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Perfect Tens - Recap

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The scene opens with couples and the husband and wives are making comments that they shouldn’t. Dave and Julia are home and Julia comes out in a outfit that is not sexy at all after a long day at work. Dave is not happy. Later, Rex and Leigh and Dave and Julia are sitting around and Leigh and Rex tell that they are going to Italy and tell that they are going to bed at two to get on Italy time so they don’t get jet lag again. Vance and Amy walk in and Vance tells that they have bed bugs. Amy tells that it is because of the fact that he doesn’t want to commit to a house. Vance tells that it is not true.

Later at the office, Vance tells that Amy is coming to go house hunting and Dave tells that Julia is deglamourizing when she comes home. Rex comes in and kisses Vance on the cheeks. He tells that it is an Italian greeting. Vance tells that Dave is having issues with Julia and he is interested despite the fact that Julia is his sister and the topic is on sex. He tells that he is going to talk to Julia and Vance and Rex tell him to avoid any bad comments. Amy walks in and they go look at a house with Dave, their real estate agent. Vance tells that they will pass because of a doggy door. She tells that it is a nice house, but they don’t take the deal that is being offered.

Later that afternoon, Julia comes home and starts to take things off. Rex and Leigh are trying to sleep because they are trying to get on Roma time and Rex tells that he gave Dave some romance advice and Leigh tells that Julia is going to need it because she was called old today. Rex tries to call Dave while on his scooter, but only gets his voicemail. Meanwhile, David and Julia talk and she is not happy with his comments. Vance and Amy walk in and tell that they need Dave’s help. Rex is trying to get to Dave’s and is going slow. In Dave’s office, Amy tells Vance that he is afraid of commitment. Julia tells that Dave needs to work harder to make up for her lack of sexiness. Vance leaves after Amy tells that they are going to have to see a couple’s therapist. Julia gets into her sweats and t-shirt and Vance leaves with Rex on his scooter and Julia drives off. Rex tells that Dave never answers his phone.

Amy and Leigh meet with each other and Amy tells that she needs a therapist to go with Vance and asks how they can distract Vance from knowing about it. Leigh tells that she tricked Rex that he was going to a strip club. Julia complains about the fact that Dave wants her to be sexy longer. Amy and Leigh agree that she should and tells that they have to sacrifice. Later, Amy and Vance go see the therapist that Leigh recommended and Vance thinks it is a real estate agent. He tells that he is having problems with bed bugs and Amy tries to divert the conversation to a therapist view. At Dave’s house, she gets home and he is there with her sweats and she walks upstairs without a word. He goes to her door and says that he is sorry. She comes out and tells that he needs to dress up and they are going out. After a while at the therapist’s office, Vance catches on and is offended.

Later that evening, Dave has Rex and Vance on video phone and he is telling about Julia’s turnaround. He asks for advice and they give him the advice he needs. Rex gives him too personal advice and he shuts him off. However, they are all together and he walks to Rex’s computer and continues his thought. They tell him to go for it. They go out and have a nice time out and even have desert. Julia tells that they should do this all the time. They do and they have fun every night. At Vance and Amy’s, Amy wakes up at goes outside to tell Vance that they do have bed bugs and she is sorry that she didn’t believe him. Later that evening, Dave and Julia get home and they both agree that they don’t want to do that again. They get changed and go to Leigh and Rex’s and they tell that they have a case of the bed bugs as well.