Perfect Crime - Recap

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The scene opens with Rex and Leigh sleeping and Leigh tells that someone is downstairs. He tells that he is leaving in a body bag. Dave hears the noise and tells that he is going to get it but goes back to sleep. Vance hears something and wakes up Amy too. Rex gets back to the room and tells that it was only a possum, but if it wasn’t, Rex would have had him. Dave gets woken up and he tells that it is on. Julia wakes up and Dave tells that he will handle it. She goes to the window, opens it, and yells at the kids below and tells them to take the party somewhere else. Vance and Amy are hiding in the shoe closet and Vance tells a non-existent assailant to go away. Rex puts on his relaxing video and it is him when he played Lacrosse. He tells that he is unstoppable.

The next day, Leigh complains of her stomach and everyone is sick too. Rex tells that it is possibly the stomach flu. However, it was really the food that Leigh has for everyone to sample for Amy and Vance’s wedding. She tells that both Amy and Vance are on board with everything, but in the car, Vance is telling Amy that he doesn’t want Leigh to make the wedding like it is her wedding. However, when they get to the house, Vance is agreeing to everything at first. Vance tries to put his two cents in and Leigh tells that it is usually the woman who decides on things. Dave tells that it is possible to change that and tells that there were kids outside and rather than him taking care of it, Julia did. Rex tells that he did it different and tells that it was a possum and then he took what was his. Vance reminds Dave of the possum that he put in Dave’s bed at camp and laughs about it. Leigh gives everyone summer rolls. Julia is puking except for Dave because he was the only one who didn’t eat them. Julia tells that she is going to battle it out. Vance and Amy are sick and they tell that they never will be better. They blame the summer rolls and Leigh blames Julia.

Two days later, Dave, Rex and Vance meet for drinks and Vance tells that it was Leigh that gave them food poisoning. Dave asks if Amy let Vance take care of her while she was sick and he tells that she did. Dave tells that Julia just fights it and takes care of herself. It is the same with everything in their marriage. Rex tells that Dave needs to carve out things that he is only good at. They ask what he is good at. He tells he is good at computers. They tell him to break the computer and then Julia will need her to fix it. However, when he does it, he pushes record on the webcam. Julia and Amy see the video and Amy tells that it is because Julia is de-masculizing Dave. Julia tells that Dave has been obsessed with this ever since Rex’s “Mad Men” party. Amy tells that she needs to throw a bone sometime and act like she needs him.
Vance and Amy visit with Leigh and Rex and she tells that she had that horrible stomach flu. Vance tells that she food poisoned them and she tells that if she did that, then she would step down as their wedding planner. Vance takes out the leftover summer rolls and has Leigh eat them. She is hesitant and Rex tells that he will eat one. Leigh eats the other one. Vance tells that they’re going to be sick.

At the house, Julia pretends to have problems with the computer and Dave feels needed. She goes to the garage and runs back in. She tells that there is a possum in the garage. Dave tries to tell that he is busy with the computer and ignores the real request for help. Julia tells that she knows that he just unplugged the cord because he filmed himself. She tells him to fix the possum problem. Vance pulls up to Leigh’s house and tells that he has a wedding thing to run by her. Leigh is sweating and he tells that Rex let him borrow the car. He turns on the heat. Dave goes to the garage and sees the possum. He runs out. Meanwhile, Vance is driving with Leigh and she tells that she wants to only make their wedding the best because she loves them both. Vance agrees and reinstates Leigh as their wedding planner. She tells that she is going to closely inspect a trash can on the side of the road. Vance goes to Dave’s and attempts to help with the possum. However, he can’t do it. Rex comes in and tells that he is ready for the possum tailgate party and Vance wonders how he is not sick. Rex tells that he can shoot it over the house and into the woods. He flings it and both Dave and Vance think it is awesome.

Later that night, Julia starts taking off Dave’s clothes and tells that he is going to get what heroes deserve. Dave looks up and sees the possum through the sunroof. He tries to distract Julia, but she sees it. Dave admits that he is deathly afraid of possums and she tells that they need to work at it together and tells that they are not like other couples. They go on the roof and they take care of the possum together. The next day, Rex opens up his mailbox and finds the dead possum. He is happy that someone pranked him finally. He laughs and then closes the mailbox again with the possum inside. He tells Leigh that they got mail in the mailbox and for her to come and get it.