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Perfect Health - Recap

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The scene opens with Vance, Rex and Dave on their own and Vance is getting ready and Dave is getting ready to work out. Rex is panicking over the supplies he is going to need and starts to get everything related to snack food. Dave’s workout doesn’t happen because he is reading People Magazine and Vance doesn’t do anything besides comb his hair in many different styles. Leigh comes back and Rex tells that he is thankful that she is back. Later at dinner, Amy tells that they have the bill this time. Vance objects and Amy tells that she makes money too and what she does with it is her choice. Vance tells that Amy is out of control like Dave is with his eating. Julia asks about Dave’s doctor visit and he tells that his cholesterol is at 175. They all cringe and tell that he needs to do something about that. Dave tells that he can still jump on the table from a standing position. Leigh tells that Dave has a lot of “man energy” and tells that they have a “Man Cave”.

Dave and Vance go with Rex to the “Man Cave” and they are impressed that Leigh agreed to it. Rex tells that Leigh suggested it. Rex tells that they need to lose the yuppie strait jackets and party. Rex rips off his shirt and Dave and Vance leave and tell that they are not 18 any more and that the girls are waiting for them. The next morning, Dave shows that he can do a table jump and Julia tells that he needs to get down his cholesterol because she wants him around for a while. He agrees to the diet. Leigh and Amy go to the store and Amy asks if she can hold a bag. She tells that she wants to prove to Vance that she can cut down on shopping. Leigh tells that she will be fine to buy a little, but Amy tells that she is a compulsive buyer and tells when she boat a canoe and a car. Leigh tells that the shoes are nice and Amy decides to buy the shoes, dress and other things.

Rex has Vance and Dave give the “Man Cave” another try and he offers a pretzel with melted cheese to Dave and tells that in the “Man Cave”, there are no rules. Leigh comes in with her eyes closed and tells them not to worry about putting their pants back on. She pulls out the hidden porn magazine and tells that they are naughty boys. Vance gets up and tells that he is calling it and tells that it is too weird in the “Man Cave”. Leigh walks up to Vance and tells that they are just going out to buy some tampons. Vance goes with Julia shopping for Dave to get him healthy things. He comments on the lack of skill that Julia has when it comes to vegetables. He asks about their sex life and tells that every time that Dave gets a craving, she needs to present herself and he will be alright. Meanwhile, Rex is sad in his “Man Cave” when there is a knock on the door. It is Amy and she tells that she needs a place to stash them. Rex asks if Amy wants some tequila. She sees chewing tobacco and takes some too. Back at the house, Julia is happy that Dave is sticking to his diet and she is leaving for a bit. Dave opens the door and the pizza guy is there. She asks what is going on and Dave tells that he has triggers. He tells that he needs something to get him through it. She takes him to the bedroom and they get busy.

Vance comes in to see Amy painting her nails and tells that he bought her a gift. It is a jewelry box made of Ivory. She says thank you. The diet of Dave goes off and Julia is giving him sex every time he has a craving something. Julia gets home from work and tells that she is tired and going to bed. He tries to tell that a Hockey Game is on and that it is a trigger for Nachos. She tells that she is off to bed. Amy goes to Rex’s and tells that she has to return the clothes because Vance did something nice for her. She tells that last night was hazy. They flashback to the previous night and Amy jumps over the sword that Rex has and among other things as well. She opens the closet to find Dave eating Nachos. They situate things and tell Rex that they have to go, but Rex tells that they don’t really and offers them beer and chewing tobacco. They agree that it is not a problem. Amy shows off her shoes and clothes and Rex dances with Amy.

Vance and Julia walk in and catch Dave eating Nachos and Amy chewing tobacco. Rex stops them and tells that the “Man Cave” is no longer. Now it is called “Cave”. They start arguing and Rex starts to hand everyone a beer. He tells that they all need to forget about their problems and have fun. He pulls out the duct tape and they have fun partying and playing “Guitar Hero”. Amy is reading the porn magazine and Dave impresses with his table jump. They get pizza and the men have their shirts off. However, 6:45 comes around and everyone is hung over and feeling bad. They tell that they can never do that again. Vance is in a dress when he wakes up. However, Rex and Leigh are perfectly fine and are dancing still. Vance comes over and offers cooking advice to Julia about Dave’s meals and Julia tells that she has it covered. Vance tells that they need Dave alive so that they can travel. Julia asks if she is alive in this scenario and Vance changes the subject.