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Perception Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Pilot

First aired: Jul/09/2012
Writer: Mike Sussman, Kenneth Biller
Director: Alan Poul
Guest star: Jonathan Scarfe (Special Agent Roger Probert), Jeremy Ratchford (Detective), LeVar Burton (Paul Haley), Colin Cunningham (Gerard Permut), Ravi Patel (Dr. Harvey Kapoor), Debra McCabe (Pamela Weilman), Rick Roberts (Philip Klane), Paul Essiembre (Alan Dirk), Joanna Douglas (Valerie Nelson), Paulino Nunes (Dr. Martin Bryant), Kevin Hare (Clark Weilman), Dylan Roberts (Timothy May), Laura Carswell (Stimulus Package / Karyn), John Mavro (Hippie Guy), Kate Etienne (Female Classmate), Joseph O'toole (Jimmy)

Neuroscience professor Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) is recruited by a former student, FBI Agent Kate Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook), to help out on a case involving the death of a pharmaceutical executive. But Daniel's schizophrenic hallucinations could potentially derail the investigation.

2 :01x02 - Faces

First aired: Jul/16/2012
Writer: Kenneth Biller, Mike Sussman
Director: Greg Beeman
Guest star: Jamie Bamber (Dr. Michael Hathaway), Katherine Boecher (Masha / Olena Marchenko Prentice), Winter Ave Zoli (Paulina), W. Earl Brown (Frank Prentice), Jason Gerhardt (Jake), Tessa Munro (Jolene Grey), Dimitri Diatchenko (Alexei Tupelov), Zeljka Gortinski (Marriage Broker), Zoran Korach (Yuri Petrovich), Kinga Philipps (FBI Agent (Hallucination)), Jonathan Scarfe (Special Agent Roger Probert), LeVar Burton (Paul Haley), Dylan Kenin (Man), Ted Mattison (Jolene's Husband), Andrew C. Lim (FBI Security Guard)

Pierce is enlisted to help crack the case of a murdered mail-order bride. A twist marks the investigation when it's discovered the prime suspect suffers from an unusual condition. Elsewhere, Moretti is drawn to a handsome new professor.

3 :01x03 - 86’d

First aired: Jul/23/2012
Writer: Stephen Tolkin
Director: Deran Sarafian
Guest star: Patrick Cassidy (Kenny Strand), Pete Gardner (Simon Kaydee), Dan Lauria (Joe Moretti), Sheryl Lee (Lacey Pinderhall), Pamela Reed (Mrs. Pinderhall), Armin Shimerman (Dr. Cutler), Richard Edson (Keith Trevoy), Paul Ganus (Assistant S.A.I.C. Tanner), Bobby Hosea (Coach Parker), Pat Millicano (Eddie Russell), Jonathan Scarfe (Special Agent Roger Probert), Sola Bamis (Nurse Hannah Edwards), Jayme Lynn Evans (Melinda Davis), Phil Jones (70 Year Old Pierce), Angie Simms (Goth Girl)

Pierce and Moretti race to find clues when a serial killer from 1986 begins killing again. They catch a break when they learn that one of the victims is actually alive. Moretti’s dad, one of the investigators on the original case, offers his daughter advice. Pamela Reed also guest-stars as the mother of the surviving victim, while Armin Shimerman is the victim’s psychologist.

4 :01x04 - Cipher

First aired: Jul/30/2012
Writer: Jerry Shandy
Director: Deran Sarafian
Guest star: Marc Aden (Miller Klosner), Laurie Fortier (Hospital Doctor), Neal McDonough (Fredrick James Dafoe), Greg Collins (SWAT Leader), Will Rothhaar (Eddie), Cary Elwes (British Intelligence Officer), Tzi Ma (Prof. Arthur Wei), Kristen Kerr (Maya Benowitz), Gill Gayle (Paul), Noel Conlon (Charles Dafoe)

Pierce tries to crack a coded message left in a newspaper by someone who may be connected to a murder. But time isn’t on his side as another victim’s life could be in danger.

