Perfect Jealousy - Recap

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The scene opens with Rex and Leigh meeting with a potential wedding couple and Rex is staring at the woman’s breasts. Leigh tells that they are only breasts and that he can look at them. Dave is walking Luke and a girl comes up and introduces herself as Katie. She compliments Luke and Dave thinks that she is talking to him. She asks if they could walk with Dave and Luke. Dave accepts. At the Gym, Julia gets hit on by a guy who asks if he can take her out. She laughs it off and he walks away. Amy and Vance are outside a market and a guy is trying to get Amy to sign a petition. Vance tells the guy to tell Amy she is pretty so that they can move on. A girl asks Vance to sign a petition to start drilling in Yellowstone and he willingly signs it because the girl is cute.

Later, Dave, Vance and Rex are playing golf and Rex tells that they jumped the fence to get to the 3rd hole so that they can lower their score. Suddenly a car of security guards come charging at them and Rex tells that they are going to play Super Golf and he runs off. Dave and Vance follow. At the house, Julia plays a message from Katie Cooper, the girl from the hiking trail that Dave was on with Luke. She tells that she enjoyed their walk and that Gracie, her dog, has a dog-crush on Luke. Dave gets in and Julia asks if he met anyone while hiking. He tells that Luke made a friend and tells that the owner was with the dog too. Julia plays the message and Dave tells that it was nothing. Dave walks with Vance and tells that nothing happened and Vance tells that no girl would hit on him. Katie comes up and asks to walk with them and Dave accepts. Vance tells him to tell Amy that he is hiking with his gay friend and not a cute girl.

Dave and Julia visit Rex’s dealership and find Rex sleeping in one of the cars. He tells that he is fine, but then tells Julia and Dave that he is having money problems. He doesn’t want to tell Leigh. Suddenly a College student comes in and Rex feels that he is going to sell him a car. Julia tells that he has no chance, but Rex is optimistic. Amy comes into the kitchen and tells that Vance is walking with his gay friend, but with a dog named Gracie. It is Katie that Vance and Dave are walking with. They get upset and tell that they are going there. Dave and Vance walk with Katie and Dave sees consequences. Vance tries to tell Katie to stop following them, but runs away when Dave tries to explain things. Meanwhile, Rex is with the college kid and he drives by a girl’s house and the kid tells a girl that he is driving a Ferrari now. At the house, Dave tries to explain why their harmless flirting is no big deal and Amy tells that they would be jealous if she flirted with other men and Vance tells that he wouldn’t. She tells that she is going to start doing it. Rex realizes that the kid is not going to buy the car and tells that he is a failure. The kid suggests he come to a kegger that he and his sorority brothers are throwing. He accepts.

At the office, Vance is worried that Amy is flirting and Dave tells him not to worry about it. Vance tells that Dave would be jealous if Julia was flirting with other men. He pulls up her social networking account and sees that Julia laughed at Ken’s comments and that triggers Dave’s jealousy. Julia and Amy get to the kegger and see that Rex is there. At the office, Dave sees that Julia talks with Ken a lot and drinks until he is drunk. He goes to the fundraiser where they are congratulating Lois for working for so long and getting her retirement. Dave tells Ken that he is not funny and kicks him off the stage. Julia goes to the roof with Rex and he tells that he doesn’t want to tell Leigh that he is a failure, but Julia tells that he is not and that she will stay with him. Inside, Amy flirts with a guy and calls Vance. She brags that the college kid is staring at her butt. Vance gets jealous and Amy and him make up. Julia tells that Rex needs to give Leigh a chance and he will tell her. Julia sees that Dave is trying to beat him Ken up.

Julia drives Rex and Dave home and they try to ask her to stop to get something to eat. Leigh comes in and he tells her that he is failing. Leigh tells that she believes in him and shows that she has been squirreling away money. She brings in a jar full of $100 bills. Dave stumbles in and apologizes to Julia. They set some ground rules about their flirting that includes Dave only walking with older women and Dave tells her to save her LOL’s to him. They make up. The next day, Leigh and Rex are deluxe members and Julia and Dave warn him not to blow through their rainy day money and Rex gives Dave and Julia $100 each for being a good friend and sister.