Shadow - Recap

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The episode begins with Daniel asking his class” What are you afraid of?” He asks his students if humans can override their primal nature and not react due out of fear. Next, Lewicki gives Daniel certain instructions as Daniel will have to spend the weekend alone; Lewicki has to go home for his parent’s 30th anniversary. At home, Daniel is watching the television news, where Senator Ryland is taking oath for office. Daniel is making fun of the speech and Natalie reminds him that he voted for Ryland. Daniel doesn’t believe in Ryland’s abilities. Lewicki is about to leave when he sees that Daniel has received a letter; it is from a guy named Wesley, a former student.

Lewicki leaves. Daniel has a grave expression after reading the letter; something is wrong. Next, Daniel meets Wesley in an isolated place. Wesley tells him that Ryland’s predecessor, who was killed in an accident, was actually murdered; his plane was sabotaged by Lawrence Crawford, CEO of an electronics company. Wesley tells him that Paulson chaired a committee that was going to pass a clean energy bill which would have cost Crawford’s company billions. Moreover, an engineer, Brian, died when he found out about the sabotage. Wesley thinks this is a murder. He says that no one believed him; except for this one reporter, David, who later drove his car off the road! Wesley thinks that he is going to be killed next.

He hands over an envelope to Daniel which contains evidence. Just then an arrow strikes Wesley in the eye and he falls down dead. Daniel panics and calls Kate. She rushes to the scene with Probert. Probert was the first to arrive on the scene and he tells Kate that there was no dead body when he got there. Hours later, Kate tells Daniel that there are no witnesses or traces of blood. Somebody has cleaned up the crime scene! The envelope contains nothing but newspaper clippings and it is no evidence. Daniel isn’t a reliable witness. Also, there is no record of Wesley attending college, but Daniel tells her that Wesley only audited his class. Kate wonders if Daniel was hallucinating.

At home, Natalie tells Daniel that the story seems just like the one a schizophrenic would come up with. She doubts whether Daniel has been taking his meds. Natalie reminds him that he needs to think about Kate’s reputation as well. Just then Kate arrives with a video proof from a student’s cell phone. She is sorry for doubting him. Daniel feels that looking into what Wesley was investigating would lead them to his killer. Daniel decides to talk to David’s boss. The boss tells them that Wesley was crazy. Just then Daniel meets his hallucination of the week: John F Kennedy! The boss tells them that he could give them the David’s belongings from his desk. They go through the things in the box; and they find ‘Pleiades’ written on a page. Just then Probert arrives.

He finds that David’s call records show that there were seven calls made to Helen, Paulson’s wife. Daniel pulls out a clipping which states that Helen was offered her husband’s post, but she turned it down and nominated Ryland. They go to meet Helen. But when they reach her house, they see that the EMT is putting her in an ambulance. JFK appears and says that it is Dallas all over again; somebody tried to kill Helen. At the hospital, they briefly talk to Helen, where Helen tells them that David told her about the sabotage and that Crawford was the one who did it. But she did not believe him as Crawford was a friend. Daniel asks her why she turned down her husband’s senate. But before she could say anything, she dies. The duo then meets with Crawford and Daniel notices the Pleiades stars on the wall.

Daniel mentions that the systems were faulty and despite that the plane was allowed to fly when it was not supposed to. Crawford says that the systems were working fine. Daniel feels that since the company itself examined the systems after the crash, they could have falsified the data. At home, Daniel is trying to work on the code “Pleiades”. Natalie tells him that the stars could signify something else; like history. Daniel reads that the Pleiades, was once known to be the center of the universe. This gets him thinking and he concludes that Pleiades could also signify a secret society, the order of Alcyone; where the society was killing Congressmen. This could also be a group of corporate who did this to maintain their power. Just then JFK appears and says that the conspiracy wasn’t about getting Paulson out; it was about getting Ryland in.

Next, Daniel goes to Kate’s house and tells her that Crawford’s company bought electronic voting machines. They manipulated the votes, and got Ryland in. moreover, the election results don’t match up with the exit polls. Next, they talk to a woman named Janice, who works in Crawford’s company. She tells them that she had found a virus that was set up to alter the voting results. She told this to Brian. He then hacked into Crawford’s emails and found out about a big meeting with the senior council and Ryland. Janice is ready to testify. She hands over a flash drive which has a copy of the virus. Next, the coroner tells Daniel and Kate that Helen died of radiation poisoning; polonium. She was murdered. Kate gets a call. She tells Daniel that the flash drive had nothing on it.

They go to her hotel room and find that she is murdered. JFK tells Daniel that the answer to when the meeting is supposed to take place is in the stars. Daniel goes back home and draws conclusions based on the Pleiades and the helical Rising and figures out that the meeting is scheduled for the next day. Kate seems skeptical. Just then Probert arrives to arrest Daniel for Wesley’s murder. He then shows them the video and we see that the man with the crossbow who killed Wesley is Daniel. Daniel feels that he is being set up. Kate believes that Daniel is not capable of hurting anyone, if he is in his right frame of mind. JFK arrives and tells Daniel that there is a fox in the henhouse; Probert is one of the conspirators. Kate tasers Probert and dumps him in the trunk of her car. She tells Daniel that she is going to plant a wire in the conference room and that she will meet him in few hours.

He kisses her and leaves. Next, Daniel is waiting for Kate at the Millennium Park and is worried as she is late. Daniel goes to the conference room, where the meeting is supposed to take place. He enters in after punching the code “Pleiades”. But after he enters, he sees that everyone begins shaking hands with JFK. A guard tries to push Daniel outside; it is Lewicki! Daniel snaps out of his delusion. We see that Daniel is actually at home with newspaper clippings all around him and this whole thing was only his imagination!! Just then Kate arrives. He hugs her and asks her why she didn’t meet him. She is confused as the last time she saw him was when she drove him back home after looking for Wesley’s body two days ago.

Lewicki plays the video that showed the sniper; but it turns out to be a video that was meant for his class. Next, in the bathroom, Natalie tells Daniel that that he needs help and that he came out of the delusional state only because Lewicki came home. Daniel takes out his medication and says that he should have started taking this, weeks ago. But Natalie points out that he needs to go to the hospital. Daniel needs to be with her. But Natalie says that having her around is what got him into this mess. He needs to let go off her for his sanity. Meanwhile, Kate tells Lewicki that there is no record of Wesley.

He goes downstairs and asks Lewicki and Kate for a ride. He checks himself into a psychiatric hospital. Next, Probert tells Kate that she needs to see a video which popped up online an hour ago; it is Wesley’s video recording which he had arranged to be released only in the case of his demise. In the video, Wesley says, “If you are watching this video, then I am already dead”. To be continued...