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The Messenger - Recap

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The episode begins with Daniel being informed that he has won this year’s Davenport Prize for exploration in science. Daniel though is clearly not comfortable with all the attention being showered on him. Kate meanwhile comes in and asks for Dean Haley’s help, in identifying some tattoos on a murder victim’s body. She asks him to closely look at the tattoos, and see if they can help her ID the victim. Kate on some pretense also manages to get Daniel on the case, so he can avoid the hoopla regarding his award. Later, Daniel does a better job of identifying the tattoos than Haley, and this helps Kate get an ID. Turns out, the victim’s name is Jared and he was an addict. Later, his mother is informed about his death.

She then tells Kate how she was expecting this to happen one day. She also tells Kate how she tried everything possible to get rid of his addiction, but when he turned 21 and gained access to his grandfather’s trust fund, there was no stopping him anymore. She also tells Kate, how Jared had recently joined some religious cult, and claimed to hear the voice of God, which helped him stay clean. Later, Kate informs Daniel about the cult, which is called ‘Haven House’ which is centered around a 16 year old kid, named Kyle Jensen. “They say he talks directly to God”. Turns out, the victim gave almost $500,000 to this cult.

Later, the two pay the cult a visit and sit through one of Kyle’s sessions, about the things God told him. Daniel is shocked when Kyle looks at him and says that there is somebody here who has only doubt, and I am glad that he is here. Later Kate is informed that, Jared was once again seeing his addict friends. Then she is told about a guy named Shane, who was earlier in the cult, but didn’t feel Kyle’s parents were doing enough for Kyle. She is informed that he was a kind of a fanatic. Shane had allegedly threatened to burn down the house along with everyone in it. That is when Jared had asked Shane to leave, and when Shane refused Jared threw him out. When Shane left, he was ranting about Jared paying for his sins. Later Daniel asks Kyle “How did you know I was a non-believer, did God tell you that?”

Kyle in return tells Daniel that he could simply see it in his face. He then tells Daniel how God first began talking to him, when he was 12. He tells Daniel when he hears God’s voice it feels to him like he is asleep and awake at the same time. He also reveals that, he gets headaches, feels nauseated and also feels euphoria, during this experience. Later, Daniel tells Kyle and his parents that the symptoms beings exhibited by Kyle are classic symptoms of temporal lobe epilepsy, which can be caused by a tumor. Daniel asks that Kyle be tested by him, so he can find if it’s really a tumor, as Kyle’s condition could be fatal. Kyle though is adamant he doesn’t want the tests done, because even if it’s a tumor, it was given to him by God.

Kyle’s parents tell Daniel that they will talk to him and try to convince him, but they shall not force him to do anything that he doesn’t want to. Kate later tells Daniel that, if it will make him feel better she will have the IRS look into the books of ‘Haven House’, but her money is on Shane being the culprit. Later, Daniel is informed that the cult’s books are absolutely clean. Shane is meanwhile brought in for questioning. He reveals to Kate, how he saw Nikki the girl who is about to get married to Kyle’s brother, in Jared’s arms, in Jared’s bedroom in Haven House. He then insinuates that it was probably Kyle’s brother who killed Jared, as he too came to know about Nikki and Jared having an affair.

Daniel meanwhile hallucinates, Joan of Arc sitting beside him and telling him that, Kyle is not the killer. Nikki later admits to Daniel and Kate that she did go into Jared’s room, but only because his room was besides hers and she heard him crying and had hence gone in to console him. She also tells them her fiancé Greg, couldn’t have know about this as his room is downstairs and in the back. She also tells them how Jared had admitted to her that he was slipping, and also how he took her sympathy the wrong way and made a pass at her. She though told him she is committed to Greg and left. She did not say all this before, allegedly because Greg loved Jared and she didn’t want to upset him. Later at home, Daniel is informed that Kyle is in the hospital.

Turns out, he had a seizure while climbing down the stairs, and in turn fell and hurt his head which has caused internal bleeding. The doctor also reveals that the accident was a blessing in disguise, as it was revealed that Kyle has an invasive tumor in his left temporal lobe. It’s possible the fall dislodged the tumor, which is possibly causing the internal bleeding. Daniel meanwhile figures out that, Kyle probably didn’t have a seizure, but had instead figured out who killed Jared, therefore someone pushed him down the stairs. Later, Kate questions a man who was seen roughing up Jared, right before he was killed.

Daniel meanwhile decides to stay at the hospital, for Kyle’s protection. The guy its turns out is a war veteran, who was angry at Jared giving out pamphlets about a church giving donations. He then reveals to Kate how the school in Afghanistan where Haven House claims to donate money, actually does not exist. He then tells Kate how he was stationed in Afghanistan in the same place where the school is claimed to be, according to the pamphlet, and no such school actually exists there. He it turns out, told Jared about it just like he told her, and Jared outraged on hearing this decided to report it to the IRS.

Kate is shocked to hear this, as the IRS gave the cult a clean bill of health. Later Kate confronts Ethan the IRS official who had looked over the books of Haven House and had given it a clean chit. Turns out, Ethan was making a run for it, when he was apprehended by Kate. Meanwhile, the doctor at the hospital informs Kyle’s family that Kyle formed complications during the operation and has gone into a coma. He also hints that Kyle might not make it. Meanwhile, Ethan in exchange for a lighter sentence admits to Kate that he did take a bride. Later Kate places Shelby, Kyle’s stepfather who is at the hospital under arrest, for Jared’s murder. Kate later tells Daniel how Ethan admitted to being bribed by Tom Shelby for a clean audit.

Daniel though doesn’t seem convinced about Tom being the killer and decides to stay with Kyle for his safety, till the charge is proven. Tom is later visibly shocked at the accusations leveled at him by Kate and claims to know nothing about any of it. Daniel meanwhile is alone with Nikki and Kyle in the room. Nikki asks him for some time alone with Kyle so she can pray for him. Just then Daniel hallucinates, Joan of Arc telling him how Nikki wants to kill Kyle and hence wants time alone with him. Daniel on hearing this insists on staying. Daniel then pretends as if Kyle is dead by removing the connection to his neuro-electrical sensor, which Nikki doesn’t notice. She then rushes out to inform the family about Kyle passing away. Daniel then reattaches the connection and immediately informs Kate about Nikki being the killer and not Tom.

Kate decides to put a tail on Nikki and see where she is headed in such a hurry. Later Nikki is caught red handed by Kate and her team, filling up a bag with bundles of cash, at a bank. Ethan is then confronted by Kate once again. Turns out, he loved her and had hence lied, naming Tom instead of her. Kate then gets him to spill the beans, by revealing to him how Nikki was planning to leave the country with all the money, on her own, leaving him behind.

He reveals how Nikki planned the whole thing including her pretending to be a “lost lamb”, so she could enter Haven House, and swindle all the money. Jared came to know about this and so did Kyle so she killed Jared and tried killing Kyle. Later the doctor informs Daniel that Kyle is out of danger and shall recover fully. Later Daniel hands over the money he got from the Davenport Prize to Kyle, who says he wants to open an actual school in Afghanistan for kids. The episode ends.