5 :01x05 - The Messenger

First aired: Aug/06/2012
Writer: Stephen Tolkin, Jason Ning
Director: Christopher Misiano
Guest star: Lisa Waltz (Sandy Shelby), Melissa Farman (Joan of Arc), Tim Guinee (Tom Shelby), LeVar Burton (Paul Haley), Brett Del Buono (Kyle Jensen), Piter Marek (Hospital Doctor), Roger Bart (IRS Agent Ethan Kendrick), Jaimie Alexander (Nicky Atkins), Christopher Backus (Aaron Bauer), Anita Finlay (Mrs. Baker), Ryan Slater (Greg Jensen), Bradford Anderson (Shane Flannery)

When a young man in a cult claims to be hearing the word of God, Pierce must determine if it’s actually the word of God or a life-threatening neurological condition. Pierce and Moretti must also figure out if his murder is linked to his drug past or his new life with an organization that may be scamming people out of their life savings. Roger Bart guest-stars as Ethan Kendrick, a high-powered IRS agent looking into the finances of the organization. Meanwhile, the university gives Pierce an award for his research.

6 :01x06 - Lovesick

First aired: Aug/20/2012
Writer: Jason Ning
Director: Greg Beeman
Guest star: J.R. Cacia (Thomas Akers), LeVar Burton (Paul Haley), John M. Jackson (Vincent), Spencer Garrett (Howard Reycraft), Vanessa Branch (Michelle Akers), William Ragsdale (Dr. Julian Corvis), Krista Allen (Allison Bannister), Jillian Murray (Misty Corbett), Lendon Lemelle (Rodney), Mary Birdsong (Cheryl Corvis), August Emerson (Justin Reycraft), Laura Carswell (Karyn), Wolfgang Bodison (Chris Leavins), Brooke Newton (Weather Girl), T.J. Hoban (Toby Mulligan), Jamie Bamber (Dr. Michael Hathaway)

Pierce is called upon to help the FBI investigate the murder of a therapist. Moretti spends more time with Professor Hathaway. And Dean Haley uses Pierce as bait to get a wealthy alumni’s widow to fund a new building.

7 :01x07 - Nemesis

First aired: Aug/27/2012
Writer: Amanda Green
Director: Christopher Misiano
Guest star: Tom Sizemore (Bobby Lonergan), Edward Furlong (Pete Dolan), Chic Daniel (Team Leader), Jonathan Tucker (Brady McGraw), David H. Lawrence (Public Defender), Nicki Micheaux (Ellen Jameson), Lisa Banes (Irene Reardon), Conor O'Farrell (David Trent), Mary Page Keller (Judge Karen Trent)

Pierce must take a deep look into his own life when he is brought into a case involving a schizophrenic. Meanwhile, Moretti stops at nothing to impress her new boss at the FBI. Guest star Tom Sizemore plays a top-level Irish mobster, while guest star Edward Furlong plays a would-be tough guy who may have played a crucial role in the crime.

8 :01x08 - Kilimanjaro

First aired: Sep/03/2012
Writer: Amanda Green
Director: Tawnia McKiernan
Guest star: Gabriel Basso (Billy Mitchell), Azim Rizk (Student), Shane Coffey (D. J. (as young Daniel J. Pierce)), Christina Scherer (Shannon Duquesne), Carlie Casey (Christina Lake), Jamie Bamber (Dr. Michael Hathaway), Amelia Rose Blaire (Annie), Jazz Raycole (Vicky), Aaron Hill (Brian Cahill), Greg Ellis (Leighton Brevard), Dov Tiefenbach (Andre Lustig), Lisa Banes (Irene Reardon), William Moseley (Prince Karl of Hesse-Brandenburg), Molly Hagan (Professor Allison Emmett), LeVar Burton (Paul Haley), Kayla Cherie Compton (Indie Girl)

Moretti and Pierce are called upon to solve a crime in their own backyard when a college student is killed in her dorm room. Pierce is forced into the uncomfortable situation of interacting on a personal level with more than one of his students, which forces him to confront difficult truths about his own past. The case comes just as Moretti is beginning to re-evaluate her relationship with Dr. Hathaway.

