Perfect Proposal - Recap

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The scene opens with Dave and Julia three years ago and he puts a ring around Max’s neck. Julia gets him and Vance comes in with champagne and says congrats. Dave tells that he hasn’t asked her yet and pushes him out. He steps in Max’s poop and asks Julia to marry him. One year ago with Rex and Leigh and Rex gets down on one knee and quotes Shakespeare. Leigh says yes. Flashback to just last week and Amy tells that Vance doesn’t have the guts to propose to her and they make fun of each other’s mothers. Vance takes the ring that he got her and drops it in her dress and asks if she will be his. Dave and Julia kiss, Leigh changes out Rex’s grandmother’s ring for her own that she bought and Amy puts it on her pinkie finger and tells Vance to suck it.

Dave, Julie, Leigh and Rex all drive to pick Amy and Vance up from their trip to Paris and Dave tells that he hopes it is not like their spontaneous ideas like the pet was, becoming vegans and moving in together. Rex tells that it will be fine. Leigh tells Dave to pull over to the departures because they are going surprise Amy and Vance. Julia tells that she is going to tell Vance and Amy that they are making a big mistake. Dave tells that they are not getting involved and he tells that they are going to give support to them no matter what. They greet Vance and Amy and Julia fakes to be happy. Dave tries to be happy for them, but Vance tells that Dave is hiding something. Leigh and Rex appear and tell that they bought tickets for a plane so that they could meet Vance and Amy when they got off the plane. Somehow, Dave gets accused of not being happy for them and Amy calls him a bad man. Dave sees that Amy is wearing Julia’s engagement ring.

At the gym, Leigh tells that Amy should hire her to be the wedding planner. Amy asks Julia to be her Maid of Honor and Julia accepts. Amy tells that she needs to get her a towel and water. Julia laughs it off, but Amy tells that she is serious. At the office, Vance comes up to Dave and apologizes for yelling at him. Vance tells that he is making a mistake and was wrapped up in the entire thing. He asks Dave if he can get Amy and discuss his opinions. Dave refuses, but agrees when Vance gives him the sad face. They walk outside and Rex pulls up in a Bentley and asks what they are keeping from Amy. They tell that it is nothing and Rex tells that he needs to be involved. Dave tells him the plan and Rex calls Leigh. He tells that he never keeps anything from his wife. Dave grabs the phone and tells that they were thinking on how great Leigh is. She tells them to have fun. Vance tells that they need to tell Amy before she gets too vested. However, that is what Amy is doing since she is buying a wedding dress as they are planning. Amy bosses Julia around because Julia is the maid of honor.

Later, Dave sits down with Amy and Vance and tells that it is a bad idea that they are getting married. Vance pretends to be upset and slams him against the wall. Julia comes in and asks what is going on. Vance tells that Dave is trying to say that Amy and him should not get married. Leigh bursts in and tells the truth that Vance is having second thoughts. Rex tells that Leigh got it out of him, but a flashback shows that it was him who told what happened. Amy gets upset and tells that Vance shouldn’t have told her in front of everyone. She tells him to take his ring back and Julia grabs it and puts it away.

They all drive up to where Amy is and Vance tells that he loves her and can’t lose her. Dave tells Leigh and Rex that they don’t get involved. Rex talks about the Bentley with Dave and Leigh tells that she loves watching Rex work and tells that Dave doesn’t stand a chance. Vance gets into the venue where they have it reserved and Amy tells that she likes that he makes her laugh and tells that he loves him. Leigh tells that they need her and Dave tries to stop her, but she goes anyways. They run in and try to use their “skills” to get them back together and Vance tells that they are getting back together with the wedding. Dave tells that they need to make sure that they really want this. Julia admits that she wasn’t sure and Dave is shocked. Outside, Julia tells that she was drunk on her wedding. They flashback to the wedding and they show a drunk Julia stumble everywhere. A car drives by and Dave apologizes to Vance and tells that he can get married whenever. However, it is Rex and he tells that the Bentley has nice tinted windows. Vance comes up behind and tells that he heard the whole thing and makes Dave his best man.

Later, Vance proposes to Amy in the more traditional ways multiple times at multiple places. They kiss and the scene shows Dave and Julia kissing after Dave proposed 3 years ago and Leigh and Rex kissing on the proposal a year ago at Dave and Julia’s wedding. The next day, Dave tells that Rex let him borrow the Bentley and that he likes how it handles. Julia realizes that Dave bought the Bentley and Dave comes clean that he leased it.