Light - Recap

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The episode begins with the FBI watching Wesley’s video, in which he states that he was looking into the suspicious deaths of Senator Paulson, engineer Brian and reporter David. Kate says that they should trace the IP address to the person who posted this video. At the psychiatric hospital, Daniel is approached by Natalie in a doctor’s coat and Daniel tells her that no one can see her as she is a part of his hallucinations. But then the doctor asks him, who is Natalie? Actually, the woman who looks like Natalie is a psychiatrist and her name is Caroline. Daniel thinks she is messing with him. He thinks that all of this his delusion and he begins to run.

He comes across Max and Max slaps him hard to make him realize that all this is real; well that is what he was hired for! Later, when Daniel is asleep, Kate arrives at the hospital and insists on seeing Daniel. Kate tells Caroline that the delusion that landed Daniel in the hospital may not be a delusion as they have strong indications of a murder that took place. Caroline says that reliving that incident might not be good for Daniel. Caroline doesn’t allow Kate to meet Daniel. Kate receives a call from Probert, telling her that they traced the ip address and the software engineer’s son, Alex Willingham, bought a coffee at a nearby café 10 minutes before the release. They catch Alex and he admits that he killed Wesley, even though he didn’t want to.

He tells Kate that his father was acting weird as he was having trouble at work. He is sure that his father was murdered. He knows this because, while researching about the company, Alex came across a blog, where a guy named Truth-bomb had mentioned about the conspiracy and that Brian was aware of this and that he was killed. Alex then met Truth-bomb, who turns out to be Wesley. They take the help of a reporter, David, but he too was killed in a crash. That is when Wesley decided that they should take Daniel’s help. Wesley asked Alex to kill him so that they could convince Daniel about the conspiracy. Hence, Alex shot Wesley with his dad’s crowbar as it would leave no blood.

Wesley had also asked Alex to hide a tarp in the dirt, so that when Daniel is scared away, he could simply roll the body and drag it away. Alex requests Kate to find the truth; else he killed Wesley for nothing. Max tries his best to avoid Haley, but in the end Haley confronts Max and Max tells him where Daniel is. Haley goes to the hospital and talks to Caroline. He tells her that Daniel and he were roommates and that Daniel had a girlfriend named Natalie. He met her at a party. It was a long distance relationship. Then Daniel started showing symptoms and he ended up in the hospital. Caroline then goes to Daniel and tells him that she is Natalie.

She then points says that she spoke to Haley and she knows about their road trip to Michigan. She says that she went to Michigan. Daniel had seen her at a fraternity party but was too scared to talk to her. He started to walk away, when a voice in his head told him t go and talk to the girl. The voice was the beginning of his problem. Next, Kate tells Probert that the company was being investigated as Alex’s father was selling software codes to the competitors. The day he dies, he was fired and was told that he is going to be prosecuted. Probert tells Kate that there was a dent in the reporter’s car and his girlfriend took responsibility for it. The girlfriend is called for interrogation.

She tells them that she works for the phone company and that David had asked access to some guy’s voicemails. And whatever he heard got him driven off the road. She told the police that she dented the car because she feared that she too will be killed if those guys found out what she did. The man whose voicemail David listened to was Leo, the Senator’s chief of staff. Leo tells the FBI that the night before Mrs. Paulson made the announcement; she left him a very angry voicemail saying that she received the filthy package he sent and that she is withdrawing her name. David went to Leo saying that he insinuated Mrs. Paulson by blackmailing her and withdrawing her name.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Caroline that he knew Natalie wasn’t real as a kid pointed out to him that he was talking to himself during a field trip to the museum. Caroline then tells him about Kate’s visit and also that the crime he had witnessed had actually happened. He leaves. He arrives at Kate’s and tells her that he wants back on the case. Kate lets him in. They then meet Mrs. Paulson. She tells them that the package actually had a flash drive and a note saying that it is best for her to withdraw from taking over her husband’s senate seat. The flash drive had a video of Paulson and Ryland’s wife Victoria in his office. Victoria tells the duo that Paulson tried to rape her; but she didn’t report her as he was the senator and her husband’s hero.

She says that she was in his office to discuss funding for a literacy program. She says that Leo saw her leaving. Leo as Paulson’s aide and then came to Ryland stating that he could get him elected. They meet Leo again and ask him if he had access to any of the security tapes of the Senator’s office. Just then Ryland arrives and tells Leo to get him something to eat as salmon is being served and he can’t eat it. Daniel notices that the Senator is having a stroke; Ryland collapses. The doctor tells Daniel that Ryland did not have a history of stroke or clotting. He says that he needs an autopsy done; he thinks that someone killed Ryland. The tox results are clean. Daniel feels that something is not right. Max suggests that Daniel should go back to the hospital. Daniel agrees.

He arrives at the hospital and asks Caroline to be Natalie for a while. He needs to know if his brains work while he is on the meds. So, he narrates the whole thing to her and she tells him to simplify his thinking. He then remembers that Ryland said that he couldn’t eat salmon; which means that he was on some medication which prevent him from eating salmon. Daniel thinks he was covering up a life threatening condition he had. And also that Ryland was not aware that he is off his meds. Someone had switched his meds!! Next, in the news, Daniel sees that Victoria is up for the Senate seat. So Victoria killed Ryland. This whole thing was no conspiracy against Paulson or any such thing. It was the brains of a very clever and ambitious woman.

Kate tells Daniel that she got information which says that Victoria got her car repaired the day after the reporter was killed. Daniel goes to talk to Victoria. He tells her that she went to Ryland’s office to seduce him and then shot the video on her cell phone to blackmail him into resigning from his post. But when his plane crashed, she saw an opportunity and blackmailed his widow into turning down the Senate seat and to endorse Ryland. She knew about her husband’s health condition. So, she swapped the medicines that they bought from Mexico with some sugar pills and waited for him to get a stroke.

Daniel tells her that if she doesn’t call the press and declare that she isn’t standing for the Senate, he will go to the newspapers and tell them that he is tendering his resignation as the FBI refused to look into allegations made against Victoria; this could lead to a lot of questions about the rape video and the medications. Daniel leaves on his bike. Moments later, we see Victoria is chasing the bike and she runs over the bike throwing the rider off the bike. The cops arrive and Kate arrests her. The guy on the bike was Probert and this was a trap.

Kate later tells Daniel that he was right about the medicines being swapped. Next, Caroline comes to meet Daniel. She tells him that she cannot be his psychiatrist anymore; but she could definitely be a friend. Max is finally happy to see Daniel sitting on the bench and talking to Caroline; instead of “Natalie”. The episode ends.