9 :01x09 - Shadow

First aired: Sep/10/2012
Writer: Mike Sussman
Director: Kenneth Biller
Guest star: Nicole de Boer (Janice Zimmerman), Dave Thomas (Bill Duffy), Kieron Elliott (Dr. Jonathan Ingbar), Jonathan Scarfe (Special Agent Roger Probert), Steven Culp (John F. Kennedy), Matthew Glave (Senator Scott Ryland), Jimmy Bennett (Alex Willingham), Freddy Rodriguez (Wesley Sumter), Jayne Atkinson (Helen Paulson), Hira Ambrosino (Dr. Susan Hansen), Bridget Regan (Victoria Ryland), Michael B. Silver (Lawrence Crawford), Jules Theodore (Security Guard (as Jules E. Theodore)), David Farkas (FBI Agent #1), Jeff Kueppers (EMT), Whitney Avalon (Psych Nurse #1)

Pierce is tipped off by a former student about a potential conspiracy to cover up the murder of a U.S. Senator. But the situation soon spirals into a nightmare in which the people Daniel should be able to trust might instead be working against him.

10 :01x10 - Light

First aired: Sep/17/2012
Writer: Kenneth Biller
Director: Kenneth Biller
Guest star: Bridget Regan (Victoria Ryland), Jayne Atkinson (Helen Paulson), Matthew Glave (Senator Scott Ryland), Allison Smith (Laura Crane), Jimmy Bennett (Alex Willingham), LeVar Burton (Paul Haley), Paul Ganus (Assistant S.A.I.C. Tanner), Glenn Fitzgerald (Leo Attinger), Freddy Rodriguez (Wesley Sumter), Scott Paulin (Senator Ted Paulson), Bob Morrisey (Senator Ryland's Personal Physician), Jonathan Scarfe (Special Agent Roger Probert), Michael Canaan (Security Guard), Sherina Mikasa Manning (Psych Nurse #2)

Moretti learns there may be some truth to Pierce’s conspiracy theory when new evidence shows up online. Meanwhile, Pierce's new doctor forces him to face the truth about Natalie.

11 :02x01 - Ch-Ch-Changes

First aired: Jun/25/2013
Writer: Jason Ning, Kenneth Biller
Director: Greg Beeman
Guest star: David Paymer (Rueben Bauer), Brian Thompson (Vernon Hill), Scott Wolf (Donald 'Donnie' Ryan), Evan Helmuth (Charlie Kendricks), Gordon Clapp (Alan Kendricks), Evan Jones (Billy Flynn), Alexis Cruz (Joseph Garcia), Nancy Youngblut (Judge Leslie Markway), David Jung (Artist), Mark Berry (Jury Foreman), Brooke Stone (Neighbor), Ingo Neuhaus (Prison Guard), Dana Daurey (Sara), Amy E. Kiser (Beautiful Woman (as Amy Kiser)), Ray Chang (Medical Examiner)

FBI Agent Kate Moretti asks Dr. Daniel Pierce to determine the mental competency of a man being retried for murder. But the trial takes a shocking and unexpected turn when Pierce’s findings question whether the person standing trial is the same person he was six years ago. Meanwhile, Moretti is unpleasantly surprised to discover that the Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case is her soon-to-be-ex-husband Donnie Ryan.

12 :02x02 - Alienation

First aired: Jul/02/2013
Writer: Mike Sussman
Director: Greg Beeman
Guest star: Maggie Wheeler (Barbara Bruckner), Scott Wolf (Donald 'Donnie' Ryan), Johnny Pemberton (Imaginary Fanboy), Raphael Sbarge (Jerry Brockner), Teddy Vincent (Donny's Grandmother), Tom Virtue (Doctor), Geoffrey Blake (Preston Resnick), Brad Rowe (FBI Agent Dalton), Hedy Burress (Ellen Resnick), Robert Picardo (A. Z. Weyland), Melissa Carnell (Princess Leia), Rakefet Abergel (Fangirl)

Pierce and Moretti take on an extraterrestrial case when a woman reports that aliens have abducted her husband. When Pierce and Moretti arrive to investigate, however, they make a startling discovery. Meanwhile, things heat up between Pierce and his real-life girlfriend, Caroline, but his relationship could be jeopardized if he can't get his imaginary girlfriend, Natalie, out of his mind.

