Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens with Dave going into the bedroom and finds Julia on his side of the bed. Vance finds Amy on his side of the bed as well. Rex finds Leigh on his side too. Rex picks up the couple’s book and talks out his problem that he has. She tells that she hears his complaint. Dave tries to shake the blankets to get Julia awake, but no use. Meanwhile Vance talks to Amy directly and tells her not to get up because he will just sleep on the floor. Amy gets up and starts yelling. Rex and Leigh are talking about their issue collectively. Amy picks up things and throws it at Vance and Vance tells that he will just sleep on the floor. He pours water on the floor. Dave comes up with a plan and uses a flashlight to make Luke bark. Julia wakes up and Dave gets his side of the bed. Amy and Vance have resulted to making out on the wet floor and Rex has only a little bit of space despite the talk.

The next day, Leigh and Rex are happy that they are going out on Saturday with Julia and Dave. Rex tells that it is a wine cruise with some associates of his. Dave and Julia tell that it is the same day as their anniversary. Rex takes this as an invitation. Dave and Julia excuse themselves and talk about their plans. Dave suggests that they give Friday Night to them and then on Saturday night, they can have their anniversary. Dave tells that he has to invite Vance too. They go back inside and tell Rex and Leigh the news. At work, Dave tells Vance the news and they start bouncing on the couch. Isabella comes in and tells that the demolition crew has not come in to destroy a property yet. Dave tells that they will get on that right away. Game night comes up and Julia asks how Vance got Amy to agree to Game Night after her incident of not being able to play because of a timer that makes her feel dumb. The scene changes to show Vance telling Amy that he is taking her out dancing. She is in her dancing outfit. Julia tells that they should have sex now because they are not going to want to afterwards.

Rex and Leigh arrive and tell that they have hors d’oerves and wine. Rex and Leigh talk about their relationship and tell that Leigh picked out a nice church. It is a Chinese speaking church. Amy and Vance arrive and Amy tells them to get going. However, after seeing the hourglass and chips, she realizes that Vance tricked her and it is Game Night. Vance and Dave are on the same team and the games begin. However, they are interrupted when Vance and Amy start kissing passionately. Seeing them, Leigh props her leg up on Rex and they start kissing and three minutes later, Amy is throwing her jewelry at Vance. Rex tells that he just finished a bottle of wine. One minute before the fight, Amy is playing and is doing a good job by mentioning a clue to a celebrity by telling that a guy flirted with her at the bike show. Vance goes into a jealousy rage and Amy tries to break the ice by telling that she slept with Dave before they were together. Amy gets mad and throws her jewelry tells that it is all because Vance didn’t let her try out for American Idol. She starts singing and Vance says that he is going to move in Julia’s dead mother’s room. Amy storms out of the house and Vance goes in the bedroom.

The next day, Julia and Dave say “Happy Anniversary” to each other. Vance comes in Julia’s dead mother’s robe with slippers. Rex and Leigh come in and tell Vance that he needs to go to Amy and reconcile. He storms off. Rex tells that they are all set for the wine cruise and Leigh tells that Dave forgot the present he bout Julia. Dave tells that he got her a gift. Julia kicks them out and tells that they are not going. At work, Vance walks up to Isabella and tells that there are no feelings between them. Dave drags him inside and tells that he cannot stay at the house. He tells that he needs to stay at the hotel. Vance plays “Everybody Hurts” from his “Dave Betrayed Me” playlist. Later, Dave and Julia get ready for their night of romance and she shows the lingerie that Rex and Leigh gave her. The phone rings. It is Vance and he is at Isabella’s. He needs Dave to come and tell that it was a dare that he had to do and flirt with Isabella. He tries to tell him no, but Julia tells him to go. Vance hangs up the phone. Julia tells that she needs to go take Luke out, but goes to Isabella’s house instead. She tells that they dared Vance to come over.

They get back and Dave is in bed ready for romance. Julia and Vance enter the bedroom and Vance tells that Dave doesn’t care. Amy comes in and is upset that he would go to Isabella’s house. Seconds later, Rex and Leigh come in and Dave tries to get them all out of his room and Julia walks out. Dave and her talk about the Game Night and how it was a disaster. Dave tells that he has an idea what they can do to get rid of their anger. They go to the property that the demolition crews have not torn down and start to destroy it. The next morning, Vance calls and tells that they are going to Paris to celebrate that Vance and Amy are getting married. Rex and Leigh come in the room and have mimosa and cigars to celebrate and the episode ends.