wife died recently. He calls Moretti. Probert and Moretti go over to Keith’s. They find Melinda there; she is tied up. moretti then goes in and Keith holds a knife on Melinda’s throat. Moretti tells Keith that they have found Melinda’s diary and that she has written that she loves him and he is the one she has been waiting for. Melinda plays along. Keith puts down his knife and Moretti gets her shot at him. He is then arrested. At the bar, Joe brags about his daughter’s victory. She tells him the truth about Donnie.

Pierce meets Lacey and hands over the tickets for the ‘Tears for Fears’ concert. Lacey is elated. It is a gift her mother can give her everyday even if she will never go. Lacey’s mother thanks Pierce for bringing her daughter back to her. Moretti arrives to meet Lewicki and apologizes for bursting in the way she does. But Lewicki too apologizes to her as he realized that Moretti too brings Pierce puzzles which help keep the doctor out of his own head. The episode ends.