13 :02x03 - Blindness

First aired: Jul/09/2013
Writer: Nicki Paluga
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Guest star: Del Zamora (Emmanuel), Danielle Rayne (Janet Larsen / Reporter), Sundra Oakley (Jennifer Britton), Nick Chinlund (Kevin Connor), Tim Ransom (Dr. Robert Mills), Jonathan Goldstein (Basketball Fan), Evelyn Christina Tonn (Judge Cleland's Secretary), Frank Farmer (Greg / Older Witness), Brad Rowe (FBI Agent Dalton), Scott Wolf (Donald 'Donnie' Ryan), Aaron Behr (Shane Murphy), Hilary Anderson (Equally Sexy Student), Daniel Kash (CPD Cop), Jessica Cook (Sexy Student #1), Ariel Fournier (Suzi), Matthew Kaminsky (Tom)

When a series of bizarre public murders occur, Pierce realizes that the killer is trying to send a message about inattentional blindness, but Donnie doubts this theory. But Pierce has a trick up his sleeve that can prove his point, and they must scramble to piece together the clues before the clever killer can make any more examples out of innocent victims.

14 :02x04 - Toxic

First aired: Jul/16/2013
Writer: Warren Hsu Leonard
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Guest star: Jim Turner (Dr. Bilson), Vanessa Marano (Riley), Ray Wise (Martin Sullivan), Martha Hackett (Leah Sullivan), Lindsay Bushman (Maddy), Susan Walters (Anne Wallace), Damaris Diaz (Zoe), Caleb Hunt (Chad), Laura Slade Wiggins (Patti Wallace), Brad Rowe (FBI Agent Dalton), Taylor John Smith (Braden Sullivan), Tiffany Boone (Teenage Girl), Scott Wolf (Donald 'Donnie' Ryan), Lisa Sheridan (Rebecca Abbott), David Stifel (Worker), Carolyn Ann Clark (Flight Attendant), Velinda Godfrey (Thin Brunette), Trevor Doyle Nelson (Shy Guy)

Pierce accepts an invitation to work on a case from a renowned environmental activist concerning a chain of abnormal neurological reactions in a group of young girls. However, upon examining the girls, Pierce discovers that a dark secret is at the root of their ailments. Meanwhile, Moretti questions Pierce’s motives in working on a case without her.

15 :02x05 - Caleidoscope

First aired: Jul/23/2013
Writer: Jonathan Abrahams
Director: Christopher Misiano
Guest star: Dave Shalansky (Kurt Simpson), Michael Patrick McGill (Dave Richards), Sari Arambulo (Mai Quang), Jeanetta Arnette (Stephanie Nordhoff), Kate Beahan (Ileana), Melissa Hayden (Ashley Richards), Mike Moh (Quang Brother), Robbie Collier Sublett (Jeremy Nordhoff), DJ Qualls (Agent Rudy Fleckner)

Pierce and Morretti plunge into virtual reality to solve the murder of Kurt Simpson, a man who spent most of his time in a massive multiplayer online game called Caleidoscope. After creating an avatar of himself to investigate the crime, Pierce struggles more than ever to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

16 :02x06 - Defective

First aired: Jul/30/2013
Writer: Raf Green, Charley Dane
Director: Andrew Bernstein
Guest star: Larry Cedar (Mel Haberman), Richie Rothenberg (tba), Anabelle Acosta (Eva), Whitney Hoy (Gabby), David Alpay (Sario Donati), Michael Benyaer (Dr. Arthur Singh), Matt Prokop (Ian Vetter), Julie Ann Emery (Susan Vetter), Kristin Carey (Jill Nelson), Jud Tylor (Tess Williams), DJ Qualls (Agent Rudy Fleckner), Richard Topol (Dr. Jeff Bowen), Alexis Denisof (Dr. Randall Vetter), Scott Wolf (Donald 'Donnie' Ryan), Ajarae Coleman (Spokeswoman), Sigmund Watkins (Cop)

A new brain device to control tremors seems to have a defect that turns out to be far more serious than a technical malfunction, and Pierce partners with Donnie to investigate. Their unlikely alliance is tested when the case escalates to murder. Meanwhile, Lewicki learns a valuable lesson about dating.

17 :02x07 - Neuropositive

First aired: Aug/06/2013
Writer: Sean Whitesell
Director: Andrew Bernstein
Guest star: Holly Gagnier (Angie), Reid Scott (Dr. Hutchins), Matthew Holmes (Phil Carlson), Rebecca McFarland (Pam Carlson), Shane Coffey (D. J. (as young Daniel J. Pierce)), Timothy Busfield (George), Dana Daurey (Sara), Trevor Morgan (Jimmy Miles), JoBeth Williams (Margaret Pierce), Wendy Phillips (Eileen Miles), Paul Ambrus (Detective)

When Moretti receives a deathbed confession about the hit-and-run murder of a teenager from 1992, she calls on Pierce to determine the ailing man's credibility. The case becomes complicated, however, when the alleged killer's physician, Dr. Hutchins, reveals that his patient’s tumor has mysteriously disappeared. Pierce and Moretti must dig deeper into the past to uncover the truth behind a shocking series of apparent homicides.

18 :02x08 - Asylum

First aired: Aug/13/2013
Director: Greg Beeman
Guest star: Judd Hirsch (Sigmund Freud), Karen Teune (Nurse Laurie Mason), Bambadjan Bamba (Anthony), Scott Wolf (Donald 'Donnie' Ryan), Gia Mantegna (Erica Beecher), Johanna Braddy (Blonde Lady at the Bar), Lou George (Kevin Reynolds), Tehmina Sunny (Rina), Brian Dietzen (Mark Leighton), Marina Benedict (Zoey), Jim Grollman (Angry Customer at the Bar), David Paymer (Rueben Bauer), Peter Jacobson (Dr. Poole), Rob LaBelle (Virgil), Philip Martin (Lex), Dan Lauria (Joe Moretti), Mitch Poulos (Burly Cop)

Pierce investigates a gruesome stabbing at a psychiatric hospital. Guided by his hallucination of Sigmund Freud, Pierce becomes convinced the hospital is full of dark secrets.

19 :02x09 - Wounded

First aired: Aug/20/2013
Writer: Mike Sussman
Director: Kenneth Biller
Guest star: Graham Beckel (Colonel), Logan Bartholomew (Blake Rickford), Cameron Dye (Attorney Larsen), Lindsay Pulsipher (Kendra Murphy), Enisha Brewster (Gabrielle Blair), Nancy Youngblut (Judge Leslie Markway), Perrey Reeves (Miranda Stiles), Anthony B. Phillips (Young Paul Haley), John Heard (Congressman Evan Rickford), Hunter Jackson (Anthony Hicks), Kimberly Whalen (Ruby), Shane Coffey (D. J. (as young Daniel J. Pierce)), Pippa Black (Wendy), Gil McKinney (Bryan Murphy), Corey Brill (Former National Guard Captain), Lex Shontz (Larry McPhee), John Pirruccello (Dennis Gennaro), Scott Wolf (Donald 'Donnie' Ryan), David Andriole (Unit Chief Connaghan), Rebekah Graf (Mrs. McPhee), Chelsea Ricketts (Young Miranda), B.J. Clinkscales (Patrolman Kirby), Ellen Fox (Female Reporter)

Donnie tries to help a war hero suffering from a neurological disorder, but what starts out as a good deed ends up having major implications. Meanwhile, Pierce gets an unexpected surprise when a fling from his past shows up.

20 :02x10 - Warrior

First aired: Aug/27/2013
Writer: Amanda Green
Director: Kenneth Biller
Guest star: Chelsea Ricketts (Young Miranda), Miguel Perez (Judge James Cabrera), Dan Lauria (Joe Moretti), Michelle Ang (Former National Guardwoman), Perrey Reeves (Miranda Stiles), Scott Wolf (Donald 'Donnie' Ryan), Shane Coffey (D. J. (as young Daniel J. Pierce)), Lex Shontz (Larry McPhee), Pippa Black (Wendy Burrell), Hunter Jackson (Anthony Hicks), Lindsay Pulsipher (Kendra Murphy), Graham Beckel (Colonel), Logan Bartholomew (Blake Rickford), Al Coronel (Carlos), Gil McKinney (Bryan Murphy), Ashanti Brown (Valerie Blair), Kevin Weisman (Todd Erlich), CCH Pounder (FBI Psychiatrist), John Heard (Congressman Evan Rickford), Enisha Brewster (Gabrielle Blair), Corey Brill (Former National Guard Captain)

Morretti faces criminal charges after taking things into her own hands while working on a dangerous case. Pierce and Donnie strive to clear her name, but as conflicting evidence builds, even Kate begins to question her own innocence

21 :02x11 - Curveball

First aired: Feb/25/2014
Writer: Jason Ning
Director: Greg Beeman
Guest star: Kenny Ridwan (Ely Lao), Andrew Lawrence (Henry Wilmyer / Micah Conley), Scott Wolf (Donald 'Donnie' Ryan), Margaret Easley (Patricia Wilmyer), Nicole Bilderback (Carol Lao), Robert Blanche (Dan Bukowski), Marcus Giamatti (Joel (Conley's Agent)), Joseph Cortese (Paolo Genardi), Nate Hartley (Andre), Brad Beyer (Mordecai 'Three Finger' Brown), Mark D. Espinoza (Victor (as Mark Espinoza))

Dean has to turn on the charm to win a place at CLMU. Pierce fights a case for an autistic teen who's suspected of murder with the help of a hallucination from hall of famer Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown.

22 :02x12 - Brotherhood

First aired: Mar/04/2014
Writer: Sean Whitesell
Director: Christopher Misiano
Guest star: Chris Meyer (Kenny)

Pierce and Lewicki are caught off guard when Lewicki's brother Kenny shows up unannounced. In an unwelcome turn of events, Kenny is named the key suspect in a homicide case, leaving Pierce torn between helping a friend and serving justice. Meanwhile, Lewicki is approached with a tantalizing offer that makes him question Pierce's loyalty to him.

23 :02x13 - Cobra

First aired: Mar/11/2014
Writer: Nicki Paluga, Jonathan Abrahams
Director: Christopher Misiano

Tensions arise between the CIA and FBI after Pierce receives a tip that the CIA might be assassinating U.S. citizens. Things become more complicated when one of Pierce's close friends is murdered. Meanwhile, Moretti tries to overcome her trust issues with Donnie.

24 :02x14 - Obsession

First aired: Mar/18/2014
Writer: Raf Green, Charley Dane
Director: Christopher Misiano

Pierce's mental stability is questioned and his job threatened when he is accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend, Caroline Newsome. As the situation escalates, Moretti works to find the real stalker with help from a visiting inspector from Canada.

25 :03x01 - Paris

First aired: Jun/17/2014
Writer: Mike Sussman
Director: Kenneth Biller
Guest star: Rob Brownstein (Chancellor Kinney), Jonathan Bray (Agent Collins), Yilin Yang (Ms. Liu), Kentaro (Chinese Thug), Julien Cottereau (Mime), Jacky Nercessian (Henri), Perrey Reeves (Miranda Stiles), Malou Beauvoir (Agent Drexler (Embassy Legate)), Jean-Marie Lamour (Serge Lombart), Carlos Leal (Detective Girard), Josh Coxx (Special Agent Drexler (as Josh Coxx))

Dr. Daniel Pierce's picture-perfect new life in Paris is suddenly turned upside down after he is approached by the FBI legat to help with a dangerous international case. Meanwhile, his assistant Max Lewicki and Dekan Paul Haley plot to get Pierce to return to Chicago.

26 :03x02 - Painless

First aired: Jun/24/2014
Writer: Jason Ning
Director: Eric McCormack
Guest star: Walter Addison (Judge), Kevin Sheridan (Nicky), Fred Koehler (George aka The Ghost), Jessica Morris (Linda Mullane), Sammi Hanratty (Kayla Madden), Barry W. Levy (Cyrus' Defense Attorney), Jeffrey Nicholas-Brown (Shadow Leaguer), Meg Steedle (Bonnie Mullane), Brad Rowe (FBI Agent Dalton), William Miller (Cyrus Dunham), Brian McNamara (Detective Gerald Rix), Steve Valentine (Dr. Napoleon Messier)

When a prosecutor mysteriously drops dead in the middle of a courtroom, Pierce and Moretti go on the hunt for a killer. Meanwhile, Moretti and Donnie make some decisions about their future.

27 :03x03 - Shiver

First aired: Jul/01/2014
Guest star: Brian Letscher (Shane McNamara), Peter Coyote (James Alan Pierce), Rohan Nichol (Mick Dorian), Max Gail (John O'Hare)

After a young victim with a developmental disorder is taken hostage in a bank robbery, Moretti brings in Pierce to interview the boy. When they finally track down the culprits, they discover the case is about much more than money. Meanwhile, Pierce's estranged father James (guest star Peter Coyote) pays him a visit.

28 :03x04 - Possession

First aired: Jul/08/2014
Guest star: John Glover (The Devil)

Moretti calls on Pierce to examine Elena Douglas (guest star Rya Kihlstedt), a woman who has confessed to murder and claims to be possessed by the Devil. Meanwhile, Donnie and Moretti's wedding plans hit a bump in the road.

29 :03x05 - Eternity

First aired: Jul/15/2014

When renowned neuroscientist Landon Jennings is found dead, Moretti and Pierce must figure out how someone could have gained access to his impenetrable study in order to kill him. Lewicki finds himself with twice the work when Pierce's father James (guest star Peter Coyote) moves in with them.

30 :03x06 - Inconceivable

First aired: Jul/22/2014

When an infant is reported stolen, Moretti hunts down the kidnapper and makes a very bizarre discovery. As Pierce and Moretti investigate a related murder, they find that there might be another child out there who needs their help. Meanwhile, Donnie and Moretti discuss their future together when Donnie looks into buying a house in the suburbs. Featuring guest star Jeff Branson.

31 :03x07 - Bolero

First aired: Jul/29/2014

After Pierce witnesses a gallery owner die during a seizure caused by a video installation, he convinces Moretti that it was actually a murder. Their search for the killer puts them in the middle of a brazen art heist. As Pierce works on the case, he is forced to re-examine his relationship with Natalie. Featuring guest star Francesca Eastwood.

32 :03x08 - Prologue

First aired: Aug/05/2014
Guest star: Robert Curtis Brown (Dr. Rosenthal)

After a missing FBI agent turns up dead, Pierce is forced to face the one case he was never able to solve. When they discover that the killer is still out there, Pierce agrees to help Moretti, against the wishes of his therapist, Dr. Rosenthal (guest star Robert Curtis Brown), who believes it will only exacerbate Pierce's condition.

33 :03x09 - Silence

First aired: Aug/12/2014
Guest star: Brooke Nevin (Shelby Buchanan)

Donnie and Moretti are caught in the crossfire when a sniper shoots up the lobby of the Federal Building. When Pierce determines that the shooter is afraid of Extreme Low Frequency radio waves, he and Moretti take a trip to the Quiet Zone in Virginia, where they think the shooter is hiding out. Meanwhile, an alluring woman named Shelby Buchanan (guest star Brooke Nevin) courts Donnie to run for political office.

34 :03x10 - Dirty

First aired: Aug/19/2014

When Donnie finds himself in a compromising situation, he calls Pierce for help. As the evidence begins to stack against Donnie, Pierce and Moretti struggle with their own fears and doubts, as they work to solve the case. During the chaos, Pierce must deal with his father (guest star Peter Coyote) after he assaults someone at the assisted living facility.

35 :03x11 - Coma

First aired: 2015

36 :03x12 - Meat

First aired: 2015

37 :03x13 - Mirror

First aired: 2015

38 :03x14 - Romeo

First aired: 2015